Saturday, 29 December 2007

The Cosmic Website

I design, build and do a lot of work on websites—not only my own, but other people's sites as well. Since I've been a creative person all of my life—doing art, writing and music—I find it very natural and a joy to create websites and watch them unfold into something both beautiful and functional. Once the site is published and goes on line, one beholds a page with beautiful graphics, images, text and even audio for listening to music or radio broadcasts. There's magnificent colour and depth in the pages and it's quite stunning indeed.

But what is it that makes such beautiful and functional websites possible? You can't just pop an image, audio or text on there, because it won't show up or function at all. What one needs to do is apply HTML code (hyper text markup language). When I'm doing the work in the HTML editor, and in the 'preview' mode, I can see what the page will look like—very lovely indeed—but when I click on 'source' or 'HTML', what comes up is nothing but a bunch of gibberish—strictly text, numbers and symbols that make no sense at all (except to the browsers that decode the HTML that generates the website). There are no colours, images, sounds or anything else; it's merely a bunch of code, written in plain text on a white page. To look at the 'source' page (or code) is quite dizzying and these pages full of code can be very long and complex as well. Yet, without this 'gibberish' these beautiful pages, along with their functionality, could not be possible. I marvel at that every time I'm working on a site. It's interesting to think of what's behind the appearance of a web site and what makes it operate. The beautiful and functional site only works or has meaning for the visitor when the HTML is decoded in such a way that enables one to see the site and navigate through it.

What also repeatedly comes to mind, when I'm working on websites, is that what we perceive as our world is very much the same as a website and the same principles apply. We think we're seeing buildings, trees, oceans, other people, vehicles, clouds, stars, planets, and so on. However, if we were to look at the 'code' that makes up the world around us that we perceive as 'real', we'd see nothing but ... waves and particles that, when filtered and decoded, become the surroundings we see and experience as the physical plane. In fact, as difficult as it may be for one to believe or conceive, what we perceive as 'real' on this plane is actually nothing more than a hologram!

How do I know this? Well, first of all, I had a direct experience of this during my NDEs! In fact, during my transcendent NDE in the mid 1970s, after I was told that I had to return to this plane—which absolutely devastated me—I saw a glimpse of this plane as it was being shown to me from the Other Side. I was told that this plane is an illusion and that I wasn't to identify with it, but only to do the work I was being sent back to do and that I’d merely be passing through. What's interesting is that, as I focused on the physical plane, nothing looked solid at all! It was more like looking at vapour with lines, waves and particles going through it. It did have colour, but it was so drab compared to what I was seeing on the Other Side. Everything seemed somewhat transparent and illusory, indeed.

Once I did re-enter the physical plane, it still didn't appear solid to me and it took a good while for me to adjust and reintegrate back into this plane. It was so drab and dark and void of colour and life in the context of what I'd just experienced on the Other Side. It was so dense and dismal! It was only after I'd been 'back' on this plane for a while, did it start to appear 'solid' again. Still, I now knew, without a doubt, that this plane isn't really solid and that I was being 'tricked' into thinking or perceiving that it was solid or real.

When I was asked to give talks about my NDEs, in recent years, and what I'd gleaned as a result of these experiences, I'd always open the talks by declaring that this physical plane is nothing but a hologram—an illusion—and I'd endeavour to explain how this is so. It wasn't such an easy task—given that I'm not a physicist or scientist replete with technical jargon. How can we put something so ineffable into words in the first place? It's rather impossible, really, but I try to convey things in such a way that will make sense to people and lend credibility to my claims. After all, I was given an assignment from the Other Side that I now had to fulfil!

Then something wonderful happened. I read David Icke's book, Infinite Love is the Only Truth; Everything Else is Illusion. Bingo! Just the title alone said it all and that did it for me. I knew that we were on the same page ... and so I read the book from cover and cover and guess what? He gives full description of the very message I've been awkwardly trying to convey for years! It's spelled out right there on the pages—complete with photographs, illustrations and graphs. He also discusses this in his new book, The David Icke Guide to the Global Conspiracy and How to End it, in the first few chapters.

Everything that we 'see' and perceive as 'real' is nothing but code that has been triggered and activated for enabling us to experience this dimension—just like a website. Everything is energy (waves and particles) and the form that energy takes on is determined by its frequency. Everything vibrates at a different frequency, so when energy is arranged in a specific combination of frequencies, that's what generates the 'stuff' that we experience as 'real'. It's really that simple.

When David Icke first came on my radio show on 20 May 2007, we discussed his book, Infinite Love... and it was such a powerful and uplifting dialogue between us—not to mention the fact that we validated each other’s claims here—my backing up his statements with my experiences and his validating my experiences through his many years of intense and dedicated research. We discussed this further when he came back on my show on 21 October. Alas, he'll be back on Toward The Light on 2 March 2008 and we'll be talking about consciousness!

In fact, DI has written a lot about NDEs in his material in recent years—including an article entitled, 'Fearing for a lifetime ... Something that doesn't Exist' (which can be found on under 'Near-Death Studies'); and it must be comforting for him to have people like me come along and say, "Yes, you're right about this, because I've been there! I've experienced this first hand and know exactly what you're talking about."

I've always been aware of the fact that we're multidimensional beings and have thus lived accordingly—my toggling between this and other dimensions throughout my life, but especially as a child. It's always been that way and always so natural for me. I could remember how ‘nonsolid' this plane often appeared to me and how other planes appeared more real and vibrant to me. Yet I was horribly ridiculed and regarded as 'crazy' or 'out of touch with reality' or 'living in a fantasy or dream-world' and so on, because of this. Of course, these individuals who regarded this plane as all that is 'real' were the ones who truly lived in a dream-world, not me! They also think that what's written on an ID card and their body-suit constitutes 'who' they are! Nonsense! Nothing could be further from the truth. We are not our bodies. We are not our brains. We are not what's written on some ID card! Are you kidding? It is merely an assumed identity—a role that we're cast in to as an actor in a play—that we take on whilst we traverse this dimension and nothing more. It is NOT Who we are at all!

This brings me to another point—one that I've mentioned several times—and that's the fact that our consciousness does not originate in the brain. That's been proven time and time again with NDErs. How is it that we can see, hear and experience things when the physical body and brain are ‘dead’? Think about that. It's surely not the brain or physical eyes or ears that are seeing and hearing what's going on when they're completely incapacitated and out of commission. Where are the thoughts originating from and what is giving one the capacity to see and hear if the brain is flat-lined?

The fact is that the brain is not the source of our consciousness; it merely filters and decodes our consciousness in order to be accessed in the 3D world we experience at this time. Likewise, radio and TV signals cannot be accessed without the radio or television set (or receiver) to decode the signals and provide us with the sounds and images we hear and see. The broadcast is coming from elsewhere—not from within the radio or TV unit. Our brains function in the same way that a radio or television does, but the broadcast is coming from our infinite consciousness—consciousness that does not cease to be upon physical death.

Millions of NDEs have been documented at this point and there have obviously been countless accounts of people being conscious and experiencing sight and sound and even other sensory sensations whilst their physical bodies were clinically dead. Furthermore, a number of individuals have come forward, now, to prove the validity of consciousness beyond the confines of the physical brain—not the least of which have been the likes of Peter Fenwick, MD, Pim van Lommel, MD, Claude V. Swanson, Ph.D, David Icke, PMH Atwater, Ed.D, Ph.D (Hon) and others too numerous to mention here.

I've conversed with the above-mentioned individuals and what's so exciting about all this is that we've all ended up using the same analogies completely independent of one another; i.e. we didn't chat back and forth beforehand, and then adopt one another's phrases or analogies. It's as if we've all, indeed, simultaneously tapped into the universal consciousness and come up with the same exact illustrations for these conclusions. Furthermore, there is a lot of love and gratitude that's shared between all of us. It is so heart-warming to connect with these kindred spirits and share this special and uplifting truth with the world.

I also really appreciate what David Icke has done—likening our physical bodies to computers and the brain as the CPU (or central processing unit). But who operates these computers? Ahh, good question, aye? And that's the point: the computer may have a 'brain' and 'memory', etc., but it still requires someone to operate it and provide input. Bingo! It is our consciousness (or infinite awareness) that animates and operates the body computer, not the brain! Consciousness exists outside and independent of the brain, as illustrated earlier, and so it also stands to reason that, when the computer breaks down and no longer works, the operator still functions; i.e. when your body (or computer) dies, your selfhood and consciousness are still very much in tact. When you no longer need to traverse on this plane, you simply give up your 'computer' and move on, that's it! You still exist! Fancy that!

Thus, special souls, like the ones mentioned above, and NDErs like myself have joined hands and hearts to share this very basic truth with everyone that we are, indeed, immortal and live and have consciousness forever.

Websites are beautiful, elaborate and functional, but what you see and access is merely a bunch of code that provides the 'appearance' of images, sound, audio, text and colour that's functional and useful when we visit them. This plane is nothing but a cosmic website made up of code that is filtered and decoded to provide the appearance of a seemingly solid and physical world for our use and enjoyment.

Likewise, our bodies are like computers that enable us to access and store things as needed, to use different programs and applications and to perform certain tasks, etc., but these computers are not who we are; they're merely tools that enable us to function on this plane. It's really as simple as that.

Another interesting thing to note is that memory is not stored in the brain, because the brain is not equipped to store all that memory. So where is the memory stored? It's a magical little thing called DNA. The 95% (and some say 97%) of DNA that's considered so-called 'junk DNA' is what connects us with other dimensions and holds our memories in tact. I'm pleased to say that David Icke and Pim van Lommel have written about this in great detail and all of us have talked about this at length. However, since these lads are much more adept at explaining these details than I am, I will happily refer you to them. Please go to my website and read the material from Dr. Pim van Lommel, Dr. Peter Fenwick and David Icke (as well as the above-mentioned books) and you will be blown away at the profundity of how all this fits so neatly together.

To all of the individuals who've accused me—and others like me—of being 'crazy' or 'out of touch with reality', I sincerely thank you for pushing me to search, research and experience that which has proven you as very mistaken and I hope that you are inspired in knowing that my 'dream world' is real and that you can now break away from your rigid interpretation of 'reality' that is actually the real dream world!

I will close with a poem that I wrote many, many years ago in the 1960s:

Where am I
Sitting here
Looking at the sky?
Am I sitting in a dream
Looking at reality?
Or am I sitting in reality
Looking at a dream?
I can feel this meadow about me
But what is this that I see?
Could it be that a dream is reality
And reality a dream?

Thursday, 29 November 2007

Why Are We Here?

Here is another question from an earnest soul—one that is universal in nature.

Q: What I would like to ask for is any insights you may have on exactly why we come into this dimension. Do we come for a purpose? Is it helping us grow in any way? I tend to get bogged down with stuff a lot, and all the thinking I do. I struggle to live in this world, to find some grounding...

A: First, let me say that what you're going through is so much 'in the air' right now and I, too, have not wanted to be on this plane (but that's nothing new!) and I believe that oft times this feeling comes with those who are sensitive and aware and the struggles that can be compounded when traversing this plane. It's also typical for us NDErs to wonder if 'Scotty will beam us up' and take us Home soon—even on a daily basis. With the climate of our planet being what it is at this time, is it any wonder that a lot of people are feeling this way? Be kind to yourself—whatever you do—and realise that you are actually blessed to be so aware and sensitive. Furthermore, you are not alone in what you're feeling or going through. I honestly believe that it's at epidemic proportions at this point in time! To me, that's a good thing, because people need to be uncomfortable in order to be propelled into making changes.

Like you, I am always beset with deep thoughts, ponderings and musings. I certainly do understand that one! I've always been a deep and complex thinker.

Ahh, yes, there's always that great and universal question: why are we here? There are a myriad of answers and what I share is only a small part of it. I've often seen that, in order to find out what something is, we must first find out what it isn't—thus taking us through a process of elimination, trial and error, discovery, and so on.

Basically, instead of referring to things as 'good' or 'bad', 'right' or 'wrong', I look at it from the perspective of 'what works versus what doesn't work'. On this plane I see us as being in a huge laboratory—endeavouring to find out what does work—and thus, what is true. Then, by going through all these experiences and realising what doesn't work, we come to know what does. Along these lines, there's the analogy that, in order for the Light to know it is the Light, it must first experience its opposite: darkness. That's how I see this plane. By experiencing the total opposite of what/who we really are, we come (in time) to realise that we are divine and are at one with All that Is/LightSource.

I was blessed/cursed with being so acutely aware ever since popping out of the womb. I remember my first thoughts as being: This isn't real ... this isn't me ... I don't belong here ... I want to go Home! Alas, I was so overcome with grief that I was in this form and on this plane, that I was a very sad child and very much a loner. I also had had the distinct memory of coming from a place filled with love and harmony! But this place was nothing like what I knew—not at all.

Sadly, but for important reasons for the process of discovery, this world is so filled with darkness and we're brainwashed, straightaway, into thinking that we're worthless 'sinners', helpless, limited, at the mercy of a vengeful god ... and so on—all of which are lies. But it is only through experience that we can actually come to know the difference between what is real and true versus what is unreal and false.

I've always had the audacity to think for myself—ever since I was very small—and I've certainly not been 'popular' for it, nor have I ever 'fit in', because I've refused to be one of the 'sheeple' who allow others (mainstream media, parents, teachers, governments, society, etc.) to think for them ... rather than allowing themselves to come to their own conclusions. But as David Icke and I were discussing and noting, people are starting to feel really uncomfortable with the state of affairs and they're also starting to talk about all this. Something's not right; something doesn't work right; something doesn't feel right; something needs to change... And that's a good sign. People are waking up and it's people like you who are coming forward and asking questions that will break the spell of the darkness once and for all. Your own innate divinity is 'making noise' and forcing its way to the surface and enabling you to wake up and question all the answers. Good for you!

So, in a very simple short statement, I'd say that we're here to discover our own divinity and the fact that we are made up of the same stuff that Source is. Think of the sun and it's sun-rays. You see individual rays of light emanating from the sun, but they're always connected to the sun—never separate. Well, it's really the same with us ... and as Nanci L. Danison so brilliantly referred to this in her book, Backwards: Returning to Our Source for Answers, she refers to us as 'Sourcebeams', (I love it!), applying the same principle as with the sun. Interestingly, she was very inspired by my NDE account, that she's 'borrowed' some of my references as well as applying her own. She was a guest on my radio show.

So now, as we traverse a world full of darkness, it's actually forcing us to ultimately remember who we are and what is real. During my NDEs, I was told that what is on this plane is a total illusion ... and I could actually see this whole plane as a hologram! So it was very powerful when David Icke's book, Infinite Love is the Only Truth; Everything Else is Illusion came out. I also found it odd that no one had interviewed him about this book ... so I jumped to invite him on my radio programme specifically to discuss this book. What's interesting is that I was able to validate what he's written as a result of my experiences! That was a wonderful two-hour long interview that took place on 20 May 2007 that is also archived and then there's the recent one that took place on 21 October 2007. DI will be back on my show on 2 March 2008 and we'll be talking about ... consciousness!

As we discussed the details of his book, Infinite Love... I was able to say "I've been there and experienced this first hand...!" I know that he was so grateful for that as well. Here, he's done all of this tremendous research and work and I was able to validate his findings as a result of my own experiences whilst he validated my experiences through what he's written and researched! To me, this is a wonderful example of how the Light is bringing special souls together to abolish the darkness once and for all.

Having said that, however, it's always the most painful and difficult as we're nearing the 'end of the battle' as it were. The darkest hour is just before the dawn ... and so on. So it's not going to be a picnic for a while, but it's always good to remind ourselves that 'this too shall pass'; i.e., everything is coming to a head and will change and right itself. The sun will rise again and there will be a new day.

Some people refer to being on this plane as a ride; some refer to it as being in a play in the theatre. They're both good analogies, really. But when we remember that we're just playing roles; we're just actors in a process of discovery and this isn't who we really are, then things start to make a lot more sense and take on a whole new meaning. People are always asking about Hitler, for example, because he was regarded as so deeply evil. Well, so are the Bush family, the Windsors, Dick Cheney and so forth ... but what's interesting is that they're losing power (believe it or not) and they, too, are a part of divine consciousness and are just playing out a role that they were sent here to fulfil. But their essence isn't any more 'evil' than an actor playing a villain. It's all a show; it's all a ride. It's very believable when we're in it ... but it's something that evaporates once we leave this plane and can see the bigger picture.

Love is indeed the ultimate truth. It's not a cliché or some kind of New Age hype. Some of us have been fortunate enough to experience unconditional love first hand and it is something that can never be described in words. You've got to experience it in order to 'grok' it, if you get my drift. But it is real and in time, we will all come to this same great knowing, because we are that love in essence.

I hope this helps, dear Soul. It is hard work to extract ourselves from all the lies that are so deep and thick, but that is exactly what is taking place now. The light is being switched on and the cockroaches (dark ones) are scurrying round about in a frantic display to save themselves. But the light must ... and it will prevail.

Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Change & Transition

I'm sitting in my new abode here in Vermont and reading a book by Dr. Pam Kircher, Love is the Link, that's centred on her NDE as well as her practice as a hospice physician. She's made a number of references as to the importance of going into the silence and withdrawing from the distractions of the world and the daily routine and responsibilities we're burdened with. How interesting that I've been yanked from my normal working world as a result of this move and the fact, for example, that I've got no internet connection!

The majority of my work revolves around my being on line and in constant communication with others. Then there's the writing and website work I must do and keep up-to-date, since I do a weekly radio show and am constantly applying updates as things occur. Now, with the fact that I cannot be on line for a good while, the silence is quite striking. Everyone is going to have to wait to hear from me or for me to do my usual routine of the telecommuting. I'm 'out of commission' for now and it is a time to go within and listen to the message from the divine and allow myself to flow into this new chapter of my life.

Even the mobile reception is nearly nil so this, too, forces me into the silence. What's interesting is that I really love the silence ... but feel such a profound obligation to be 'at the ready' for all those who need me. Indeed, it never occurs to me to take a day off or to go on holiday; I only think about my work in being of service to others and always available to them!

Why is this? Is it because I make good $£ doing so? Heck, NO! I make hardly any $£ at all, because most of my work is strictly a labour of love and does not involve generating $£. I am very poor when it comes to $£, but that is no reflection of my true worth or value. But here I am—feeling such an urgent need to be at the beck and call of anyone who may need me ... that I don't think about taking time off for Juliet and to simply ... Be.

But now I am, as it's been imposed on me. Take a holiday, Juliet! It's time you did so! Everyone will simply have to wait. Besides, good things come to those who wait! It's true ... and with Mercury still in retrograde (Rx), it's a time to 'go back' and take inventory of our lives and the inner workings of our psyche and do much-needed evaluation and gain the clarity needed to start a new chapter on good footing.

I have always been a very reflective and introspective individual and not one to be in the middle of social settings—much preferring my own company and to be in nature. When I was contemplating my next move, I asked that if I cannot live on or by the ocean, then I want to be situated in the mountains and on a lake. Well, guess what! I'm now in a small town on the Canadian border that's surrounded by Lake Memphremagog and the beautiful green mountains that Vermont is noted for! I walk to the corner of my road and look down and there's the lake—a stunning lake, the majority of which is in Quebec. I walk along this beautiful body of water and never fail to be in utter awe—between taking the breathtaking view of the lake, the mountains that surround it, and the 'skyscape' above.

I've had enough of the big city. I've found that I've become less tolerant of cities in recent years and, in fact, have never been a fan of cities—other than to visit them. Sadly, American cities are notoriously so filthy and riddled with crime ... and talk about not having any opportunity to go into any silence! How can one do so when there's constant noise--sirens, car horns and 'drive-by-radios', yelling, traffic and so on?

So many thoughts and metaphors have gone through my head of late. I've been aware of the trauma of moving house—which is really no different than dying in so many ways. Think about it: when you're preparing to move house, haven't you gone through such uncertainty as a result of being suspended in the process of the move—no longer living at 'Point A' yet not living at 'Point B' either—that, for an instant, you may question if you might actually be preparing to cross over? That has certainly been the case with me—numerous times when moving house—and especially when things just don't seem to want to work out. I've found that a number of people go through this—at least more mature people that I've spoken with and with whom I've compared notes.

It is interesting to ponder my work that's centred on death, dying, NDEs and the Afterlife and the similarities it has to the process of moving house. There's always that profound feeling of uncertainty that comes with moving house and with transitioning to the Other Side. In reality, they are no different—other than that the physical body is discarded in death, not just unneeded possessions. However, and this is a very important point, every ending is followed by a new beginning! When we cross over, we do not become static, motionless, inanimate beings who are non-existent! It is always the cycle of life-death-life where death is just the ending of one chapter that is immediately followed by a new one! Nothing dies; it just changes form and frequency, that's all. Death is merely a passageway into a new realm. That's why a lot of us won't even use the word 'death', as we prefer to use the more accurate term, 'transition', because that's exactly what it is.

Another analogy that I've oft times used is that of the caterpillar that spends a portion of its life only knowing how to tread the ground, then it must spin a cocoon and withdraw into the deep dark silence ... until it one day emerges a glorious winged creature! It must pull away from all that it has known up until the point prior to spinning the cocoon; then it must enter it and go into the silence alone and in a state of total trust. But let's think about that for a moment. These simple seemingly 'lowly' creatures are so in harmony with their own natural rhythms and flow and what they must do as they unfold in their little lives ... that I'd venture to conclude that it never occurs to them to be worried or frightened; they instinctively know what to do and are absolutely fine with it! Granted, the caterpillar doesn't have a clue what 'butterfly' is, but there's something in its innate nature that allows it to flow into the process that will ultimately manifest as this magnificent winged creature. It doesn't fight and resist the 'death of caterpillar' so that it can be re-birthed as 'butterfly'. It just knows when the time has come for this transition and withdraws to spin the cocoon. And even being birthed as a butterfly is traumatic and fraught with great effort and pain. However, it's through this severe challenge that the wings are given the strength they need in order to fly. Everything in the evolutionary process has got its purpose and meaning.

Yet, as human beings, with the power to reason, we are plagued with fear and worry all the time—living in so little trust in the divine flow and feeling like we've constantly got to be in control. Yet we spin ourselves off into the wrong direction so much of the time, because we're such manipulators by nature and we often fail to see or perceive the bigger picture. We've got to make things happen rather than allowing things to unfold in their natural process. And this is what gets us into trouble...

During my transcendent NDE in the mid 70s, I experienced no fear or worry. I was so full of trust and being constantly enveloped in unconditional love, there was, indeed, no room for fear. I knew in no uncertain terms that everything was evolving exactly as it should and that everything would be just fine. Another thing I learned—which I've mentioned a number of times—is that fear is an acquired state, not a natural one. That is due, sadly, to the fact that the human species has been controlled and manipulated from cradle to grave for thousands of years ... and fear was introduced to us through such manipulation. If this planet were truly centred in love, there'd be no place for fear—none!

Let's face it: so many of the thoughts we have aren't even our own! They're manufactured and programmed into us by outside sources. Then we parrot what's been programmed into us without even realising it. We're taught that we're powerless, sinful, worthless, insignificant, helpless, uncomely, and so on. Just look at these words. Do you see one word that reflect love? I think not. They're all about fear and keeping us locked in fear. In such a mental state, of course we're not going to have an ounce of trust anywhere in our psyche, because we're too centred in fear and 'oh-my-god-what-am-I-going-to-do' syndrome. But it's not about 'doing'; it's about 'being' and 'flow' that can only be accomplished when we're centred in love.

Again, during my NDEs, I only knew love and honestly never had a care! The peace that I felt as a result cannot be compared to anything experienced on this plane—not even sitting by the lake and listening to the breeze blowing through the trees and the lapping water and the call of a distant bird with the sunbeams streaming through the clouds.

It is not our fault that we've been manipulated by a host of sinister agents who control this planet, but it is within our power to take responsibility as to how we choose to deal with this—to call their bluff and turn away from the lies that we've been forced-fed and to resolutely turn to love and having that rule our lives rather than fear being at the helm. We do not have to believe what we've been told; we do not have to believe in the lies and myths that are only there to mislead and confuse and disempower us in the first place.

It's very interesting to me that these sinister forces seem completely sold on keeping us from entering the cocoon and going through with the natural process of evolving into magnificent beings! We're so very close to entering that state, yet we stop short of it, because we're so afraid of change and the unknown. We hold back and opt not to take that quantum leap of faith and delve into uncharted or unknown territory. In our frail minds, we've got to hold fast to what is familiar and we refuse to change or grow!

I've got a friend who's so attached to everything past, he'll even hold on to things that are broken! He just can't let go, because he perceives himself as losing power or his sense of self if he does. Yet he's the loveliest person and a joy to know. He's lived in the same house for a quarter century and I, on the other hand, move every few months! At least, that's been the case for past few years. Alas, I just did move number twelve since 2003!

I'm not advocating moving house every few months ... but I've had to accept that there's a divine reason for all of this change and it's certainly had a way of keeping me in the present and ready for new endeavours and not being allowed to be 'stuck' or 'attached' in my life. People, places and things have always so easily been removed from me all my life—whether they were dear and meaningful to me or not. It didn't matter. I've always had to change and grow. I didn't come here to 'loiter'; I came here to get something done—something that's in service to others--so that is bound to carry me to unknown places and situations.

Now, I have been moved into somewhat of a cocoon ... and who knows how many layers there may be to it! Yet, one thing was made clear to me during my NDEs: the LightSource is the ultimate power who's always going to see me through—regardless of what may appear on the surface. If we experience set-backs and delays (which I certainly have been dealing with now), we've got to realise that there's a very good reason for it. There is a divine order at work here, but it's not going to function according to the agenda set by our own egos.

We are multi-dimensional beings who actually reside on different dimensions simultaneously and we need to be in sync with our soul and what it dictates. Our soul is aware of Source and the flow of the 'multiverses' that it resides in, so there's a lot more to take into account than just the physical persona residing on planet Earth. Haven't you had something inside nagging at you to wait a moment or go in a different direction than what you'd originally wanted to do—only to find out that the delay or change of direction saved your life? That was your soul speaking to you and offering you higher wisdom, because of its constant and aware link to Source! This is nothing to baulk at here.

That's another thing that the powers-that-be don't want us to know: that we're always connected to Source and have got the capacity to engage in dialogue with the Light and possess great awareness. Have you noticed how anything that hints at intuition or being 'psychic' is regarded as 'evil' or 'of the devil'? It's because this is yet another ploy to keep us dumbed down and locked in ignorance. If being aware were not demonised and we were encouraged to use our minds to their full potential—and not just 10% of it—we'd be enormously powerful beings with the capacity to break the spell of fear and servitude once and for all.

Fear is the by-product of a host of lies that have been shoved down our cosmic throats since time immemorial and it's now time to cough up that poison and claim back our divinity, which is our rightful heritage. We are divine in essence. We are 'Sourcebeams' that are always radiating from and connected not only to Source, but to one another and all life. This is another thing that is so apparent to many of us who experience near-death states. When we can detach from the ego-mind and the physical body—which isn't 'who' we are anyway—we see a much broader picture of what is real and we remember who we are and what we're made of. Oh, it's such a joy! Consequently, many of us come back to this plane indifferent towards materialism and, instead, opting to do work that's centred in service to others. We recognise the divine in all life and feel a gleaming responsibility to love and support all life, because it's part of us. We are all One.

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Dr. Peter Fenwick on Toward The Light

On 30 September I had the honour of interviewing Dr. Peter Fenwick on Toward The Light. Alas, if I were to have a 'hero' in the medical field, Dr. Fenwick would definitely qualify as one, as he's done a tremendous amount of work over the years to validate the NDE as authentic and real—it not being some sort of hallucination or the product of a 'dying brain'.

I first met Dr. Fenwick at the annual IANDS (International Association for Near-Death Studies) conference in Chicago in 2004. He gave a most compelling lecture on the nature of NDEs as he detailed the extensive research that he's done over the years.

I remember sitting next to PMH Atwater during his lecture and she and I were both so animated and excited with everything that came out of his mouth. It was quite something to behold two white-haired ladies bobbing up and down like two excited children. Given that we're both NDErs—ones who truly believe in the legitimacy and validity of the NDE—we were truly excited that Dr. Fenwick gave very clear, concise details about how and why the NDE is real, when it occurs and how it is distinctly different from a hallucination. He also pointed out that the lucid clarity that occurs with an NDE is something that is maintained by the experiencer and does not become a faint memory over time; nor does it become distorted as a hallucination does.

Dr. Fenwick provided a 'powerpoint' presentation that featured detailed graphs, dialogues from patients—including a child who'd had a near-death experience—and other images and illustrations.

During our interview, he recapped a lot of this data and shared it with the listening audience.

Dr. Fenwick got into the NDE research as a result of a patient who'd come to him regarding a cardiac catheter that had gone wrong. He became unconscious and he left his body; then he watched the resuscitation process and was very frightened by the whole thing. He was told by the physicians that they'd have to do it again, but he wasn't about to endure another traumatic ordeal, so he simply left the hospital. This patient only told Dr. Fenwick and his wife, Elizabeth, about the NDE that he had had. This took place in 1986.

This triggered Dr. Fenwick's research with Margo Grey who did extensive research into the NDE.

Peter participated in a film centred on NDEs on a QED documentary on BBC Television in 1987. He and his wife wrote a book called The Truth and the Light. As a result of all this he received over a 1000 eMails and letters thanking him for his work in this documentary.

He said that there are several reasons why the NDE is valid as occurring during a flat-line. He's done a number of studies. For example, he found a person, Penny Satori (sp?), who just finished her Ph.D and she conducted a study where she invited cardiac patients to describe their OBEs and then rate them. Through these studies, they were able to determine that those who claimed to be OBE during a resuscitation, actually did accurately describe the resuscitation process.

A third of the people that Penny worked with, had NDEs that included an OBE. Peter points out that people are only interested in their bodies when they're floating above them. They don't look round the room—only focusing on their bodies. That's why targets are placed near where the patient is situated, so that they will be seen whilst the patient is out-of-body.

Dr. Fenwick has been working on these studies a lot over the past five years. He's working with Dr. Sam Parnia where they've planted targets in the rooms, for example, where one has had a cardiac arrest and they've set this up in 18-20 hospitals throughout the UK. These targets are placed in strategic locations where one can easily spot and identify them whilst out-of-body during a near-death episode, then report what they saw afterwards.

I asked him about his being open with hospital staff about NDEs and their research projects. He explained that the ethics committee is extremely important and they get permission from them to conduct these studies and have been granted them. There are resuscitation officers who are brought in whenever anyone has a cardiac arrest and they preside over each patient and work in the resuscitation process and also report to the physicians.

He's also working on researching the DBP (deathbed phenomena) with different hospitals and it's so moving, really. He's realised that in our western culture, we're so unaware of the state of mind of the dying person. This is when I brought up the article that I'd written entitled, The Dying Process ~ From an Experiencers Perspective and how this all ties in to what is actually occurring during the dying process. I describe in clear detail what is actually happening to one as one is dying and this also includes how ones consciousness shifts and expands as one prepares to transition and what occurs after one transitions.

Peter observed that, a week before a person dies, one is greeted by deceased loved ones who are there specifically to help the person through the dying process. What the loved ones say—along with the response of the dying person—is very accurate. The dying person will then say something like, "Tomorrow, I'll be going on a journey with so-and-so," and that is exactly what has happened. Peter did a TV show in England about this and, once again, he received a thousand eMails from people who've given examples of DBVs and there's also the phenomena of deathbed coincidences.

At the moment of death, the dying person communicates telepathically with another family member and indicates that he or she is dying, but is okay. A person sees the dying person and is reassured that s/he is okay. The mind of dying individuals is able to connect with ones they love at the moment of death and it is reassuring to the living.

Often the body of the dying person is surrounded by light at the moment of death. There are great things that happen. Dr. Fenwick was pointing out that people's clocks often stop when one crosses over—not just digital ones, but mechanical ones as well. Bells will go off and animals will also react. It's indeed a deep and complex phenomena.

Dr Fenwick is working with a nurse, Sue, and another lovely nurse, Hillary, who are working in palliative care in hospitals and nursing homes as well. He explained that the staff in nursing homes are very unwilling to talk about this subject—a real reluctance to talk about it—as if it's 'taboo'. Many of the staff feel that they've not been trained property about the dying process, so they avoid it. We talked about this issue and the fact that there need to be more training in the area of death and dying and to face it squarely and not regard it as something 'taboo' or to fear.

It's not right to think that the dying are 'hallucinating', etc. Dr. Fenwick is a strong advocate of the validity of the DBP and asks for reports from staff regarding what they observe with the dying and does outreach after one year's time to find out what's occurred with the dying.

Dr. Fenwick is putting together a model of by which people can go into hospitals and different facilities and talk about these phenomena as well as to create a pamphlet. I offered him the use of my article in support of this endeavour. He also wants to create a CD that features stories/accounts of experiencers.

He points out that story after story after story are all so consistent and knowing that they've got to be valid in every way.

He explains that, when a deceased person comes to visit the dying person, it's always for a very specific reason—not for fun or entertainment. The dialogue is meaningful and to the point—usually with the deceased relative letting the dying person know that s/he's come to accompany him or her Home.

I was mentioning the fact that when people are on the verge of death, their ego is dissipated and they're not going to fabricate anything. They're very honest, open and authentic. Peter talks about the importance of 'dying well'. It's very important, for example, to resolve issues with loved ones before one transitions. If there are issues within relationships, for example, these need to be resolved before one transitions.

Another thing that happens is that dying people indicate that this is not the end and they're aware of the fact that they're just making a transition into a new or different realm. Sometimes it also happens that, when a dying person is visited by a deceased loved one who's come to assist one in transitioning, he or she may not be ready, so the deceased person will say, "All right, I'll be back for you tomorrow" and the dying person knows when he or she will transition. Death is very structured process.

Many eMails that Dr. Fenwick received addressed what happens at the moment of death. In the Tibetan culture, one talks about the mental state of the dying and the sequence of things that they see and experience. A dying person will first see a sort of mirage, then smoke, then appearances of sparks or fireflies; then the dying person stops breathing, then comes the orange light, then white light, then the living blackness, loss of consciousness and then moving into a higher state of consciousness and switching to a higher vibrational frequency.

Next we got onto the topic of the content of NDE accounts by recent NDErs as opposed to those who had NDEs before knowledge of NDEs even existed or was well circulated. Dr. Fenwick did a survey centred on NDEs and took 500 out of the 2000 NDE contacts he had and asked them: "What did you know about the NDE at the time of your experience?" and 98% of them had never come across it and didn't know anything about it at all. He also informed me that there really was no difference between the accounts of those who'd had NDEs with no prior knowledge of them and those who did have prior knowledge.

He states that over 70% of people who've had NDEs were transformed by their experiences and positively so.

Next, he explained that 'hallucination' is a psychiatric term where someone experiences a sensory experience that is nothing to do with what is going on outside someone. This is very different from what occurs during near-death states.

In cases when the heart has stopped, the cardiac arrest is an excellent model for validating the NDE. The clinical definition of death is when there's no pulse, no respiration and fixed dilated pupils. Yet it is during such states that, after resuscitation, people report being fully aware of the resuscitation process—among other things. The NDE is not a confusional experience; they're very clear.

Dr. Fenwick points out the fact that the NDE actually occurs whilst one is clinically dead—not before or afterwards. When people faint, they lose consciousness very quickly and when people come out of the unconscious state, they're very confused; so none of these states would coincide with the NDE.

He's now working on a book compiling people's experiences as well as the target research. I'm certain that it will be another powerful statement validating the NDE as real and rich with meaning.

I'm truly blessed to have had Dr. Fenwick on Toward The Light. He was so gentle and full of compassion and deep knowing with every word he spoke. I am so pleased and grateful to see what is considered credible evidence in favour of the NDE reaching countless individuals worldwide. Peter is such a tremendous source of inspiration to me ... with all of the work that he's done in this field. What he has done is huge and he's creating a legacy that will change the way we view death and dying that will impact humanity for years to come.

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Nanci L. Danison on Toward The Light

On 23 September, I had the honour of interviewing Nanci L. Danison on Toward The Light. Nancy is an NDEr and the author of Backwards: Returning to Our Source for Answers. Don't let the word, 'backwards' throw you, as there's such a bright and logical reason for the use of this word. Nanci states in her Introduction: "To my surprise, many of the societal and religious beliefs I held before this experience, turned out to be the exact opposite of the truths I gleaned from the Source. They are backwards. Moreover, our journey through life from this point on will be metaphorically backwards—back to the Source that created us, back to the fully awakened state of awareness we left when we decided to temporarily enter into human life. For these reasons, I begin this account with the words, 'we have it backwards'."

This is right in line with the slogan of our organisation, Toward The Light, for example, that is followed by '...leading back to the Source'! It implies that we go 'back' Home—back to a place that's familiar and real, back to our authentic selves and back to the Light. Nanci—just as I mention in my NDE account—states that every living thing returns to Source no matter what, and without exception. We're talking about everyone—all living things!

As I was reading these pages, I found it so refreshing that Nanci's beyond-death experience was not coloured by societal, cultural or religious influences and that is was, in fact, very similar to my own transcendent NDE in the mid 1970s. As I read details of what she gleaned through her experience, it was so parallel to what I experienced, I realised that I didn't need to write a book, as it's already been written! However, I do plan to write a child's book on this magical topic—complete with my own illustrations.

Nanci does a splendid job at describing Source (or what I'll often also refer to as LightSource) and the misconceptions brought about by the 'genderfying' of it by erroneous human thinking. She states, "We have created a concept of God that mirrors the human species in many ways. Whereas the Bible talks about God making man in his own image, humans have similarly 'made' a concept of God in human image." This is exactly what I've been stating all along—both in my talks and writings! The notion of a vindictive 'he-god' that condemns its own creation stems from such erroneous thinking! Nanci also states, "Source is universal by nature. ...I came to understand that Source is not a discrete, separate-from-us God-person as religions characterise 'him'. Human religion has this concept totally backwards. I received 'knowing' that God is actually more of an enormous entity than a singular, individual, discrete person. Source is more akin to what we'd call an intelligent, self-aware, emotional energy source, or an alive energy source. God is not a person in the way that humans think of themselves as individuals persons. ...God/Source is simultaneously both a single, unified field of energy, and a collective being composed of all of creation, including us."

Years ago I read a novel entitled, Radio Free Albemuth by Philip K. Dick. Therein he described a composite entity, VALIS (vast active living intelligence systems), that's not unlike our experience and description of Source. It is, indeed, unconditionally loving intelligence that is profoundly creative and curious! And that's why we, as the individual 'Sourcebeams' —as Nanci terms it—were created: to allow Source to experience individual expressions of Itself, and to create, experiment and experience through these expressions. Even as the sunbeams are individual rays of the sunlight, they are still completely and always connected to the sun and never 'severed' or apart from it. So too, the 'Sourcebeams' can never be separated or apart from Source!

This is excellent! And I was jumping up and down in my seat—like an excited child—as I was reading these words. We're off to the right start, I kept thinking, and more and more people need to see and hear these loving words of wisdom in order to help one overcome one's fear of death and of the Source Itself!

Nanci goes on to describe how the Source never judges or condemns its own creation; only the human ego does! But, alas, I won't keep quoting from the book and spoiling it for you. Instead, I want to highly encourage that you purchase this fine book as it's released on 1st October 2007! It is a fascinating and comforting read all the way through and something that is so relevant in every way.

Speaking with Nanci on the show was delightful. She described her NDE, in 1994, and the fact that the wisdom and knowing she gleaned from her experience actually was more completely 'downloaded' at a later date in 2001. She described herself as being pulled down, then out of the centre of her body with a 'whoosh' during a medical procedure. At first, after she left her body, she felt like she entered into a dark void—a blackness all round her. She then saw a pinpoint of light and realised that she was to enter into it. As she had the thought, she suddenly found herself in the light and enveloped in the all-encompassing unconditional love that left her with a complete feeling of peace with no fear whatsoever.

She described the transition to the Other Side as being very orderly. She felt no emotional connection to her physical body when she looked upon it from the vantage point of her NDE where she was very detached. She did miss the sensation of touch, however ... or feeling her skin ... or eating chocolate. We got a good laugh out of this! Yet I stated that I, on the other hand, had no experience of the physical, nor did I miss it or long for it. In fact, I was totally oblivious ... so everyone's NDE is unique unto one's self.

Nanci was given the information—by the 'Council', as they are called—that her physical body could go on without her, if she chose not to return to physical life, and she explained that the human animal is a separate entity from the soul self. (Refer to her book.) She mentioned being with the 'Council'—evolved souls who told her that she could either stay or return to her body, but that her body would still be animated! She did indicate that there are some human beings who exist without souls in tact—something worth looking in to and researching, for sure. When encountering certain individuals, it may leave one to wonder...

Nanci then described her special gift as having wonderful memory. She also indicated that she chose to come back, because she wanted to tell people about the wonderful truths she gleaned from her NDE. The more she thought about her NDE, the more memory would come back to her.

She was also stating that the reason so many NDErs are coming back to share their stories now is because we're entering into a new epoch. We're coming towards the end of the second epoch and entering into the third. People are going to be given the option to leave or stay on this plane and that we're needed for helping to raise everyone's awareness and to overcome fear.

She started writing the book in 1995—one year after her NDE—and got fully in to the writing of it in 2001 as the memory of the details of her experience fully came to her. She had 700 pages written when she was finished with her book and the chapters came independently of one another—seemingly unrelated—and she feels that this came from her higher self, her soul. We are all beings of light, she explains, and a part of that being manifests as a soul that conjoins a human body. Our self is always in the light—even though part of it exists in conjunction with a physical body that appears to be separate.

Understanding Source was the most dramatic, humbling and wonderful part of Nanci's NDE. To say the very least, this was a deeply touching show.

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

PMH Atwater on Toward The Light

On 9 September, I had the honour of interviewing PMH Atwater on Toward The Light. PMH is no stranger to TTL as she was my special guest when TTL débuted on 6 March 2006 and she's been on my show at least a half-dozen times. The shows are always so lively and chock full of fascinating information — no two shows being alike. We've talked about near-death states (of course), her extensive research in the realm of NDEs, her work and research centred on children — the 'new' children, as she calls them, as well as child NDErs — great changes that are taking place on our planet and within all of us, future events in our world, and, most recently, talking about her Runes of the Goddess — something for which she possessed an instant 'knowing' from the first time she saw them.

When I met PMH a number of years ago, we hit it off immediately. There was a recognition with each other, and a deep knowing, and I fully believe that we've known each other before — in another life, in another dimension, or whatever — and we knew that we each had a special calling (as is often the case with one who's had an NDE). We were immediately at ease with each other and I felt a profound sense of trust straight away with her. In fact, we acknowledged each other as 'soul sisters'.

There is something very sisterly about us too — one from America and one from the UK — our both being easily in awe at the littlest things, and having playful spirits that have us ever so animated and with a ready laugh. We've both even got white shoulder-length hair (although my hair is actually growing down my back now, which it hadn't done since the early 70s when I was ill with cancer!), and we've got the most curious and inquisitive minds. Despite our ages, we don't appear to be slowing down much! We continue to plough forward with our endeavours to study, research, learn, write and share with others what we've learned. It's as if we're still in university — always thirsting for knowledge and having the will to pass it on to others in the hopes that they'll also be empowered and uplifted.

As a fellow NDEr, and one who's written a dozen books and lectured all over the world, PMH has been a tremendous role model for me as well. I had not fully 'come out' yet when I met PMH, so I wasn't actively circulating and broadcasting the fact that I'm an NDEr — let alone being all over the media with it. Yet, it was she who 'gave me permission', as it were, to have the courage to finally come out and proclaim that I'm not only an NDEr, but have got a wealth of information to share.

I remember hearing PMH speak in NYC a number of years ago at a special congress for the IIPC (International Institute of Projectiology and Conscientiology), which is centred on the study of OBEs/astral projection and consciousness. In fact, what was so interesting about this is that, the moment my daughter and I walked into the lobby of the Academy of Medicine in Manhattan, PMH emerged from the auditorium simultaneously and she'd had a feeling that we were approaching. She grabbed my hand and led us into the auditorium to the front row shortly before she was to give her speech. We gave her good moral support and I knew that she was comforted by our presence there and our knowing. :)

She shared very powerful information about her own NDEs and how they've impacted her as well as talking about her NDE research that she was catapulted into the year following her three NDEs in 1977. She shared deeply personal and emotional material that caused her to be chocked up and in tears at one point ... and, believe me, I certainly know and understand this. Going through an NDE and thinking or talking about it and its impact will definitely bring one to tears. Indeed, how would it not do?— given that these events profoundly change our lives forever! Yet, she was criticised for her tears during her speech by the IIPC! To me, her tears were the most moving part of her talk, as they helped us to feel the deep authenticity of her experiences and what she's gleaned as a result. I defy anyone to criticise her (or anybody) for being so real, as her talk was profoundly rich in content and full of meaning — so compassionately and beautifully delivered!

She was so warm in her presentation ... and I hung on every word, I was so fascinated and enthralled by what she was sharing. The lady's loaded with information — her being a walking encyclopaedia at the very least! Yet there was never any haughtiness or pretentiousness at all. Alas, I was taking all this in. I was only just starting to give talks on this topic myself — having never been a public speaker in my life — and I was terrified at the very thought of speaking in public. I could sing my heart out on stage since I was a wee child, but speak? Oh, no, never! But now I was learning from a pro ... and if a pro could cry, well so could I, because, indeed, I did cry during my very first speech and others even sense! That's how much this topic will really stir those of us who've been through an NDE or related experience. I'm full of tears right now — just thinking about this!

We're not supposed to be dry academics, here. The NDE affects people in such deep and profound ways that I honestly cannot imagine someone who's an NDEr being a deadpan whilst speaking about his or her NDE or related experience. This is an emotionally charged subject and the tears are a precious gift in my view ... and I was already learning from PMH that what comes naturally is what wins in this work. It's not like other talks and presentations and it's not supposed to be. It's supposed to be spontaneously given and spoken from the heart — period!

For some reason — and I'm not entirely sure why — PMH seemed to see a lot of potential in me, because she was encouraging me on this path from the get-go. She encouraged me to write, to have the courage to ask for what I want, to share my experiences with others in the form of talks, meetings, etc. In fact, I started holding NDE discussion/support group meetings in Nashville where I lived at the time — of all places! Not only that, but I was asked to be interviewed on radio in Nashville and later ended up on television! Blimey, I wanted to faint whilst in front of that camera! But the fact that all this evolved and was given life in ... Nashville is so auspicious in and of itself! Who would have thought that the 'buckle of the bible belt' would have catapulted me into my 'coming out' with being an NDEr and ending up all over the media in Music City? And I must add, too, that I was treated with the greatest respect in all of my media experiences there — even if some of the material wasn't complete or totally accurate.

I had even left Nashville, then ended up returning there to live again. It was PMH who told me that I was sent back there for the purpose of doing this work centred in NDEs. And now I've been doing my own radio show for one and a half years! Wow! Yet I've got to thank PMH for her tremendous love, encouragement and support for my being where I am now. With her tremendous example, she helped me to have the nerve and conviction to follow through with serving the world with this special work. She's given me much praise as well and that means a lot — again, because I regard her as very professional and one who absolutely knows what she's doing. She's an amazingly prolific writer and speaker — one who's not afraid to playfully, yet seriously spew out all kinds of loaded information that will keep you pondering things for hours, even days, thereafter.

I have noticed that NDErs seem to be blessed with a greater courage than what would be considered normal. There's something about the experience that demands that we be totally and completely real and authentic ... and just 'saying it like it is' with no holding back.

It's so interesting to realise, in retrospect, that I used to be so very timid and shy. I never would have done this stuff in a million years! Be on television? You've got to be kidding, of course! Mind you, I wasn't on some big-time TV programme or anything like that; I was just on the news twice, but that's still huge when you think about it. I always sang on stage (as I stated above) with not a thought or care in the world, but to get up and speak ... or host a radio show ... live ... in public was simply unheard of and never even a consideration!

In fact, I was sitting in my office one day and wondering what the heck I was doing in Nashville. The following morning, I got a call from Channel 4 News wanting me to be on a special news broadcast on Life After Death, but it got postponed on account of some election, so I forgot about it. Then, another day, I asked the same question and blimey if I didn't get a second call from Channel 4 News! I stopped asking that question! I was on the news in November 2005 with two other NDErs.

Then in January, I was asked to be interviewed on a radio programme hosted by Claude V. Swanson, Ph.D — a physicist who authored the book, Synchronized Universe. After the show was over, the owner of the radio network was so impressed with my topic and delivery, he asked me to host my own radio show! I was gob-smacked. Me?! But, alas, a number of people had been trying to encourage me to do my own radio show for ages, so this should not have been a surprise to me. Thus I accepted the offer and had to go to work making arrangements for booking guests and getting into the busy mode of producing a radio show.

When thinking of whom my first guest should be, it only made sense to have the one person who's been such a tremendous source of support and encouragement — not to mention, an incredible role-model to me: PMH Atwater. I contacted her and she was all too delighted to be my first guest. I knew too, that, the fact that she'd been on countless radio shows, she'd give me honest feedback about my work as a host.

When that fateful day arrived, Monday, 6 March 2006, I admit that I was nervous as could be. I took my 'Rescue Remedy' and did some deep breathing and waited for the moment that I'd be on the air live — doing my own radio show — and welcoming someone who's got a special place in my heart. Alas, my voice 'squeaked' a little as I was introducing PMH, because I was beset with emotion — not unlike when we've given talks about our NDEs and feeling such deep emotion. Yet, it was like sitting over tea with a friend and nattering away about something very meaningful that we both understood so well ... and something that's very close to our hearts.

Being the perfectionist that I am, I tend to tear myself to shreds and have always been so critical of myself. Yet this is what PMH had to say about this first show: "I must say you were most professional. You did a better job than most radio talk show hosts I have been interviewed by, and you have a good voice... I feel very good about the show. I hope you do, too. Big hugs to you, oh, great one!" Wow! I couldn't believe my eyes when I read this; I was moved to tears — not to mention how deeply grateful I was ... and still am. I've got to say that, with over 26 years of research on NDEs, writing books and articles and speaking on radio, television and literally all over the map, this lady would know a good host, I've no doubt.

I honestly don't think that I'd ever have had my 'coming out' and getting into this work if it weren't for the constant encouragement — even insistence — from PMH. It's taken everything I have to muster the nerve to do this work and to be circulating in the media the way I am now ... but the calling is larger than the fear — much larger — and Scotty won't beam me up until I've successfully completed this sacred work that I was called back to do.

Thank you, PMH, for being such a special friend and soul sister and for all your love, encouragement, support and wisdom. And happy birthday to you on 19.9! The world is a much better and more enlightened place because of your being here and blessing us all with your beautiful light!

Photo: NDErs, PMH Atwater & Peter Tufts (standing) & Rev. Juliet Nightingale (sitting) at the 2004 IANDS Conference in Chicago.

Thursday, 6 September 2007

Vicki Sigris on Toward The Light

On 2 September, I had the honour of interviewing Vicki Sigrist 'Two Feathers' on Toward The Light. What struck me straight away about Vicki is the fact that she's a lifelong visionary — one who's had visions and prophetic dreams since childhood that also included her being able to see and communicate with the angelic realm. It was like listening to my own life story in some ways as I heard her speak to me, both on the telephone and during the show.

Sadly, however, as happens with a lot of aware children, her father discouraged her — apparently to the point where she, herself, came to regard all psychics as 'suspect' and even fearing incurring harm from them! But let's back up a little. Although Vicki still continued to have dreams and visions, she did not speak about them and went about her life trying to be obedient to the formula imposed by society — that is, until she had an NDE in her early 30s as a result of stroke that changed her life forever.

Her NDE not only validated her experiences as a visionary, it heightened her gift as a visionary and even imbued her with the power to heal others. Or perhaps it offered her the ability to tap into something that was already well in tact. Not long after her NDE, she was called to travel to places such as Hawai'i (on the island of Kaua'i, where I used to live), China and Tibet, Peru and sacred Hope/Navaho sites where she was recognised by other wise women and healers for her unique abilities. She was granted audience with a powerful medicine woman in Hawaii that one would normally have had to wait a long time for and she was taken right in straight away!

Thus, Vicki finally fully embraced her gifts as a visionary and healer and started 'Two Feathers Healing' and developed the 'Seven Steps to Transformational Healing' — the details of which she shared during the show.

After all of her travelling to the aforementioned sacred places, Vicki was given a gift certificate to see a gifted and respected psychic, which she decided to take advantage of. Strangely, she kept entertaining the notion that the psychic would harm her and poison her water! Once she entered the psychic's office, the psychic, straightaway, told her that she'd not offer her any water! The psychic proved to be very accurate and loving and she really did affirm Vicki's own gifts and what she was to do with them on her life's journey. This brought a great smile to my face — to say the least!

Since I am a professional psychic myself, I was very disturbed as to where Vicki got this odd notion that psychics were dangerous and would inflict harm on their clients! I mentioned the fact that Vicki, herself, is a visionary and that being psychic simply means to be acutely aware and being able to see things more clearly than one who's so deeply involved in or in the middle of something. It is often easier to gain clarity from outside sources that offer an objective insight where our own inner vision may be lacking. When posing this questions to Vicki on where her phobia came from, she merely indicated that it was as a result of her father's discouraging her from her own visions and dreams as a child ... but no further details were provided. Did her father teach her that psychics were somehow 'evil' or 'harmful'? That remains to be seen...

This one topic did concern me — as it's been brought up before, numerous times, and there have been lots of issues concerning psychics — but especially with regards to religion. Perhaps using a simple metaphor to describe exactly what a psychic is and does will help shed light on something that should be so simple and basic ... and remove the horrible negativity and barbaric thought processes coming from the dark ages.

I am legally blind — as some people are already aware — and I oft times need to ask someone to help me 'see' something. If I'm standing at a street corner, I can't read the street sign across the road, so I must ask someone to read it for me and tell me what it says. That's simple enough, aye? Furthermore, when a person is looking at a radar screen s/he is able to get an overview of a large region and the activity therein — thus providing guidance for vessels or aircraft for proper navigation that will enable them to avoid disaster. This is really no different than what a psychic does: simply offering an overview and insight that will help someone navigate better in one's journey in life. I've also used the analogy of a 'cosmic weather report' as, when we know what the 'weather' conditions are going to be, we can be better prepared for whatever endeavour we must venture into. A psychic can 'read the street sign', provide overviews and probable conditions to be aware of ... so that we can make more informed and intelligent decisions in our lives. That's it!

It is very natural and normal to be multi-sensory and there is, indeed, nothing wrong with using these faculties that are an innate part of our being. As children, most of us still recall past life experiences, we can see and experience other dimensions (before we're brainwashed out of it) and share communion with inter-dimensional beings (invisible friends), have prophetic dreams and so forth. Why don't people realise that these sacred tools are a part of our divine heritage and it gives us great power in our lives — such that can often save our lives when we pay attention to and honour the insights — however they may come to us?

It is, indeed, a malevolent force that's demonised heightened states of awareness (clairvoyance, telepathy, prophetic dreams/visions, premonitions, etc.) for the sole purpose of keeping the human race dumbed down and locked in ignorance in order to be disempowered and thinking we're 'helpless' unless we reach outside of ourselves. This is a huge mistake and that's why I get agitated when anyone baulks at psychics or anything that defies the limitations of the physical plane. We must break this spell of ignorance so that human beings can claim back their divine heritage as powerful and magnificent beings!

Hence, I'm seeing a pattern, here, where a lot of individuals who are very aware, but who close off their awareness, undergo a life-changing event such as a near-death experience to put them back on track! They serve as a great wake-up call to not only embrace our true awareness, but also to remember Who we are as divine beings!

I'm no exception to this ... as I was also questioning my sanity in some ways — which can happen repeatedly when you seem to always be going 'against the tide' and people are constantly making negative debunking remarks. Like Vicki, I'd been a lifelong visionary and mystic and one who's had countless mystical experiences that defy the confines of the physical plane or the five-sense interpretation of 'reality'. Therefore, I had to undergo a huge NDE in the mid 70s that set me straight and validated my deep knowing and experiences throughout my life. I had had other NDEs, but it's amazing how quickly one can be thrown back into the fear and 'thinking small' when there's such a barrage of negative input being flung at you from all angles!

Oh, and if that's not enough, I waited 25 years before even 'coming out' with the fact that I'm an NDEr! That's how intimidating such widespread disregard for anything beyond the five-sensory realm can be. Well, just like the gay population have had their 'coming out' and 'pride', we NDErs are likewise having our 'coming out' and 'pride' ... and there's no turning back now — not after being on radio, television, in various publications all over the world and so on — not to mention having my own radio show centred on NDEs!

Thus, Vicki having her NDE brought her back to herSelf and her precious gifts where she's now helping so many people. She's so gentle, loving, approachable and easy to converse with. There's nothing 'woo-woo' about her or her work. She's very straightforward and nurturing, very intelligent and creative and her seven steps to transformational healing make a lot of sense. She's a very practical woman who's a mother and wife with a happy family life. She's someone you immediately feel very comfortable with and at ease.

I am so pleased to add another individual to my roster of friends and fellow practitioners and, yes, a fellow NDEr.

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Matthew Delooze on Toward The Light

On 26 August, I had the honour of interviewing Matthew Delooze on Toward The Light. This is the third time I've had him on my show, because what he's been through and what he's had to share will keep you on the edge of your seat! Matthew is an abductee from Lancashire (as I am) who was originally abducted at the age of six whilst he was playing in a field near his home in Burnley. A bird caught his attention and he kept gazing up at it and suddenly, he was transported up into a circular ship where he was met by a most lovely lady — a very benevolent being who told him that he'd agreed, before incarnating, to help save the world. He protested, stating, "I'm only six years old!" And she said, "You will be wiser when you're older." She warned him that he'd experience multiple encounters that would not be pleasant, but that he was protected and would get through all this and be all right ... and that they were happening for a very important reason.

Thus, Matthew's first unpleasant experience involved two reptilian entities coming into his bedroom and carrying him away into another ship and this occurred on an average of once a week for a duration of four to five years! Consequently, he wrote a book detailing these accounts entitled, You Will Be Wiser When You're Older, but that was only after he had the strongest urge to 'come out' and share all of this in the year 1999. He had kept it all hidden and even experienced his own bout of amnesia about his childhood abductions until an incident at work suddenly brought everything back to him and catapulted him onto the path that he is now on — travelling, researching, writing and sharing the truths of what he's discovered as a result.

Independently of such noted researchers as David Icke and Stewart Swerdlow, etc., Matthew has had his own direct experiences with the interdimentional alien beings that are reptilian and who reside in the lower fourth dimension. Commonly known as the Serpent Cult, these beings — through inter-breeding — have created a bloodline of beings that are part human and part reptilian. These constitute the elite ruling families (including the royal family the Windsors) who, in conjunction with the reptilians on the lower fourth dimension, control and rule this planet and have done so for thousands of years.

Matthew has uncovered the myriad of ways these alien beings control us and our world — how they manipulate us, feed off of us and usurp our energy and power — thus keeping us locked in servitude and being virtual slaves. He states, "They harness our spiritual power and somehow feed off of it and use it against us. They do this by creating our physical reality through collective mind control. To control our reality, they need to control our thoughts. If they control our thoughts, then they also control our actions. This is true, they not only control your physical life here on this planet you call planet Earth, they also control your thoughts, therefore your soul when you leave the physical body."

In May of 2005, Matthew journeyed to Egypt to research ancient symbolism and the meanings behind them ... but it doesn't end there. He's uncovered serpent cult symbolism everywhere under our noses — such that the majority of people are totally unaware! When I read his blog about monuments that were erected in my birthplace, Blackpool, I was gob-smacked to see what was there. (Someday, I'll share some strange experiences I went through as a child there.) You see snakes everywhere — from monuments to the foot path along the promenade! You will find the results of what he found in Egypt and more in his compelling book, The Stars Are Falling.

Since his trip to Egypt, Matthew's journeyed and found symbolism throughout the UK and elsewhere. The symbolism he uncovers is staggering! It's amazing what a sharp eye he's got! Everywhere you turn, you will see serpent and sun symbolism and Matthew does an exquisite job at unveiling and detailing all of this in the aforementioned book.

In his most recent book, Is It Me For A Moment?, he reveals the myriad of ways the serpent cult has manipulated, controlled and enslaved us for thousands of years. He covers such things as the history of religion and how it is all related to sun worship, and this includes the celebration of Christmas, New Years and Easter — just to name a few. He also addresses the way the serpent cult uses festivals and concerts to steal our collective emotional and spiritual energy that they feed off of ... plus the placement of serpent cult symbolism in strategic locations throughout the world that also harnesses our energy. The stage at Glastonbury, for example, is in the shape of a pyramid, Ferris wheels are in the shape of the sun with a pyramid base. And you'll find obelisks and domes (very powerful symbolism) everywhere — not to mention serpent, all-seeing eye, Masonic and other symbols. All of these are used to control and manipulate energy. Yet people are walking round in a state of total oblivion!

But it is individuals like Matthew Delooze who's helping to wake up the masses -- those who've been 'sleep walking' virtually all of their lives. As he so blatantly states throughout his books, "Wake up!"

I've also got to acknowledge his research centred on the entertainment industry — especially the music business and the festivals that draw the masses out to offer up their spiritual energy — but films are also a huge part of mind control. Then there's television, advertising, (with all the subliminals), packaging ... you name it! It is everywhere and it is relentless!

Traversing this path has been very difficult for Matthew and it's been very painful for him. He's suffered greatly as a result of all that he's endured, but it's definitely not been in vain. I, for one, so deeply respect my neighbour from Burnley. In our culture, we may be referred to as merely 'working class' or 'commoners', but nothing could be further from the truth. Matthew is a special and loving soul who, indeed, has come to help save this planet and dispel the darkness once and for all. It takes all types and not just the high profile and well-spoken individuals who've helped shed light on this history behind our planet and what's going on here. Our worth is not determined by what county we're from or how big our bank account is; that's all centred in the lies imposed by the serpent cult that have got nothing to do with truth or who we really are in the first place.

Souls like Matthew are helping to break the spell of the serpent cult once and for all ... and I am only all too grateful to Matthew for the splendid work he's done. I love the lad! He's got great humour, fortitude, and determination to bring the light and truth to humanity and help liberate us from the stranglehold of these sinister entities that, thank goodness, are, indeed, losing ground.

I will add that, this year, I've seen a lot of people coming forth and engaging in dialogue about all this ... and I find it such a relief to be able to openly discuss things with many individuals now — more and more so all the time — and that is a good sign that people are, indeed, waking up!

Matthew's a wonderful 'alarm clock'. Thank you for the wake-up call, Mate! You've done a tremendous job at unveiling the truth and helping to break the hypnotic spell of the serpent cult once and for all.