Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Religion or Prison?

The previous blog was centred on the fact that religion was the culprit for virtually destroying a beautiful relationship between a most dedicated couple that had been in tact for over a year and a half. Then, when the lady's Mormon mother found out that she was in a relationship with one who was a different race and not a Mormon, she wasted no time in declaring her relentless disapproval — even taking the young lady to the Mormon bishop!

The bishop and mother have taken the light out of the lass's eyes ... and have dashed truth, love and joy to the ground — replacing these with only fear, guilt and grief.

As a result, the young lady keeps all of her doors locked and secured — as if her beloved is suddenly some monster or demon — and won't have anything to do with him now. This is all due to ... religion and the horrible lies that they perpetuate!

Many agree that religion is meant to be a mind prison that induces and perpetuates fear — forcing us into servitude to a greedy and corrupt power elite who dominate us and are keeping us locked in a five-sensory 'reality' where we perceive ourselves as separate from one another and living in duality ... when, in fact, we are divine and one with All that IS. That means that we are all One, not separate ... ever!

This isn't some sweet sugar-coated emptiness like cotton candy here. Just ask any NDEr and we will tell you that this is so ... according to our experiences! We move from 'belief' into knowing ... and perhaps that's why some of us have become less tolerant of these glaring lies being flung in all directions — masquerading as 'truth' or the 'word of God' or 'freedom' ... when these are blatant lies that are meant to thoroughly deceive us and keep us dumbed down, disempowered and locked in a stranglehold of fear.

How auspicious, then, that someone was kind enough to send me the following film on line at ZeitgeistMovie.com. Talk about something most compelling and thought-provoking, this is a must to take in.

To say that this film makes a tremendous amount of sense would be an understatement ... and it is so synchronistic, especially in light of what's been taking place of late. The closing sentence in the 'Statement' in this website is very beautifully put, thus: ' ...It is my hope that people will not take what is said in the film as the truth, but find out for themselves, for truth is not told, it is realized.'

The Truth is first laughed at ... then severely ridiculed ... then it becomes apparent.

Only Love Prevails!

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