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Greg Soula on Toward The Light

On 1 & 8 July, I had the honour of interviewing Greg Soula on Toward The Light — one who's had a near-death like experience (NDLE) whilst on the verge of suicide. Having been an atheist prior to his experience, he felt himself a victim ... not good enough ... feelings of isolation and despair, etc. — thus resulting in severe depression and the desire to terminate his life on this plane. During his NDLE, he was met by three angelic beings who enveloped him in unconditional love — something he had never experienced before. Then he beheld the 'Garden of Desire' (which, in his shorthand, translated to 'GOD') and he was given the opportunity to understand that we co-create with Source. 'Desire', as he explained it, is centred on the desire to create ... which is fed and nurtured by love. With fear, the opposite occurs — consequently shutting one down and disabling the creative process through the perceived notion that we're alone and separate from one another and from Source. This, in turn, leaves one with a sense of needing to escape and suicide often being the result. However, what Greg learned as a result of his experience is that we are all One — never separate and never alone. And love instils in us a powerful creative force that propels us to ... infinite possibility!

He, then, spoke about the prophetic messages that he received during his NDLE — e.g., seeing the events of '9.11' and that America would ultimately become bankrupt, etc. However, despite so much of this already coming to pass he stressed that this scenario was merely representing what could happen — that is, if people acted out of fear, rather than acting out of unconditional love ... and if they continue to believe that they are worthless, helpless victims and fostering the lies that have kept them in servitude for countless ages. And now the lies that are being perpetuated and keeping the human psyche locked in fear are that there's some 'terrorist' lurking in our midst. There's NO terrorist ... except fear (False Evidence Appearing Real).

Greg also was told, “If the world’s leaders choose to respond [to acts of 'terrorism'] in fear, a cycle of violence will be created which will become very hard to control. Fighting violence with more violence is like trying to put out a fire by throwing more fuel on it. To extinguish a fire effectively, you must starve it of oxygen — and to extinguish fear, you must smother it in unconditional love. There is no other way to fight fear – and terrorism is simply fear, expressed." (I personally believe that '9.11' and other similar events that have taken place are inside jobs and not as a result of so-called 'box-cutting hijackers'!)

(Greg is now writing a book on the subject of prophetic NDEs titled, Revelations: A New Look at the Apocalypse from the Perspective of the Prophetic Near-Death Experience. If you or someone you know has had a prophetic NDE or NDLE, please contact Greg to share your experience for inclusion in his book. Click image FMI.)

I, too, have had visions about '9.11' and other negative scenarios being played out ... way in advance of their happening. And I'm aware of the fact that these events are the result of an agenda put forth by a sinister group of elitists who rule this planet, (but that's another story). Yet I am somehow led to believe that, if we changed our minds and focused on love and truth, so much of this could be avoided ... and that's why we're given these visions, dreams, experiences, etc. in the first place in order to warn the masses of what could be and then turn our focus and intent on the desire to create out of love (rather than destroy out of fear). When we plant seeds in the 'Garden of Desire' with love, they will surely grow; but if we plant them with fear, their growth will be thwarted or prevented altogether. With an attitude of gratitude and love, we can actually avoid these negative events being played out and change the course of history altogether.

Remember Dr. Emoto's frozen water crystals and what shape they take on when exposed to loving words and thoughts as opposed to fearful or hateful ones? This is the same principle, really. Remember that thoughts are things. When one is in a state of love, one can create — something of magnificent beauty and power; whereas fear is destructive and nothing can grow or thrive in such an environment. Water crystals exposed to love and gratitude were beautifully and symmetrically formed with vibrant colours ... whilst the ones being exposed to negative and mean-spirited thoughts or words were dark and murky and had no cohesive formation whatsoever.

Greg was also pointing out that, as souls, we choose these challenges in our lives in order to become more self aware and that there are great blessings in these challenges that force us to grow and heal. Yet, when we perceive ourselves to be separate and helpless, we are plagued with the notion that 'nothing can be done' and that 'we're doomed', etc., when nothing could be further from the truth. We took on these lives for a specific reason. And it is our responsibility to honour and fulfil a 'sacred contract' whereby the soul comes to ultimately realise its own divinity and oneness with All. There's nothing 'small' or 'insignificant' about that, now, is there?

Despite all of the painful events that do take place in this world, there are also magical and seemingly miraculous events that are occurring — reminding us and showing us that we are truly divine — regardless of the roles being played out during a physical lifetime. It's just a role that one has been cast into, not ones true identity ... anymore than an actor really being some villain. It's just a role played out in the theatre, but it's not real. These roles teach us lessons that we need to learn during a given lifetime, but it is not WHO we are. Hitler, Bush and Blair are not evil; only their role or behaviour is dark and sinister ... but it's sure forcing us to wake up and take action, isn't it? Therefore, we need to feel gratitude for them. Sometimes, we just need to be pushed...!

Greg stated that unless we see and experience darkness, falsehood and negativity (what isn't real), then we can't possibly know and understand light, truth and love (what is real). In order to know that something is real or true, we must first experience its opposite. Likewise, we oft times must go through a process of trial and error, as it were — to experience a myriad of things that don't work ... until we finally come upon something that does work — that does align with the creative force that is love.

Visiting Greg at his home in Vermont last week, I beheld a man with bright beaming eyes and a demeanour to match. And the beautiful garden in his yard that he and his wife, Cory, have created and nurtured is a testament of the love and wisdom gleaned from the 'Garden of Desire'. And even a hummingbird greeted us to make sure we understood this deeper wisdom.
Indeed, let us all foster the intent and desire to create ... always!

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Auron said...

"However, what Greg learned as a result of his experience is that we are all One — never separate and never alone. And love instils in us a powerful creative force that propels us to ... infinite possibility!"

Always a fantastic feeling when you read about someone else "finding out"!

Excellent post Juliet!