Tuesday, 22 January 2008

A Question of Recognition

(Q) This is a long shot, but does anybody know of someone who suffered from Alzheimer's disease and had a near-death experience? The reason I so dearly want to know is because my mother died of Alzheimer's and, towards the end of her life, she would look at her wedding photo and ask, "Who is that man?" (My father died in 1969, and they were devoted to one another, so it was heartbreaking to realize that she no longer remembered him.) If only I knew that a person with Alzheimer's could have a near-death experience, then I would know that my father came to meet my mother when she crossed over, and that she recognized him again.

(A) It is only the physical form that is stricken with this 'fog'—especially with diseases such as Alzheimer's disease, dementia, amnesia, coma, etc. Therefore, people and places on this plane may appear less real or meaningful and recognition fades over time. However, once one moves on to a higher frequency beyond the physical plane, clarity and consciousness return in full force.

Remember that Alzheimer's disease only affects the physical form, not ones real consciousness or self. The brain is not the source of our consciousness/awareness. And it is not the 'broadcaster', but merely the 'receiver' that facilitates the assimilation of data on the third dimension only! Even if the radio becomes damaged and the signal isn’t being received, the broadcast station is still in operation! (See The Cosmic Website)

Even as I was in a coma for over five weeks 30 years ago and lost my vital signs on my birthday (2 February) where I responded to nothing on this plane, I was still very conscious and thriving on other dimensions and I remember the details of that tremendous journey during my NDE to this day!

As one who's died a number of times, and being that I'm a medium, I can honestly state that, as one leaves this plane and meets friends and loved ones on the Other Side, the 'fog' of mortal mind is lifted and recognition takes place immediately. In fact, as one gets closer to death, one actually gains more clarity in recognising loved ones on the Other Side as they appear to the dying person ... since one is already moving into another dimension and a higher frequency!

(You may find my article, The Dying Process ~ From an Experiencers Perspective, very helpful, because it provides a lot of details about what goes on during the process of dying and crossing over to the Other Side. You may view it here.

Remember, the brain is not the source of our consciousness; it merely filters, decodes and processes information—just as a computer CPU does—and it is operated by your true self, which consists of infinite consciousness. Alas, when the brain ('computer') becomes damaged and no longer works, the computer 'operator' moves on to a different computer, that's all, but ones consciousness is never ever lost.

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