Thursday, 29 November 2007

Why Are We Here?

Here is another question from an earnest soul—one that is universal in nature.

Q: What I would like to ask for is any insights you may have on exactly why we come into this dimension. Do we come for a purpose? Is it helping us grow in any way? I tend to get bogged down with stuff a lot, and all the thinking I do. I struggle to live in this world, to find some grounding...

A: First, let me say that what you're going through is so much 'in the air' right now and I, too, have not wanted to be on this plane (but that's nothing new!) and I believe that oft times this feeling comes with those who are sensitive and aware and the struggles that can be compounded when traversing this plane. It's also typical for us NDErs to wonder if 'Scotty will beam us up' and take us Home soon—even on a daily basis. With the climate of our planet being what it is at this time, is it any wonder that a lot of people are feeling this way? Be kind to yourself—whatever you do—and realise that you are actually blessed to be so aware and sensitive. Furthermore, you are not alone in what you're feeling or going through. I honestly believe that it's at epidemic proportions at this point in time! To me, that's a good thing, because people need to be uncomfortable in order to be propelled into making changes.

Like you, I am always beset with deep thoughts, ponderings and musings. I certainly do understand that one! I've always been a deep and complex thinker.

Ahh, yes, there's always that great and universal question: why are we here? There are a myriad of answers and what I share is only a small part of it. I've often seen that, in order to find out what something is, we must first find out what it isn't—thus taking us through a process of elimination, trial and error, discovery, and so on.

Basically, instead of referring to things as 'good' or 'bad', 'right' or 'wrong', I look at it from the perspective of 'what works versus what doesn't work'. On this plane I see us as being in a huge laboratory—endeavouring to find out what does work—and thus, what is true. Then, by going through all these experiences and realising what doesn't work, we come to know what does. Along these lines, there's the analogy that, in order for the Light to know it is the Light, it must first experience its opposite: darkness. That's how I see this plane. By experiencing the total opposite of what/who we really are, we come (in time) to realise that we are divine and are at one with All that Is/LightSource.

I was blessed/cursed with being so acutely aware ever since popping out of the womb. I remember my first thoughts as being: This isn't real ... this isn't me ... I don't belong here ... I want to go Home! Alas, I was so overcome with grief that I was in this form and on this plane, that I was a very sad child and very much a loner. I also had had the distinct memory of coming from a place filled with love and harmony! But this place was nothing like what I knew—not at all.

Sadly, but for important reasons for the process of discovery, this world is so filled with darkness and we're brainwashed, straightaway, into thinking that we're worthless 'sinners', helpless, limited, at the mercy of a vengeful god ... and so on—all of which are lies. But it is only through experience that we can actually come to know the difference between what is real and true versus what is unreal and false.

I've always had the audacity to think for myself—ever since I was very small—and I've certainly not been 'popular' for it, nor have I ever 'fit in', because I've refused to be one of the 'sheeple' who allow others (mainstream media, parents, teachers, governments, society, etc.) to think for them ... rather than allowing themselves to come to their own conclusions. But as David Icke and I were discussing and noting, people are starting to feel really uncomfortable with the state of affairs and they're also starting to talk about all this. Something's not right; something doesn't work right; something doesn't feel right; something needs to change... And that's a good sign. People are waking up and it's people like you who are coming forward and asking questions that will break the spell of the darkness once and for all. Your own innate divinity is 'making noise' and forcing its way to the surface and enabling you to wake up and question all the answers. Good for you!

So, in a very simple short statement, I'd say that we're here to discover our own divinity and the fact that we are made up of the same stuff that Source is. Think of the sun and it's sun-rays. You see individual rays of light emanating from the sun, but they're always connected to the sun—never separate. Well, it's really the same with us ... and as Nanci L. Danison so brilliantly referred to this in her book, Backwards: Returning to Our Source for Answers, she refers to us as 'Sourcebeams', (I love it!), applying the same principle as with the sun. Interestingly, she was very inspired by my NDE account, that she's 'borrowed' some of my references as well as applying her own. She was a guest on my radio show.

So now, as we traverse a world full of darkness, it's actually forcing us to ultimately remember who we are and what is real. During my NDEs, I was told that what is on this plane is a total illusion ... and I could actually see this whole plane as a hologram! So it was very powerful when David Icke's book, Infinite Love is the Only Truth; Everything Else is Illusion came out. I also found it odd that no one had interviewed him about this book ... so I jumped to invite him on my radio programme specifically to discuss this book. What's interesting is that I was able to validate what he's written as a result of my experiences! That was a wonderful two-hour long interview that took place on 20 May 2007 that is also archived and then there's the recent one that took place on 21 October 2007. DI will be back on my show on 2 March 2008 and we'll be talking about ... consciousness!

As we discussed the details of his book, Infinite Love... I was able to say "I've been there and experienced this first hand...!" I know that he was so grateful for that as well. Here, he's done all of this tremendous research and work and I was able to validate his findings as a result of my own experiences whilst he validated my experiences through what he's written and researched! To me, this is a wonderful example of how the Light is bringing special souls together to abolish the darkness once and for all.

Having said that, however, it's always the most painful and difficult as we're nearing the 'end of the battle' as it were. The darkest hour is just before the dawn ... and so on. So it's not going to be a picnic for a while, but it's always good to remind ourselves that 'this too shall pass'; i.e., everything is coming to a head and will change and right itself. The sun will rise again and there will be a new day.

Some people refer to being on this plane as a ride; some refer to it as being in a play in the theatre. They're both good analogies, really. But when we remember that we're just playing roles; we're just actors in a process of discovery and this isn't who we really are, then things start to make a lot more sense and take on a whole new meaning. People are always asking about Hitler, for example, because he was regarded as so deeply evil. Well, so are the Bush family, the Windsors, Dick Cheney and so forth ... but what's interesting is that they're losing power (believe it or not) and they, too, are a part of divine consciousness and are just playing out a role that they were sent here to fulfil. But their essence isn't any more 'evil' than an actor playing a villain. It's all a show; it's all a ride. It's very believable when we're in it ... but it's something that evaporates once we leave this plane and can see the bigger picture.

Love is indeed the ultimate truth. It's not a cliché or some kind of New Age hype. Some of us have been fortunate enough to experience unconditional love first hand and it is something that can never be described in words. You've got to experience it in order to 'grok' it, if you get my drift. But it is real and in time, we will all come to this same great knowing, because we are that love in essence.

I hope this helps, dear Soul. It is hard work to extract ourselves from all the lies that are so deep and thick, but that is exactly what is taking place now. The light is being switched on and the cockroaches (dark ones) are scurrying round about in a frantic display to save themselves. But the light must ... and it will prevail.