Friday, 27 July 2007

Matthew Dovel on Toward The Light

On 15 and 22 July, I had the honour of interviewing Matthew Dovel on Toward The Light where we discussed his NDEs and the issues of suicide. Matthew had two NDEs — one from drowning at age 12 and one from suicide at age 21 (interesting how his ages were the same numbers in reverse) and, after his second NDE, he realised that he had to fulfil a special mission. This included writing an autobiographical book entitled, My Last Breath, and starting an organisation, International Suicide Prevention, Inc. (ISP).

To use his words, “I met Jesus Christ when I was 12 during my first near-death experience. He told me I still had work to do,” says Dovel. “I ignored his will for years and it was not until I tried to commit suicide that I finally understood that I could no longer ignore my destiny.”

After ingesting three bottles of pills and a fifth of gin in an effort to end his mortal life, he was transported into what he described as 'hell' where he was free-falling into a huge black pit and was suddenly split into seven versions of himself at the bottom of the pit — each representing a facet of his being and what needed to be addressed and dealt with.

As he continued describing this 'hell' I thought that the atmosphere very much resembled the planet Venus with its oppressive hot steamy environment including pillars of steam or smoke and perpetual lightning storms overhead. Everything he described was replete with symbolism and powerful messages. This, in turn, propelled him onto a path that led him to found the above organisation at the age of 25, where he ultimately became an expert in suicide prevention.

The statistics he provided were staggering — citing that, somewhere in the world, a person commits suicide every 15 seconds! The second statistic that had me gob-smacked is the fact that the most suicides are committed by the elderly, and then by adolescents. It gives you cause for reflection, doesn't it?

Whilst I do not resonate with Matthew's 'Christian' interpretation of his NDEs and the Afterlife, I firmly believe that he saw and experienced exactly what he needed to — that which was familiar to his present vantage point — so that it would make sense to him and also provide some kind of valuable understanding that would propel him forward onto the path that would change the course of his life forever. It was a powerful wake-up call ... and one that led him to give up his $1000-a-week drug habit.

He described himself as a typical 'normal' human being as he was growing up. Indeed, so many 'normal' or 'average' individuals tend to be 'sleep walking' much of the time — oblivious to and unaware of the bigger picture and out of touch with their true selves and their divine heritage — to say the very least! Alas, Matthew is no longer 'sleep walking'; nor does he have a desire to be self-destructive or end his life. Rather, he's committed to living a full and meaningful life in helping people throughout the world to avoid taking their own lives prematurely.

I've always given suicide the analogy of dropping out of school or class before it is completed. One cannot drop out of school without having to return and start back at the beginning of the class ... in order to learn the lesson one came here to learn. One must graduate before one can move on to the next level. There is no 'escaping' when we leave this plane. We're still alive — very much so — and still must deal with whatever we were challenged with on the physical plane.

I believe that it is people's ignorance of death — thinking that when one dies, that's it; it's all over ... and the erroneous thinking that there's nothing more to experience, feel, know, or suffer — that lends to ones committing suicide. Sadly, I know a number of people who believe that there is 'nothing' once one experiences death of the physical body — mainly stemming from false religious beliefs and atheism. This is a very serious mistake and nothing could be further from the truth!

Everything consists of consciousness ... and energy. Energy cannot be destroyed; it is only rearranged or changes form, but it cannot perish. Our consciousness and self-hood remain perfectly in tact — even after we've left our bodies behind! Sorry to have to bear the news to all of you would-be 'escape artists', but it's true. Again, there's no escaping! And once people start to become more aware of the truths surrounding death — that death is an illusion and doesn't really exist at all — then people will start to behave in a much more responsible manner and not endeavour to cut their lives short, i.e. 'dropping out of school'.

That is why I'm so committed to doing everything I can to help educate people about death and dying and the Afterlife ... so that, for one, the fear of dying can be eliminated and one can also come to realise that we just continue onwards after we leave this body. There will always be more 'life to live' — regardless of what dimension we happen to be residing on at any given time.

I have offered to be a volunteer counsellor for Matthew's organisation, so that more potential suicides can be avoided in future. I hope you will visit his websites to find out how you can help as well. This is a serious and grave matter and we cannot underestimate the help and resources required to eliminate this epidemic that's spun completely out of control!

Matthew is a warm and compassionate soul and all the wiser as a result of his profound experiences. Because of what he went through, he's doing tremendous work to help educate people and give much-needed support to a troubled world — encouraging one to hang in there and complete the 'school of life' through to graduation.

My Last Breath

Thursday, 19 July 2007

Fire The Grid

Fire The Grid was an event — held world-wide — that just took place on 17 July 2007 at 11:11 GMT. The catalyst that propelled this event came about as a result of Shelley Yates and her four-year-old son, Evan, having drowned in a marsh whilst she was driving them to visit a friend. They both died and were miraculously revived and what brought Evan back was a vigil that lasted 72 hours whereby individuals went to the child's bedside and poured their love and energy into his lifeless body. After the end of the 72 hour vigil, the little lad opened his eyes and recognised his mum. Shortly thereafter, Shelley was guided to create a global event whereby the planet could be healed in the same manner that her son was. She explained further thus,

"The plan, was given to me by the same light beings that guided me while I was drowning in the lake. They have been with me since that time and have been delivering to me information about our world and how we, with love and unification, can pour our loving intention of peace and healing into this earth. They want to set us on the path for a healthy planet, viable and working now, and for the generations that follow. They also want to direct us to the way to enlightenment and union with the Divine.

The light beings use the term 'fire the grid' when they speak of the energizing of humanity with divine power, on July 17, 2007. They say firing the grid will accomplish two things. First, it will pulse healing energy into the centre of the earth and regenerate the core, or the heart of the planet. Just as we poured our energy into my dying son, we will individually give the gift of our true intention, the gift of our individuality and the gift of our healing energy. As they explained, my son’s energy field was badly deteriorated, as is the Earth's. We must pour some of our living energy into the Earth, and the accumulation of our combined energy will regenerate the Earth. They told me humans are like little lightening rods, channelling God's energy to the planet. Because we have separated ourselves from our complete connection to The Source, by not having a fully functioning human grid, God's energy has not been able to easily flow into the Earth. If we choose to come together to rebuild our grid, then the natural flow of energy between us and God, God and the Earth, and from person to person, will be restored...."

How powerful and beautiful this is, aye? And it certainly seems innocent enough ... and reasonable to want to heal our wounded planet. Being an NDEr myself, I was struck by this story and felt compelled to help support the endeavour. I had Shelley as a guest on my radio show on 25 February 2007, as we discussed what had happened to her and her son and the details of the above-mentioned FTG project.

Shelley Yates and Fire the Grid had been brought to my attention when a colleague was trying to help raise funds for her to do a speaking tour in certain parts of America and Canada. Therefore, I wanted to learn more. After more research, FTG seemed like a worthy cause and I was all for lending whatever help and support I could — thus having her on my radio programme.

However, there were issues — at least for me — that caused me discomfort. Most of the time, potential guests are more than pleased to respond to eMails or messages I send them and provide their bio info for me prior to doing a show, so that we can publicise it. Shelley, on the other hand, didn't respond much of the time — and certainly not in a timely manner when she did. Mind you, I do realise that she was very busy ... but she responded to other people! She never sent me a photo of herself (I got it quite by 'accident' from someone else.) and she always appeared indifferent at best. She claimed to not be acquainted with any NDErs, so I thought her hearing from a fellow NDEr (myself) would have generated some enthusiasm — or, at least, interest — on her part ... which never happened.

Nonetheless, I opted not to take this personally and, as I always do, I gave Shelley a lot of publicity and provided her with her own profile page on my website. Not only that, I placed info about FTG on the index page and on the 'show info' page on for Toward The Light. Furthermore, I also contacted her group and offered to be a 'team leader' — as they were recruiting team leaders for different regions throughout the world for the project — but I received no response whatsoever, regardless of how many times I attempted to reach them.

Time passed ... and it was nearing the time for the actual event to take place, so, once again, I thought to have Shelley on my radio show on 15 July — two days before the FTG event — to help bring attention to it and remind people to participate. I sent her an eMail. No response ... so I rang her directly. When she (or whoever it was) answered the phone, I asked, "Is Shelley available, please?" and she rang off immediately without a word! Bear in mind that I do have a very distinctive thin little British voice that's very easy to recognise — much to my chagrin at times — so she either heard my little voice and rang off ... or heard nothing at all and rang off. But ... when I rang right back a second time, she wouldn't answer the phone, so I was left with the strong impression that she had, indeed, heard me, rang off, and refused to answer her phone the second time. I left a kind message and requested a return call. No call ever came ... nor did I ever receive an eMail reply.

I had really been focused on not taking any of this personally ... but after this latest incident of being rung off on, I was left feeling very uncomfortable — like it was very deliberate and that I was, indeed, being shunned. Why were other team leaders put into place and other radio shows booked a second time, but I was ignored completely? This sent up a red flag and I was left with the feeling that something was amiss. I had never been unkind to Shelley and was always very compassionate and supportive in every way ... so this treatment had me completely gob-smacked!

Regardless, I was all prepared to participate in the global meditation/vigil to pour love and healing energy into this wounded planet ... until I received a forwarded eMail that said, "Please do not fire the grid; it is our prison!" It came from someone I trusted, so I endeavoured to look into this and dig more deeply. The info came from Peggy Kane who's been involved in the study and research of EVP (electronic voice phenomena) and RS (reverse speaking). Peggy has been involved in UFO research, EVP/RS and the paranormal for years. She has hosted her own radio programme and has been a guest on numerous other shows.

Here is what she states about FTG:

"I have received a number of emails about the group project to fire the grid on July 17. I have never heard about the grid in my 5 years of reverse speaking research, but I have heard over and over about the net. This electro-magnetic field is our prison. It surrounds the Earth and is invisible to our 5 senses, but holds in astral bodies and is a trap for humanity when we leave our physical lives. It was constructed eons ago by an interdimensional reptilian race who have been abusing the Earth and humanity ever since.

The grid is the net, plain and simple.

Shelley Yates is a sincere person. But she is being seriously deceived. How do I know this? She says so in her reverse speaking. It doesn’t matter what any of us believe, we will tell the truth in reverse. She is trying to tell herself that her ET contacts are not what they appear to be." Read more...

My heart sank ... but, sadly, what she had to say made too much sense and I was overcome with grief. However, after reading and researching more and more of this material, my own experiences with SY started to make sense. Was it, in fact, the dark forces connected to her that were causing her to shun me all along — even unbeknownst to her? The reason I ask this is because I've noticed throughout my life that people who were centred in the dark would react violently towards me ... without any apparent reason. A good example of this is something that happened to me involving Scientologists ... that left me bedridden for a year and a half! Again, nothing I said or did should have provoked Shelley (and her team) to shun me in the way that they did. Perhaps, too, none of them were even aware of their behaviour towards me ... but I did find it most peculiar and, needless to say, this type of thing always sends up red flags.

I do want to clarify that I don't regard Shelley Yates as a 'bad' person or one who is wilfully 'evil' — not in the least — but when something occurs that generates an uneasy and negative feeling inside of me that just won't leave me alone, I've got to pay attention and heed it and realise that there's a reason behind it. And the 'reason' came into my in-box two days before the event!

There are things in the works with Fire the Grid — that's now evolved into 'Project Cause' — that just don't measure up. There's something 'off' about all this ... not to mention the huge capitalist endeavour now taking place.

As a result of my own experiences and research ... and, on top of that, having read David Icke's books and his being on my radio show, I'm very well aware of the reptilians, their secret agendas, and their control over this planet. I've dealt with them personally! And I am aware of the 'matrix grid' — that which does surround this planet and entraps us ... but I had honestly thought, at first, that the FTG was referring to a different grid ... but, clearly, it was not...

Being a lifelong Seer, I've always had a sort of 'X-ray' vision, as it were ... where I could 'see through' events, people or groups and their motives. Needless to say, this has made a number of people very uncomfortable; however, only people with negative or dark pursuits would react to me so violently — never those who were centred in love — because those centred in love knew that I'd pose no threat to them in any way. I am not so easily deceived by people ... but, sometimes, I, too, fail to see something for what it truly is ... because of my own naivety. Yet, having said that, because of my earnest commitment to Truth, something will invariably happen to bring the truth to my attention — just in the nick of time!

I removed the FTG material from my websites and did not participate in the meditation. I will say that I was well aware of the reptilians and felt them surrounding me and saying things ... but they couldn't reach me, thank goodness! I managed to protect myself and I was fine — if not totally exhausted throughout the day — so much so that I thought I'd fall asleep sitting up, which is something I never do!

I need to further point out that Matthew Delooze has written three books on this subject and has got an excellent blog (see his link under 'Kindred Spirits') detailing how the reptilians steal our spiritual energy and essence to further their own agendas, because they literally feed off of us. Matthew, David & Peggy all point out that we are the sole source of food and energy for the reptilians and if it weren't for us being here, they could not survive! They use huge events such as Christmas, New Years, Easter, large festivals and other events, etc., to steal our collective spiritual energy and feed off of it ... whilst they delude us into thinking that something entirely different is happening. Mind you, there's nothing whatever wrong with enjoying concerts and events, celebrations and so on, because people have got a right to enjoy themselves ... but it's important to realise that, when we participate in certain events that are loaded with serpent cult symbolism and there are huge masses of people congregated together in one place ... or globally focused on the same thing and the same time ... these sinister entities take advantage of this and devour our essence — leaving us high and dry and void of energy altogether. Do you notice how exhausted and depleted you feel after such an event? It's something worth thinking about...

We've probably all heard the statement, 'truth is stranger than fiction' and, alas, it's true. I've been very timid to 'speak my mind' on a lot of this ... but after these recent events ... and the fact that more and more people are aware of these forces at work in our world, I'm feeling the need to no longer hold anything back. In fact, Peggy Kane is going to be on my radio show on 29 July and we're going to discuss her work and research and learn more about what she's done to unveil these findings and the fact that it's got nothing to do with her own intuition or opinion, etc., but from something completely separate from her own thoughts and biases. It's as a result of her keenly hearing these messages through reverse speaking — something technological and scientific.

The fact is that things are never what they seem ... and unless we're willing to keep an open mind and heart ... and face things squarely as we're presented with truth, we're in deep trouble. Alas, I realise that a lot of this is no less traumatic than a little child being told and having to face the fact that 'Santa Clause' is merely a myth. We're all having to face that so much of what we've believed to be real is nothing more than a myth — including 'Jesus' — which is a symbol of the sun and the 12 disciples being the 12 constellations. It's all symbols that, once again, are generated by the reptilians (serpent cult) to dupe us into servitude and allowing them to steal our energy, life-force and even our bodies ... unless we wake up and 'face the music' and put a stop to this — which we CAN do!

Remember, infinite love IS the only truth ... and it will always reach us and prevail ... somehow. There are counter forces at work to help eliminate these evil forces that have held this planet in slavery for thousands of years. When we stop believing that we are worthless 'sinners' who must appease an angry 'he-god', or else we will go to 'hell' ... and claim back our own divinity — because we ARE divine — the dark ones can no longer have power over us. Remember, if it weren't for the human species, these beings could not exist ... but we've got to STOP giving them permission to rule over us by giving our power away — plain and simple!

The truth may hurt ... and it may really sting us at times ... but it is the Truth that will set us free.

Sunday, 8 July 2007

Greg Soula on Toward The Light

On 1 & 8 July, I had the honour of interviewing Greg Soula on Toward The Light — one who's had a near-death like experience (NDLE) whilst on the verge of suicide. Having been an atheist prior to his experience, he felt himself a victim ... not good enough ... feelings of isolation and despair, etc. — thus resulting in severe depression and the desire to terminate his life on this plane. During his NDLE, he was met by three angelic beings who enveloped him in unconditional love — something he had never experienced before. Then he beheld the 'Garden of Desire' (which, in his shorthand, translated to 'GOD') and he was given the opportunity to understand that we co-create with Source. 'Desire', as he explained it, is centred on the desire to create ... which is fed and nurtured by love. With fear, the opposite occurs — consequently shutting one down and disabling the creative process through the perceived notion that we're alone and separate from one another and from Source. This, in turn, leaves one with a sense of needing to escape and suicide often being the result. However, what Greg learned as a result of his experience is that we are all One — never separate and never alone. And love instils in us a powerful creative force that propels us to ... infinite possibility!

He, then, spoke about the prophetic messages that he received during his NDLE — e.g., seeing the events of '9.11' and that America would ultimately become bankrupt, etc. However, despite so much of this already coming to pass he stressed that this scenario was merely representing what could happen — that is, if people acted out of fear, rather than acting out of unconditional love ... and if they continue to believe that they are worthless, helpless victims and fostering the lies that have kept them in servitude for countless ages. And now the lies that are being perpetuated and keeping the human psyche locked in fear are that there's some 'terrorist' lurking in our midst. There's NO terrorist ... except fear (False Evidence Appearing Real).

Greg also was told, “If the world’s leaders choose to respond [to acts of 'terrorism'] in fear, a cycle of violence will be created which will become very hard to control. Fighting violence with more violence is like trying to put out a fire by throwing more fuel on it. To extinguish a fire effectively, you must starve it of oxygen — and to extinguish fear, you must smother it in unconditional love. There is no other way to fight fear – and terrorism is simply fear, expressed." (I personally believe that '9.11' and other similar events that have taken place are inside jobs and not as a result of so-called 'box-cutting hijackers'!)

(Greg is now writing a book on the subject of prophetic NDEs titled, Revelations: A New Look at the Apocalypse from the Perspective of the Prophetic Near-Death Experience. If you or someone you know has had a prophetic NDE or NDLE, please contact Greg to share your experience for inclusion in his book. Click image FMI.)

I, too, have had visions about '9.11' and other negative scenarios being played out ... way in advance of their happening. And I'm aware of the fact that these events are the result of an agenda put forth by a sinister group of elitists who rule this planet, (but that's another story). Yet I am somehow led to believe that, if we changed our minds and focused on love and truth, so much of this could be avoided ... and that's why we're given these visions, dreams, experiences, etc. in the first place in order to warn the masses of what could be and then turn our focus and intent on the desire to create out of love (rather than destroy out of fear). When we plant seeds in the 'Garden of Desire' with love, they will surely grow; but if we plant them with fear, their growth will be thwarted or prevented altogether. With an attitude of gratitude and love, we can actually avoid these negative events being played out and change the course of history altogether.

Remember Dr. Emoto's frozen water crystals and what shape they take on when exposed to loving words and thoughts as opposed to fearful or hateful ones? This is the same principle, really. Remember that thoughts are things. When one is in a state of love, one can create — something of magnificent beauty and power; whereas fear is destructive and nothing can grow or thrive in such an environment. Water crystals exposed to love and gratitude were beautifully and symmetrically formed with vibrant colours ... whilst the ones being exposed to negative and mean-spirited thoughts or words were dark and murky and had no cohesive formation whatsoever.

Greg was also pointing out that, as souls, we choose these challenges in our lives in order to become more self aware and that there are great blessings in these challenges that force us to grow and heal. Yet, when we perceive ourselves to be separate and helpless, we are plagued with the notion that 'nothing can be done' and that 'we're doomed', etc., when nothing could be further from the truth. We took on these lives for a specific reason. And it is our responsibility to honour and fulfil a 'sacred contract' whereby the soul comes to ultimately realise its own divinity and oneness with All. There's nothing 'small' or 'insignificant' about that, now, is there?

Despite all of the painful events that do take place in this world, there are also magical and seemingly miraculous events that are occurring — reminding us and showing us that we are truly divine — regardless of the roles being played out during a physical lifetime. It's just a role that one has been cast into, not ones true identity ... anymore than an actor really being some villain. It's just a role played out in the theatre, but it's not real. These roles teach us lessons that we need to learn during a given lifetime, but it is not WHO we are. Hitler, Bush and Blair are not evil; only their role or behaviour is dark and sinister ... but it's sure forcing us to wake up and take action, isn't it? Therefore, we need to feel gratitude for them. Sometimes, we just need to be pushed...!

Greg stated that unless we see and experience darkness, falsehood and negativity (what isn't real), then we can't possibly know and understand light, truth and love (what is real). In order to know that something is real or true, we must first experience its opposite. Likewise, we oft times must go through a process of trial and error, as it were — to experience a myriad of things that don't work ... until we finally come upon something that does work — that does align with the creative force that is love.

Visiting Greg at his home in Vermont last week, I beheld a man with bright beaming eyes and a demeanour to match. And the beautiful garden in his yard that he and his wife, Cory, have created and nurtured is a testament of the love and wisdom gleaned from the 'Garden of Desire'. And even a hummingbird greeted us to make sure we understood this deeper wisdom.
Indeed, let us all foster the intent and desire to create ... always!

Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Religion or Prison?

The previous blog was centred on the fact that religion was the culprit for virtually destroying a beautiful relationship between a most dedicated couple that had been in tact for over a year and a half. Then, when the lady's Mormon mother found out that she was in a relationship with one who was a different race and not a Mormon, she wasted no time in declaring her relentless disapproval — even taking the young lady to the Mormon bishop!

The bishop and mother have taken the light out of the lass's eyes ... and have dashed truth, love and joy to the ground — replacing these with only fear, guilt and grief.

As a result, the young lady keeps all of her doors locked and secured — as if her beloved is suddenly some monster or demon — and won't have anything to do with him now. This is all due to ... religion and the horrible lies that they perpetuate!

Many agree that religion is meant to be a mind prison that induces and perpetuates fear — forcing us into servitude to a greedy and corrupt power elite who dominate us and are keeping us locked in a five-sensory 'reality' where we perceive ourselves as separate from one another and living in duality ... when, in fact, we are divine and one with All that IS. That means that we are all One, not separate ... ever!

This isn't some sweet sugar-coated emptiness like cotton candy here. Just ask any NDEr and we will tell you that this is so ... according to our experiences! We move from 'belief' into knowing ... and perhaps that's why some of us have become less tolerant of these glaring lies being flung in all directions — masquerading as 'truth' or the 'word of God' or 'freedom' ... when these are blatant lies that are meant to thoroughly deceive us and keep us dumbed down, disempowered and locked in a stranglehold of fear.

How auspicious, then, that someone was kind enough to send me the following film on line at Talk about something most compelling and thought-provoking, this is a must to take in.

To say that this film makes a tremendous amount of sense would be an understatement ... and it is so synchronistic, especially in light of what's been taking place of late. The closing sentence in the 'Statement' in this website is very beautifully put, thus: ' ...It is my hope that people will not take what is said in the film as the truth, but find out for themselves, for truth is not told, it is realized.'

The Truth is first laughed at ... then severely ridiculed ... then it becomes apparent.

Only Love Prevails!