Tuesday, 22 January 2008

A Question of Recognition

(Q) This is a long shot, but does anybody know of someone who suffered from Alzheimer's disease and had a near-death experience? The reason I so dearly want to know is because my mother died of Alzheimer's and, towards the end of her life, she would look at her wedding photo and ask, "Who is that man?" (My father died in 1969, and they were devoted to one another, so it was heartbreaking to realize that she no longer remembered him.) If only I knew that a person with Alzheimer's could have a near-death experience, then I would know that my father came to meet my mother when she crossed over, and that she recognized him again.

(A) It is only the physical form that is stricken with this 'fog'—especially with diseases such as Alzheimer's disease, dementia, amnesia, coma, etc. Therefore, people and places on this plane may appear less real or meaningful and recognition fades over time. However, once one moves on to a higher frequency beyond the physical plane, clarity and consciousness return in full force.

Remember that Alzheimer's disease only affects the physical form, not ones real consciousness or self. The brain is not the source of our consciousness/awareness. And it is not the 'broadcaster', but merely the 'receiver' that facilitates the assimilation of data on the third dimension only! Even if the radio becomes damaged and the signal isn’t being received, the broadcast station is still in operation! (See The Cosmic Website)

Even as I was in a coma for over five weeks 30 years ago and lost my vital signs on my birthday (2 February) where I responded to nothing on this plane, I was still very conscious and thriving on other dimensions and I remember the details of that tremendous journey during my NDE to this day!

As one who's died a number of times, and being that I'm a medium, I can honestly state that, as one leaves this plane and meets friends and loved ones on the Other Side, the 'fog' of mortal mind is lifted and recognition takes place immediately. In fact, as one gets closer to death, one actually gains more clarity in recognising loved ones on the Other Side as they appear to the dying person ... since one is already moving into another dimension and a higher frequency!

(You may find my article, The Dying Process ~ From an Experiencers Perspective, very helpful, because it provides a lot of details about what goes on during the process of dying and crossing over to the Other Side. You may view it here.

Remember, the brain is not the source of our consciousness; it merely filters, decodes and processes information—just as a computer CPU does—and it is operated by your true self, which consists of infinite consciousness. Alas, when the brain ('computer') becomes damaged and no longer works, the computer 'operator' moves on to a different computer, that's all, but ones consciousness is never ever lost.

Friday, 11 January 2008

ADCs ~ Friends at the Factory

I've been a natural medium all of my life, so it's never been 'odd' or uncommon for me to see discarnate entities at any given moment. Often, I could see one individual, or many, and it would occur quite spontaneously.

A very good example of this was whilst I was in the quaint old town of Franklin, Tennessee. I had a loft at the Factory at Franklin—a lovely artisans mall that used to be the Dortch Stove Works and Magic Chef Factory in bygone years. To say that this place was teaming with discarnate entities would be an understatement! My loft was located in Building 8 and I'd walk through the breezeway to enter into Building 12 and take the long trek up through into Building 11 where the main entrance was located. As I entered into Building 12, I could see a whole group of former factory workers just standing round nattering back and forth (as they must have done when they were alive and working there) and they would actually greet me.

Then I saw a short white man in his factory-clothes, but what was odd about him is the fact that he was a hunchback! However, he was so clear—with every little detail—and very present, so I was sure that this was a valid sighting. Thus, I went to the front desk and asked Alex about this character—asking him specifically about whether there had been a hunchbacked factory worker. "Come here, Juliet!" Alex called out as he motioned me to follow him. He took me to the column of letterboxes that were located just behind the front desk where a bunch of old black and white factory photos crowned them from above. "Look there," he exclaimed as he pointed to a large photo. (I must interject here that I am very visually impaired, so I cannot see something that's far away and especially black and white photos that lack colour and contrast.) I got my monocular and looked up at the photo. Lo and behold, there was the hunchbacked factory worker, but viewed from the back. I gasped! "That's him!" I exclaimed with delight, and he looked exactly as I had seen him—even his clothing—although I'd seen him from the front. So if you go to the Factory at Franklin and head back round the right of the front desk and look up at the photos above the letter boxes, you'll see the hunchbacked man in clear view—provided you're not visually impaired!

Another interesting thing occurred one evening as I was sitting in my loft in Building 8 and speaking with a good friend back in England. What's interesting is that we were talking about her mother, who'd recently crossed over, and I just happened to turn and look up to the right. As I did so, I beheld a tall and stocky black man just standing there facing me. He had a very gentle demeanour and also seemed rather melancholy.

Suddenly, I was having two conversations at once—one with my friend, Paula, in the UK and one with the tall stranger in my midst. Acknowledging the man's sadness, I said, "You died here on the job, didn't you?" and he replied, "yes, Ma'am" with his strong southern drawl and a gentle nod. I felt such a sweetness about this man and I could tell that he'd been a very hard and dedicated worker and one who loved his family deeply. Bear in mind that a lot of these workers' whole lives revolved round working in the factory and that's all they knew. So I was left with the distinct impression that this man felt disappointed in himself for having died 'before his time' and leaving his family and the factory behind.

I also kept getting the name 'Stewart', but I don't know how it was spelled: Stewart or Stuart, or if it was his first name or surname. I saw him a few times and then I was even able to tap in to his family. He had an older daughter and a younger son—both in their teens when he crossed—and his wife whom he dearly loved. I was moved to tears, but I was also extremely curious about this man—since he was already impacting me so deeply.

This time, I went up to the office that was situated upstairs—since Alex wasn't at work yet—and I was just too curious about this. I spoke with Becky and asked her about 'Stewart'. "Do you know if there was a large, gentle black man who died on the job here?" I asked pointedly. Becky told me straight away that indeed a black man had died on the job by falling into a vat of molten steel! I shuddered when she told me this.

"Where did that take place?" I continued.

"You know when you're just coming into Building 12 from Building 8 ... where that door is to the right where you see the spiral staircase through the window?"

"Yes, in fact I see entities all round there all the time."

"There inside that door was where the vats were and where he died."

Again, I shuddered! Then I asked her if there was a way to verify his name, but she had no clue. Still, this was the validation that I needed for this, because his presence was so strong and so fitting ... for what had happened to him.

I will add that these discarnate people really do appreciate it when someone can 'see' them and acknowledge them. They aren't really 'stuck' there; they just had had such a pronounced and strong connection to that factory, that they'd simply 'toggle' between dimensions and spend time there ... as if spending time at their favourite pub, and so on. Also, I was known as the 'local medium' throughout the Factory, so it wasn't unusual for me to approach someone and ask questions about someone/thing I'd seen and, likewise, people would ask me for input.

Back in my loft, I was once again on the phone with a friend, MaAnna, who lived in Nashville and, all of a sudden, one by one, people were coming into view and I started describing these individuals that I was seeing—five in all. As it turns out, I was describing five of her relatives—most of whom she'd never met, because they passed away before she was born or when she was too young to remember. However, one of the individuals that I described was her niece, whom she did know well. But what was interesting about this is that I saw her when she was five; yet she'd died when in her late teens. Well, what happened is that the child had had an NDE (near-death experience) at age five and she couldn't wait to describe 'Heaven' to her parents. That's also when she was at her happiest in life. This was huge for my friend, as she'd been wanting input about these relatives for ages and she told me that I described them perfectly—according to photographs that she’d seen of them. She had even asked her mum about them and everything that I described was absolutely correct. Here’s what she said: “Many of my mother's family members had crossed over either before I was born or while I was still an infant. As Juliet and I were chatting about my family, she declared that her room was suddenly filling up with folks who were connected to me. I took note as she described each one and was able to recognize a few of them from pictures that I had seen or stories I had been told. I shared the rest of the information with my mother, who was able to verify the rest. It's an amazing thing to have Juliet describe so many details of a person who has crossed considering that she cannot usually see that much detail on the physical plane. Her sight is quite clear with respect to the other side.”

(Note: When experiencing a visitation or ADC, we will often see people when they were in their 'prime' in life, or at their happiest, and not as how they were when we last saw them on this plane, and so forth. This is very common.)

When it finally came time that I had to leave the Factory at Franklin, I was truly and deeply saddened. Not only did I have friends that were visible on this plane, I also had friends who'd lived and worked there before I'd ever even arrived in America. I actually cried as I bade farewell to the gathered group of workers by the entrance to Building 12 from the breezeway. Even now, my eyes fill with tears in thinking about this.

I wish to make two points here: First, the fact that I'm visually impaired may contribute to me being such a natural medium, because I've always been able to see into other dimensions or realms. Since my view of this plane is so restricted, as it were, I naturally tune into other frequencies and see into these realms, because I'm not so distracted by or focused on what is on the physical plane. Second, I'm also a multiple NDEr (near-death experiencer), which means that I'm already familiar with the Other Side and it is most common for NDErs to have pronounced psychic and mediumistic abilities as part of the after-effects of the NDE.

When we reside on this plane, we're operating on a certain dimension or frequency. However, when we cross over, we move into a different and higher frequency—much like moving up on the radio band. So, as a medium—and anyone who experiences ADCs—we're simply seeing individuals who are very real, and very much alive, but merely operating at a different frequency that we are able to tune in to. It's very simple and straightforward.

In fact, my take on all this is that, if more people were willing to acknowledge ADCs—and the fact that we can all experience it—I feel that there'd be far less grief in the world and that people can share in meaningful dialogue with those they love and care about who have crossed over. There's nothing 'woo-woo' about this; it's simply mind-to-mind communication (telepathy) that's already been scientifically proven to be valid. It would also help us feel less 'cut off' from those we love, because we actually can freely communicate with them.

After all, we do live forever ... and we need to acknowledge the fact that people simply change frequencies and planes of existence, but they never die. And it is up to us to keep the lines of communications open by allowing ourselves to tune into these different frequencies and share in communion with those we love.

ADC Accounts Wanted for New Book: Visits From Heaven

Author, Josie Varga, is writing a book entitled Visits from Heaven in which she describes after-death communication from various contributors which have been validated in some way (such as the one above). These are experiences people have had that provide information they couldn't know to be true at the time of the visit, but later found to be true. She had an experience of her own that she described in an eMail. (To read this account, go to www.josievarga.com and click on 'Visits from Heaven'. Josie was also featured on Toward The Light on 6 January 2008.