Saturday, 11 October 2008

Birthing A New Economy

This year has brought some irreversible and challenging changes—both on personal levels as well as to the global community. The economy, as we’ve known it, is crumbling, because it is based on a lie centred in consumerism and materialism. Hence, many people—who are not driven by the quest for and acquisition of revenue—are being ‘left out’ or ‘disregarded’ and worse... What I'm seeing, as a result, is the need to create a new economy—an economy that's not centred strictly in revenue, but rather, in the mutual sharing of goods and services without necessarily the need to have and be dominated by a 'middle media'—using something external that so-called 'defines the value' of a specific item, product or service. Furthermore, an individual’s worth should never be determined by how much revenue or material possessions one’s got, but, rather, by one’s capacity to love and to share one’s talents and skills.

Think about it: it isn’t really money that we want anyway; it is only something that money can buy—a service or item that we really want to obtain. Money, in and of itself, is meaningless. It's just a piece of paper or an aluminium coin or worse, just a number on a screen! In fact, the New World Order is working on eliminating cash altogether, so we’ll only be left with numbers on a screen! Oh yes, it's a score system ... and some people can get carried away boasting about how many 'points' they've got, but when it comes right down to it, those points mean nothing. You can't actually 'use' them for anything. They're just ... numbers—something totally intangible and unreal!

The exclusive use of revenue as a means of exchange has severely warped our sense of what constitutes true value and worth—denying us the capacity to have a fair and meaningful system of exchange. Why should one be completely disregarded solely on the basis that one lacks revenue? One may have a wealth of goods and services to offer, but simply hasn’t got many ‘numbers on a screen’. So what can one—who is wealthy in the truest sense of the word—do, in spite of having precious little revenue?

Let me give you an example: I'm sure this was true for all of us that, when we were kids, we'd be with a friend and admire something the friend had; then we'd offer to give the friend something of ours in exchange for the item of admiration. Money never even entered the conversation. It was 'I'll trade you my [item] for your [item]' and so on; the trade or exchange was made and we were happy!

Therefore, by applying this straightforward means of exchange that we used as children, we can offer something more meaningful, more tangible, more useful and more inspiring. In terms of something of genuine substance, for example, I'm truly wealthy and I want to share my wealth ... but as far as the numbers on the screen go, I haven't got many of those. I've got something far more tangible and real—something that one can actually use. Does this seem familiar? Perhaps you’re one of many who are thinking and feeling the same way.

Now in this day and age, we're having to create a new paradigm in the way in which we share goods and services and it's one that, I believe, will create a lot more harmony and restore us to a more complimentary form of exchange where human contact is implemented and revered. We live too much in a robotic existence where everything is automated and denying us any kind of 'live' human contact or interaction ... but where's the human connection? It only serves to make us feel more alienated and alone—denying us any sense of human dignity.

Everyone came into this life with special skills and talents in tact—something that, however slight or wide-ranging, is of tremendous worth and meaning for serving and contributing to the Whole. All of it is significant and rich with purpose. Once the warped definition of what constitutes true value and worth is eliminated, all of this will become apparent. People can offer so much—a variety of goods and services for which they’re truly qualified—but not necessarily money. I’m sure that many individuals are feeling the same way and are ready to create social and economic change—developing a more enlightened and complimentary system of exchange in which our various talents and skills are honoured as being of true worth. This system will serve in the ability to generate a mutual and meaningful exchange of goods and services—creating a win/win situation where everyone is both pleased and fulfilled.

It is time to create a new economy where we return to the simplicity of sharing and the exchange of goods where we implement genuine human contact and honour the rightful worth that is within everyone—regardless of how much money one may have. The universe is abundant; now it is time to allow that abundance to flow!