Monday, 24 November 2008

A Question About the Life Review

Q) I’ve never had an NDE, but I’ve been fascinated with them for 20 years. Unfortunately the part about the life review scares the daylights out of me. I’ve always tried to be a good person, sometimes too hard, and I always suffer from too much guilt (working on that one!), so the idea of being presented with every negative thought or deed experienced throughout my life is paralysing. Some folks relating their NDEs say they learned to “never do anything hurtful”, but we are all still human and will never be perfect! Please tell me that this life review is nothing to be afraid of, and that I shouldn’t be afraid to make mistakes during my life. Because no matter how good I try to be, it’s obviously still going to happen and I’ll feel even worse about it if I know someone in the afterlife is “keeping tabs” and will make me relive all of my faults at the end of my life. Please, if you can, help me understand. If not, maybe you can direct me to someone who can answer my question. Thank you very much for your time.

A) I'm more than pleased to tell you that 'the life-review is nothing to be afraid of' ... and to address your questions herein!

First, the 'guilt' and fear all stem from a belief in a vindictive 'he-god' or 'man-god' that was created in the image and likeness of the human ego — true story! It also stems from the belief that we are 'separate' from Source and from one another, when nothing could be further from the truth! However, since such a 'he-god' doesn't really exist, you can relax in the knowing that you will be surrounded in unconditional love from the LightSource and, furthermore, love and accepted just the way you are! WE are the ones who judge ourselves and no one else. No one is 'keeping tabs' or looming over you with pending reproaches or punishments or the threat of some kind of 'exile' into a 'hell'. But let me also add that our frame of mind is very different in the Afterlife than it is on this plane in most cases; i.e., we are more detached and not centred in or identified with the ego. This allows us to see and experience things more objectively and not be so emotionally 'charged' as opposed to when we're caught up in the perspective of the ego-mind.

When NDErs, after experiencing a life-review, are compelled to 'never do anything hurtful', it is because one is made aware of how one has impacted others throughout one's sojourn on this plane and thus making a conscious decision to be more loving towards others (and towards one's self!) — also stemming from the realisation that we're all so interconnected and are One — so you can look at this as a means of 'self-correcting' and making adjustments to live a more harmonious life that's aligned with truth and love. It's not about, 'you blew it, so down you go'; oh, not in the least. It's really about providing an overview that is meant to be neutral at its core, and then we decide and make appropriate adjustments from there...

To err is human and there's nothing 'wrong' with having shortcomings and making mistakes. Indeed, there's never anything to feel 'guilty' or frightened about. The soul chooses in advance what type of life and persona it will take on and the challenges and experiences that take place ... and there is a reason for this. That's part of the sojourn of being on this plane and it's intended to be a learning experience and an opportunity for healing, growth and renewal. There's NO 'condemnation' here, because the notion of an angry, judgemental or vindictive he-god is nothing more than a horrible myth and has got nothing to do with reality! That myth has been imposed on society and perpetuated for time immemorial for the express purpose of keeping people locked in fear and being oblivious to their own divine — yes, DIVINE — heritage.

Alas, during my life-review, I was uncomfortable at times, but the love surrounding me 'softened' the discomfort and it was very clear to me that we judge ourselves, period. But we're so hard on ourselves with our own judgements, who needs an angry he-god!? Again, I was in a more detached frame of mind during the life-review and not centred in the ego; thus there was no sense of guilt or fear. It is nearly impossible to describe our state of being/thinking from the vantage point of the Other Side or Afterlife, because it is very different from the perspective of how we think and identify ourselves on the physical plane.

Interestingly, it has also been pointed out that the 'life-review' mostly occurs with NDErs from western societies, but not so much with other cultures such as eastern and indigenous cultures. This leads me to believe that since the religious mindset of western cultures is so centred in the fear-based Judaeo-Christian belief system where one is constantly hounded with the 'fear of god' and the 'judgement' scene at the 'pearly gates', which is packed with such outrageous misinformation and myths ... that people expect to have a 'life-review' since that's all a part of the western mindset as regards the pending scenario at death. Am I making any sense here? Yet, this is not the case with other cultures.

We are gathering a lot more NDE accounts from other regions of the world currently, which is a very positive and important step, because one will see how vastly different they are from western cultures. What we experience during a near-death episode is so strongly influenced by our current belief systems and mindset (!), so this is something to be aware of, by all means.

The bottom line behind all this work with regards to the NDE, death, dying, the Afterlife and the immortality of the soul, is to help dissolve the fear — that is so charged with regards to this topic — which must be replaced with truth and love. These two things are what will liberate us from the stranglehold of fear — that is the opposite of love and, consequently, is a lie — and thus granting us peace of mind.

Another thing I found out years and years ago is that: if it isn't coming from love, it isn't real. If anyone tries to 'scare' you into doing or believing something, that's not of truth and should be disregarded at all costs. Truth isn't about fear; it's about love. And you are loved ... no matter what! :)

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Religion ~ The Ultimate Fear Propaganda

Recently, a sweet little lady appeared at my door and handed me some literature. Without her saying a word about her purpose at my door, I already knew what it was. She was a Jehovah’s Witness passing out propaganda, as they are robotically programmed to do. I was going to toss it in the rubbish straight away without even looking at it, but something told me to stop and examine it.

I opened the four-page leaflet and found, to my horror, such blatant lies — lies that specifically address the very theme that my work is centred in! I realised then, that this provided a tremendous opportunity to expose the lies and offer the truth. Truth affords one genuine peace of mind; whereas this propaganda only instils fear, that’s all it does!

Here is some of what was addressed in the leaflet (and I’m including the Q&As that address death here):

Q. What happens to Us When We die?

A. Why the question arises: Most of the world’s religions teach that something inside a person continues living after death. Some hold that the dead can harm the living or that God punishes the wicked by condemning them to eternal torment in a fiery hell.

What the bible teaches: At death, humans cease to exist. ‘The dead ... are conscious of nothing at all’, states Ecclesiastes 9:5. Since the dead cannot know, feel, or experience anything, they cannot harm — or help — the living. (Psalm 146:3, 4)

Q. Is There Any Hope for the Dead?

A. Why the question arises: We want to live, and we want to enjoy life with those we love. It is only natural that we yearn to see our dead loved ones again.

What the bible teaches: Most people who have died will be resurrected. Jesus promised that ‘those in the memorial tombs will ... come out’. (John 5:28, 29) In harmony with God’s original purpose, those resurrected as humans will have the opportunity to live on a paradise earth. (Luke 23:43) This promised future includes perfect health and everlasting life for obedient humans. The Bible says: ‘The righteous themselves will possess the earth, and they will reside forever upon it’. (Psalm 37:29)

‘...everlasting life for obedient humans’? Obedient to what or whom? Crikey! What nonsense here and how horribly damaging these claims are! The first statement about the ‘dead being conscious of nothing’ reminded me of when I had confided in a former friend about my transcendent NDE that occurred in the mid 1970s. She was a Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) who believed the above statements ... and she accused me of having had an hallucination! Needless to say, we haven’t spoken since and I was shut down about being an NDEr for over 20 years! I cannot stress how severely dangerous such belief systems are. I’ve also had others counter my claims, even though I’m an experiencer and not merely hypothesising here; whereas they’re only going on what’s been preached to them or what they’ve read in a book!

Obviously these individuals are totally oblivious to the fact that literally millions of NDErs have come back to share their experiences of the Afterlife; and they are furthermore oblivious to quantum physics! Goodness me, the whole notion of what is stated above is totally ludicrous — not to mention, downright absurd! Where have these people been? Obviously sleep-walking, wouldn’t you say?

If your eyes were rolling whilst you read the above — especially if you’re a fellow experiencer — I’m sure that you can understand why we are needed here on this plane at such a critical time in order to help eliminate these blatant lies about our being, the nature of consciousness, the Afterlife and the immortality of the soul!

Now, I will correct the above statements to reflect something more accurate!

First statement:

At death, the human body ceases to exist, but that is all that is lost. The ‘dead’ (which is a misnomer in itself) ... are conscious of everything all round them, since they have merely moved on to other dimensions. Like changing radio stations, they’ve moved ‘up the radio band’ and are now operating at a higher frequency, that’s all, but still fully in tact and more aware. Since the ‘dead’ indeed continue to know, feel, and experience many things on a much broader spectrum of existence, they can communicate with ... and help the living. Only those who are ‘lost’ or ‘stuck’ can become a nuisance to the living at times...

Furthermore, there is no ‘punishing’ or ‘vindictive’ god that condemns one to a ‘fiery hell’. Sadly, it has been human nature to create a ‘god’ in the image and likeness of men, rather than the other way round. Only the human ego would do such things as condemn or destroy its own creation, never a God of love. Love does NOT condemn or destroy ... ever!

For the countless NDErs, including myself, who have had first-hand experience of unconditional love, such a notion of condemnation and destruction is rendered utterly impossible.

Second statement:

This promised future includes perfect health and everlasting life for all ‘obedient’ humans (i.e., those who are true-to-soul) — once fear has been completely expelled and eliminated. Love will be the prevailing force and all will share and co-create on the earth, and they will reside forever upon it in harmony.

Perhaps you can see what I’m driving at here. The whole motive behind this propaganda is to keep people locked in a stranglehold of fear — which keeps us divorced from truth and totally disempowered! But what is even more scary is that people fall for these lies without even so much as a second thought or question!

I’ve got to wonder at the thought-processes of that little lady who passed out that leaflet filled with such blatant lies — such that can only produce deep feelings of anxiety and woe! The fact is that these people do NOT think ... at all! It is as if they’re being remotely controlled by some invisible force that propels them just like robots. Alas, and it’s so sad to note that, many many human beings are so shut down as to be little more than a human robot.

It is individuals like myself and my fellow experiencers and researchers throughout the world who are diligently working to expel these lies that are extremely menacing — not to mention what effect this propaganda has on the human psyche. And my former SDA friend is a perfect example of this. She’d been a very talented artist, poet, writer, songwriter and so forth — a very creative free-thinking individual whom I had dearly admired. But what happened is that she started to be pursued by the mob (Mafia) and fear (there’s that word again!) drove her to destroy all of her creations and take refuge in ... religion! She had disappeared and the next time I saw her, she resided in an SDA ‘camp’ or compound. She was wearing long drab grey coloured skirts and looked haggard and had aged tremendously. There was no longer any light in her eyes; she was no longer animated or celebrating life as she once did. She only lived by the dictates written in books by Ellen G. White and I even remember her saying that we had to deny and not trust our feelings (!) and only go by the tenets of her religion. I told her, ‘There is no love here. No one can heal where there is no love’ and I departed, never to see her again!

We’re at a pivotal place in this world right now ... as we are being called to choose between love and fear. It’s that simple. We can no longer be in the ‘middle of the road’ (MOR) or ‘on the fence’ about anything. We’ve got to choose one or the other ... and that’s what will determine the course of this planet and all life upon it. Are we going to choose Love or are we going to choose fear?

One statement that I do resonate with in the bible (and there are precious few of them) is: God is not the author of fear. THANK YOU! If you can remember that simple little statement, then things will be pretty straight forward and easy for you. In fact, I was telling a client the other day: if anyone or thing imposes, propagates or instils fear in you, run the other way! It’s not of Truth. In fact, many years ago, I was wrestling with intense fear — even terror — but a voice intervened and said, ‘If it isn’t coming from love, it isn’t real’, and it kept repeating that statement to me until I was able to calm down. I’ve clung to that statement ever since. Even on a logical level, it makes perfect sense that any thing that comes from love is not going to generate feelings of fear and anxiety — least of all, terror.

Love is the opposite of fear ... and now we’ve even got quantum physics to prove that! It’s been pointed out numerous times that love and fear vibrate at completely different frequencies ... so you literally cannot mix them. You’re either in the frequency of love ... or fear.

I firmly believe that all of this propaganda centred on death is meant to keep us ignorant of our true identity and divine heritage as beings who are of the light and always connected with Source and with one another at all times. Why? Because when we realise our true nature, we discover that we’re tremendously powerful beings. But the fact is, when we’re locked down in ignorance and fear, we’re more easily manipulated and controlled. And this is exactly what is needed to keep us totally enslaved.

OK, well, here’s another biblical statement that can’t be stated enough: ‘Know the truth and the truth shall set you free’. The truth is, we live forever ... and ... only love prevails! Need I say more...?

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Birthing A New Economy

This year has brought some irreversible and challenging changes—both on personal levels as well as to the global community. The economy, as we’ve known it, is crumbling, because it is based on a lie centred in consumerism and materialism. Hence, many people—who are not driven by the quest for and acquisition of revenue—are being ‘left out’ or ‘disregarded’ and worse... What I'm seeing, as a result, is the need to create a new economy—an economy that's not centred strictly in revenue, but rather, in the mutual sharing of goods and services without necessarily the need to have and be dominated by a 'middle media'—using something external that so-called 'defines the value' of a specific item, product or service. Furthermore, an individual’s worth should never be determined by how much revenue or material possessions one’s got, but, rather, by one’s capacity to love and to share one’s talents and skills.

Think about it: it isn’t really money that we want anyway; it is only something that money can buy—a service or item that we really want to obtain. Money, in and of itself, is meaningless. It's just a piece of paper or an aluminium coin or worse, just a number on a screen! In fact, the New World Order is working on eliminating cash altogether, so we’ll only be left with numbers on a screen! Oh yes, it's a score system ... and some people can get carried away boasting about how many 'points' they've got, but when it comes right down to it, those points mean nothing. You can't actually 'use' them for anything. They're just ... numbers—something totally intangible and unreal!

The exclusive use of revenue as a means of exchange has severely warped our sense of what constitutes true value and worth—denying us the capacity to have a fair and meaningful system of exchange. Why should one be completely disregarded solely on the basis that one lacks revenue? One may have a wealth of goods and services to offer, but simply hasn’t got many ‘numbers on a screen’. So what can one—who is wealthy in the truest sense of the word—do, in spite of having precious little revenue?

Let me give you an example: I'm sure this was true for all of us that, when we were kids, we'd be with a friend and admire something the friend had; then we'd offer to give the friend something of ours in exchange for the item of admiration. Money never even entered the conversation. It was 'I'll trade you my [item] for your [item]' and so on; the trade or exchange was made and we were happy!

Therefore, by applying this straightforward means of exchange that we used as children, we can offer something more meaningful, more tangible, more useful and more inspiring. In terms of something of genuine substance, for example, I'm truly wealthy and I want to share my wealth ... but as far as the numbers on the screen go, I haven't got many of those. I've got something far more tangible and real—something that one can actually use. Does this seem familiar? Perhaps you’re one of many who are thinking and feeling the same way.

Now in this day and age, we're having to create a new paradigm in the way in which we share goods and services and it's one that, I believe, will create a lot more harmony and restore us to a more complimentary form of exchange where human contact is implemented and revered. We live too much in a robotic existence where everything is automated and denying us any kind of 'live' human contact or interaction ... but where's the human connection? It only serves to make us feel more alienated and alone—denying us any sense of human dignity.

Everyone came into this life with special skills and talents in tact—something that, however slight or wide-ranging, is of tremendous worth and meaning for serving and contributing to the Whole. All of it is significant and rich with purpose. Once the warped definition of what constitutes true value and worth is eliminated, all of this will become apparent. People can offer so much—a variety of goods and services for which they’re truly qualified—but not necessarily money. I’m sure that many individuals are feeling the same way and are ready to create social and economic change—developing a more enlightened and complimentary system of exchange in which our various talents and skills are honoured as being of true worth. This system will serve in the ability to generate a mutual and meaningful exchange of goods and services—creating a win/win situation where everyone is both pleased and fulfilled.

It is time to create a new economy where we return to the simplicity of sharing and the exchange of goods where we implement genuine human contact and honour the rightful worth that is within everyone—regardless of how much money one may have. The universe is abundant; now it is time to allow that abundance to flow!

Thursday, 10 July 2008

A Question Concerning Peggy Kane's Claims on NDEs...

Q) What do you think about Peggy Kane's claims of NDEs, of heaven and the light being a trick or deception by the Reptilians? This makes me very concerned for my safety and others that will pass over to the Other Side sometime in the future...

Also, is it true that we are infinite consciousness as David Icke puts it and the philosophy of Advaita Vedanta?

A) I appreciate your good and intelligent questions and am very pleased to answer them.

I do believe that Peggy Kane is well-meaning; however, I strongly beg to differ with regards to some of her conclusions and claims about a number of things. As I shared with my friend, David Icke, I think she is too focused on and centred in the negative and dark entities—giving them way too much power and credit—and I also feel that she is somewhat misguided.

Alas, when David Icke was most recently on my radio show in March 2008, we did discuss the nature of consciousness and where one goes and what one experiences during a near-death episode. As I stated to PK, not all NDEs are created equal; i.e., what one experiences and where one goes is very much influenced by ones state of mind and coloured by ones belief system. If one believes in 'Jesus', then one is likely to interpret the Light as being 'Jesus', etc. If one is in a horrific state of fear, one is likely to experience a hellish NDE, but this is not always the case. Howard Storm—having been an atheist—did experience a tremendously hellish NDE initially. Then, in desperation, he called out to 'Jesus' and beheld a light in the distance moving closer and closer—his ultimately being lifted out of the hellish underworld that he was in where demons were biting and tearing at his 'flesh'. Because he'd been trained in the Christian belief system, he automatically reverted to believing in the Christian god in a desperate plea to save him from the demons. Sometimes the opposite happens when one is in a state of fear, however ... and it is contingent on what one believes in and also what one needs to learn/experience during a near-death state.

Furthermore, there are multiple dimensions and sections within each dimension ... so there are many places one can 'go' during an NDE (or even an OBE without being on the verge of death) and when one ultimately transitions, thus my conclusion that not all NDEs are created equal.

What Howard Storm experienced, for example, is typical of the type of NDE that Peggy Kane addresses. This has been discussed on my show with a variety of guests as well. Again, some NDErs will experience a 'physical' and 'humanoid' type of body and the sensations that go along with the physical plane and, yes, there can, indeed, be pain or pleasurable sensations. Some people have talked about eating on the Other Side (!), but this sort of thing was never my experience during any of my NDEs. I believe that these more 'worldly' NDEs are typical of young souls who are not spiritually evolved or mature.

If you read the NDE account that's on my website, Nightingale's NDE, I do make mention of a scene that one might interpret as a ‘hell’ or ‘purgatory’ where faceless, grey coloured entities moved about aimlessly and moaned, etc. ...', but I was never there; it was strictly a point of observation and being assured that these suffering beings would ultimately return to the Light—no exceptions!

I will say that the dark ones do tend to have a 'monopoly' on some of the lower astral planes—such as the lower fourth dimension ... so a number of NDErs can and do get caught within the web or matrix that is controlled by the reptilians, etc. When people are coming from a place of ignorance and are unaware, these individuals are more prone to being misled and deceived and caught in the trap of the matrix. However, to make claims that ALL NDErs and people who transition to the Other Side get caught in this web is daft at best! It's simply NOT so! Many NDErs do, indeed, experience the true essence of the Light and unconditional love. I do not believe that the dark ones can mimic or replicate the truth essence of this love; they don't even know what love is! They are flat thinkers and totally centred in fear. But they are most clever when it comes to deception, granted.

PK also has made claims that Source cannot penetrate this web/matrix ... but, as I stated to DI, since when is Source less powerful than the dark ones?! Indeed, I do not resonate with PK's claims about NDEs, psychics, mediums, the Afterlife, etc. I'm a psychic medium and I do not believe that I'm being deceived and manipulated by the 'reps'. Some are, I'm sure, but not everyone. It really comes down to how aware, evolved and centred in love a given individual is. That, right there, is going to influence where one goes, what one experiences and the messages or lessons gleaned from such experiences.

I believe that it is healthy to ask questions, by all means, but not to make blanket or blatent statements or conclusions based on a few negative experiences. Also, because of the powerful messages of truth and love—not to mention the awakening that's taking place and our becoming more and more aware of our own divine heritage—there are the 'naysayers' and those who are committed to attacking the truth in order to keep us dumbed down and locked in ignorance. We're at a very critical place in our evolution right now and it's paramount that we do not succumb to fear! Fear is always going to drive us to information that is incomplete and unclear at best. We must be careful of this! Only through Love can we gain clarity and truth, period!

I've also written a bit about 'hell' and I do regard that as a very temporary state and one that is experienced via the lower dimensions where the dark ones reside and do their dirty work. Still, they cannot ever have a permanent hold on anyone. What will readily release one from the 'clutches of hell' is when one raises ones frequency into the higher vibration of love ... and this is brought about by one becoming more aware and centred in truth and love. In this state, NO dark entity can influence or enslave you ... ever!

I absolutely do resonate with DI's claims that we are infinite consciousness, (see his articles on my site under 'Near-Death Studies'), by all means! That is our true state and the other muck is just for the sake of learning. As has been so rightly pointed out: in order to know what is real and true, we must first experience its opposite; thus, that is what we're experiencing on this plane in the form of ignorance, greed and fear. However, once the collective masses have risen to a state of love, this plane will truly become the 'heaven on earth' that many strive for. It is a possibility and it is within our reach!

Everything is energy; everything consists of frequencies ... so when one is vibrating at a higher frequency, one is beyond the ability for the dark ones to impose their stranglehold and control via fear. And there's the key right there. If one is caught up in the lower frequency of fear, one is very susceptible to being trapped and experiencing 'hell'. Therefore, when one is struggling, it's important to focus on raising ones frequency back into its natural state of love. 'Be in the love! Be in the love!' is my motto when I'm struggling with the fear. Sadly, it's all too common for the ego-mind to be caught in fear, so it's a piece of work to rise above that state and move into the love.

Also, in my NDE account, I clearly state that fear is an acquired state—not a natural one. Every time I've been on the Other Side from a near-death episode, or even from another spiritually transformative experience (STE), I had no sense of fear whatsoever—none! I was in a total state of peace and knowing and bliss in the truest sense of the word ... and that can only come from Love. Again, given our divine heritage, this is truly our natural state: love.

Indeed, God (Source) does not 'punish' anyone. It's the ego that judges and punishes. How daft! But when all is said and done, we come to realise that divine Love is the only reality and the Light will prevail, no matter what.

Saturday, 19 April 2008

A Question About Loss, Grief, Worthiness & Carrying On

Q) Hello ~ My partner of over 4 years died instantly 5 weeks ago. The shock and disbelief are still so surreal. I know he is gone but why? And I know he is in a beautiful place because he was such a decent, loving, kind, selfless soul. Now I am left alone. He was so much more evolved than me. He was my teacher. How can I move on? It is slowly seeping into my awareness the loss of him in my life. I never knew such unconditional love, but my love was nowhere as loving and giving as his. I was not able to love like he did. Now I feel like I did not deserve him. Can you help me?

A) I certainly do understand the shock and anguish associated with the apparent loss of a friend or loved one, but the 'loss' is only of the form that was familiar to you on this plane ... and not of that blessed soul whom you love and who still, indeed, loves you!

It is all right to grieve and experience pain; that's very natural and even to be expected. Allow yourself to be with it ... and flow. It is all right to do so. It is also essential, however, that you not allow yourself to fall into the misconception that he is actually 'non-existent' now and the further erroneous thinking that you 'don't deserve' his love. Of course you deserve his love ... and any love that comes your way! It is love that heals and revives! Please don't allow any negative religious (or other) dogma or fear-based thinking to cause you to think yourself unworthy ... ever! You are a part of Source and are divine in essence. You can never be separate from Source ... or those you love—both on this plane and in the Afterlife—because we are all One. The illusion of separation is merely a perception of the ego that is entirely erroneous. There can truly be no separation, except in a mind blinded by fear and nothing more.

It is hard to be on this dense plane known as the physical (or 3D) realm, because we are so blinded to what is real and true and what is all around us at all times. Because the physical plane is such a low and dense vibrational frequency, we cannot 'see' what is all round us, because it's at a higher vibrational frequency from what we can perceive on the physical plane. It's very much the same principle as with a radio or television. When you're tuned in to one station/channel (frequency), that's the only one you can experience in the moment, but the other stations/channels are broadcasting simultaneously, even though you cannot hear/see them! It's simply because you're not tuned into them, that's all.

As a medium, I can and do tune in to these other frequencies all the time. The fact is that we're all natural mediums, but have been conditioned out of that natural ability and shunned it. We've been taught not to honour our own intuition and experiences of other realms and told that that's only 'our imagination'; and all of this higher awareness has been 'demonised' and thwarted. Nothing could be further from the truth and, thank goodness, this is starting to be proven and discussed everywhere now—that we are multidimensional beings who have got access to awareness way beyond the limited scope of the mortal ego mind!

Your beloved has merely moved on to a higher frequency now and one that you can't easily access presently. This is especially true since you're in the throes of grief, for time being, and that makes it even harder to see or perceive his presence round you—not to mention the fear that is currently plaguing you. You just need to work on tapping in to a different radio programme, as it were, and not allowing yourself to get 'stuck' in just one radio broadcast setting. Am I making sense to you, here?

The good news is that, the veil is getting thinner, and that is partly as a result of the massive awakening that's going on now. And as more and more individuals start to realise their own divine heritage, this will become easier and easier all of the time. More and more people are able to pierce the veil and see into other dimensions and commune with those they love who are on the Other Side. You can do this too ... and it will become much easier as you're able to relax, for one, and honour your own worthiness and the fact that there is a deep and abiding love between you two—always has been and always will be!

Of course you'll miss the exchange that you shared on this plane and there's nothing wrong with that, but as you realise that no one can ever really die—that we merely transition to another frequency or dimension and change form—you will experience greater peace of mind and even feel a sense of elation.

Whilst you're quietly in your space, just start talking to your beloved, as you would when he was visible on this plane, and just take the time to listen and be open to what you may experience. You may feel a simple warm glow inside ... or you may actually see and/or hear something. But don't be upset if you don't experience something straight away. Sometimes, it takes time for you to be relaxed or aware enough to receive input ... and ... he may still be in the 'intake' period where he must make his adjustments and integrate! There is also a time of rest that the newly transitioned soul may go through, so it will be a 'quiet' time with no exchange taking place, but not to worry. You'll connect again soon. :)

You may also experience his presence in your dreams. Pay attention to that. People on the Other Side often reach out to us via our dreams, because we're more open and receptive in the dream-time. Whatever you do, be open to the myriad of ways that he may make his presence known to you. He could even speak to you through a pet, birds or butterflies, clouds in the sky, a breeze, the sensation of a soft touch ... oh it can go on in countless ways.

You can go on, my dear, and your beloved wouldn't want you to shut down, just because he's 'graduated' and moved on from this plane. That would be a bit selfish, really, and you need to celebrate his transition to a higher realm. Sure, all graduations are a mixed blessing—with tears and laughter—but one should feel joy when one graduates, not sorrow or regret. You are not parted from him ... ever! He's just removed an old garment (earth-suit) that he no longer needs, but he's still very conscious and very much in tact. Listen ... and love ... and allow yourself to receive love—very important!

A Question About the Right To Die

1) Is doctor-assisted suicide okay from a spiritual point of view? Ethically, I agree for a person's right to die.

I totally agree with you on this ... and it's something that I've been meaning to write about. This has also been brushed upon on some of my radio shows. I think it's really up to the dying person ... and ... that individual needs to be really in tune with his/her soul, because the answer, the truth as to what is best ... is there. It's not about the ego and trying to 'escape' pain, but really being in touch with the soul and honouring the calling of the soul. On a soul level, we know what is right and appropriate ... and no one's got the right to make any judgements about this.

It has been pointed out that, during ones lifetime, there are actually four or five 'exit points' made available, when one can choose to either transition or not; i.e., there isn't only one 'right' time to transition. With all the times I've experienced physical death, I should have a dozen of them! LOL ;) Yet, I kept being told that I've still got more work to do. It's a hard call, really, and yet we'll know when it's really our time—provided we tune in to our soul and not the ego ... that harbours fear and causes poor decision-making. When we're in a place of love, then we gain the clarity we need to know what is right and true...

2) On two occasions the following happened: A person prayed for someone to be cured of her lung issue and 2 months later her brother died out of nowhere. My friend prayed for her mother to live one more year, and 3 weeks later the brother of the mother just collapsed; he was in good health. Is there some kind of spiritual law that demands balance? If so, how does it work?

That's very interesting, indeed, but I don't think it's some kind of 'pay-off' or 'bargaining' or anything negative in the least. Perhaps, on a soul level, these individuals did a 'swap', as it were, or made some kind of agreement, but also not necessarily. These things do happen; and it could, indeed, be a balancing of sorts. However, it must be made very clear that no one was/is in 'error' or being 'punished' in any way. Death is not about 'punishment'; it's merely the ending of a chapter in a souls sojourn and nothing more.

Also, when I pray for someone, I pray for the best good for that individual to take place—not for the fulfilment of my own wishes or desires for that person; i.e., that s/he will live longer or be cured, etc. Perhaps it is indeed time for someone to transition ... and it is selfish of us to demand that one remain on this plane longer, because of our own needs and expectations, or that we'll miss him or her otherwise. Again, it's very important to pray for what is right and appropriate and for the best good to occur with the individual in question. We must never impose our will on anyone, ever!

There is always a reason why one is ill ... or disabled ... or on the verge of transitioning and it's not our right to interfere with that process. Again, we can pray for the best good—by all means—but we must also honour the bigger picture at work in ones life, which may require that one experience these things or ultimately transition. All of these things bear gifts that we may not be able to perceive on the surface, but that are really serving the greater good—not only for the individual experiencing it, but for others as well.

Once people start to change their attitudes about death and realise that it's an illusion and no longer regard it with dread, then all of these desperate pleas and demands—that are centred in fear and feelings of loss—will dissipate and love will provide for more enlightened decisions and approaches to allowing one to experience what ones soul requires for ones sojourn on this plane and in the Afterlife.

We must also not make the mistake of insisting that 'one is too young to die'—e.g., if one is a child for instance—because the soul may have decided to have a very brief sojourn on this plane in the first place. This happened to me a lot—since I've been ill and have had 'death experiences' since childhood. People insisted that I was 'too young to die', but how would they even know? From the ego perspective, we cannot know 'when' is the 'right' time to transition. That's why we need to remain open and receptive to divine wisdom—again that reaches us through our soul, not the ego mind. It is also appropriate to give thanks for the ones who have had a brief sojourn on this plane ... and for the light they shared whilst they were here.

Some souls may have very brief parts on the 'stage of life', whilst others have very long ones ... but love knows no time and every presentation and sojourn is in perfect synch with the divine plan. When we rise above ego judgements and reside in love, then the perfection becomes obvious.

Friday, 21 March 2008

The Next President

Ah, yes, it's that time again in America, isn't it?—where they prepare to put a new president into the White House. Since I don't watch television, nor do I read mainstream newspapers, I don't follow this stuff. It's just as well, because I know that it's all a load of malarkey anyway. I'll get the information I need via my own intuition and other reliable sources, thank you just the same.

Alas, even though I'm going to share my own predictions about who will be the next president—despite the fact that I'm not American and can't 'vote' in this country—much of it is based on sheer common sense and is quite a 'no-brainer' when you think about it. I was accurate the last time as well—even though I was totally ignorant of the campaign details.

OK, are you ready? Let's face it: America has always been a 'boys club' of the John Wayne variety—as has been so rightly pointed out—and they've only had men in their Oval Office. First, when seeing two of the presidential candidates pictured in the DI newsletter, I noticed something straight away: Mr. Obama and Ms. Clinton are both 'minorities'—he being black and she being female. Now that's 'hip', isn't it? America is finally catching on and moving out of the dark ages and progressing into having someone other than a white male in the White House. (Ahh, I get it! White men match White House—same colours, you see? Gotta keep it ‘pure’, you know! Well now, that makes perfect sense, doesn't it?) The fact that having ‘minority’ candidates, in itself, should be enough to pull at the heartstrings of the American masses—letting them know, by all means, that America is a really progressive and forward-thinking country that 'cares' about its citizens. Ah, how touching is that, aye?

America's finally going to catch up with Britain. After all, we had a female prime minister, Margaret Thatcher, and … well … the Queen is a female too, for that matter. A-hem! They're neither one the friendliest women you'd ever want to meet, but that's beside the point. It's a nice fa├žade, just the same—having women in seeming positions of power.

Now America is finally jumping on the bandwagon to move out of the dust and rough and tumble Wild West mentality and honour minorities by bringing them into positions of power. God forbid they should risk ever being sued for NOT hiring a minority—even in their highest office! See where this is headed?

Even though Obama is black, he's still a male ... so, nope, that won't work either. They've got to put a FEMALE in the White House! They've got to be totally hip ... and cool ... and liberated ... and, besides, women are more caring and nurturing, (e.g., the Queen and Margaret Thatcher … oh, and let us not forget the Queen Mother!), so putting HRC in the White House will be the perfect ticket! To be even more progressive, Hillary is a lesbian (don't let her 'marriage' to Billy-boy fool you), so she's a double minority! That's absolutely perfect, because you can be sure that she'll stand for all those ‘worthy’ causes that everyone's been hankering about.

Since the masses are so disillusioned at this point, America's got to convince them that they 'care' and this will be a sure-fire way to 'bring them back to the fold' and make them believe in America again. But, let's be fair. After all, they did have a retarded man in the White House, did they not? So they also honour and employ people with disabilities! Oh, how noble, indeed!

Furthermore, we've got to remind the world that America stands for the 'Family' and keeping the family well in tact. After all, there have been too many broken families and we can't have that, oh no! Thus, as you can see, they've had Father and Son in the White House, so now it's only fair to have Husband and Wife in there as well (oh, isn't that sweet)—just like the Royals! This will set a perfect example of just how important the family unit really is. You better believe it will!

Lastly, we cannot forget the power of women's intuition. Yes, that's extremely important, because, with HRC in the White House, she'll be able to use her innate intuition and detect if another 'terrorist attack' is in the works. With her nurturing and intuitive foresight, she can quickly act on it and notify NORAD, the CIA, FBI, and so on, well in advance, so as to protect everyone from any attacks and stop them before they occur and save America! Ahh, but of course!

So you see, America is not such a bad place after all. It's just a young juvenile country that's finally maturing and becoming more refined. They're really coming round and they're going to make it quite clear just how much they support minorities, the disabled and the family!

This is what they want you to believe, all right, and it's very clear that they'll use these tactics to justify putting a female into office (and she’s the right colour, so there’ll be no colour clashes in the White House). After all, 2008 is the ‘year of change to the female energy’ and, as my friend, JP, has so rightly pointed out: “The term 'president' also means 'Osiris'—literally 'Osiris' on Earth. In these times it's important for the leader to be female…” Hence, is it not obvious what’s going on here? But not to worry, HRC's right in league with Maggie and Liz and you'll probably find these ladies sitting together at tea—plotting their next Bridge game.