Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Love vs. Fear

A few days ago a friend rang me in a state of distress. This wasn't like him — one who's usually so laid back and easy-going. He's a brilliant and talented individual who's a child prodigy — having become a college professor at age 19, not a student! He's got a heart as big as the sun and generosity to match.

Life had been good to him. He's got rewarding and fulfilling work — being very much in demand — and also in what one would consider a perfect relationship. For a year and a half, he was with one partner — a lovely and talented lady with whom he shared everything. They never fought or had disagreements for all that time ... and he constantly declared his love for her. Every day they showed tremendous examples of their love and dedication for each other. They were committed to each other as if already married. Nothing was out of place ... and nothing could have been more perfect. They were planning on getting married in near future.

For time being they felt it was appropriate to keep their relationship more private — due to the fact that they worked at the same institution — and this also meant not divulging it to the lady's parents who live close by. It is strange that, just because two people work at the same place, being in a relationship should be regarded as a stigma, as it's had no impact on the quality of their work, except to improve it most likely.

Recently, as it turned out, it was finally divulged to the lady's mother that she was in a committed relationship with this wonderful man whom she loved very deeply. Her mother went cold ... and took no time to declare her total disapproval of the relationship. Why? Because the lad isn't a Mormon and he is black; that's it! There's absolutely no other reason ... at all!

Suddenly, my friend can't make contact with his beloved — someone with whom he'd spoken to every single day throughout their relationship — even when he travelled. And now (as of this writing) there's nothing, only silence...

He's broken hearted ... and angry ... and for good reason. To reject someone solely on the basis that he's a different race or religion is ludicrous and absurd! One couldn't find a more loyal, dedicated and loving partner anywhere — not to mention the fact that this couple were the best of friends who enjoyed their time together. Both of them are the nicest people — lovely young individuals who are so brilliant, talented, loyal and with integrity and strong ethics. They both work hard ... and do everything they can to help improve the quality of life for everyone around them. And they're both in demand! Is it any wonder why — when people give so much of themselves? It should be apparent.

He has asked me to talk to his beloved ... so I'm going to do so now, because everyone needs to see what I am about to share with her:

My Dear Beautiful 'B',

You can make a statement about your precious life that few can make — that you have been in the most harmonious, dedicated and loving relationship for a year and a half, where there's been no discord or harsh words, no unkindness or suspicious behaviour, no feelings of want or disappointment, no worry or strife, no lack, no struggle. Your lives have been filled with such joy and success — your blossoming with such abundance and opportunity and everything seeming to go your way ... and you had a tomorrow with such promise to look forward to ... that is, until you allowed FEAR to take over.

But where did this fear come from? Who instilled it in you and why? How would this serve you? Are you happy now? Or are you sitting in a corner being worried about what someone else is thinking ... or seeking the approval of someone else?

When you were IN love, you knew joy ... and that's what dictated your life. Now, however, you are IN fear ... and the love is gone. Love and fear are two completely different frequencies; you cannot have or experience both at the same time. In simple scientific terms (and you will understand this if you've got any understanding of music or the properties of sound), love vibrates at a very high frequency; whereas, fear vibrates at a very low frequency. So, when it is said that you cannot mix love and fear, this is the reason why. They are completely different energies altogether — vibrating at completely different frequencies!

You need to think about the motives behind your mother's objection to your being in this precious relationship. (I'm a mother of a grown daughter too, so I know what it is to be concerned about my daughter's welfare.) Has 'A' ever mistreated you or violated you? Has he ever been dishonest or deceitful? Has he ever threatened or bullied you or stolen from you? Has he ever lied or humiliated you? I hardly think so ... so why would the fact that he's a different colour or not the same religion as you, be an issue?

"You can't be in a relationship with a man who isn't white or Mormon" is FEAR talking, NOT love! And you know what? Fear is the liar and deceiver ... and, because your mum is in fear, not love, she is lying to you — without even knowing any better. She, too, was brainwashed in her life ... and has passed on the lies to you.

Alas, she is probably doing her best and thinks she is doing a good thing by condemning your relationship with 'A', but she is perpetrating the worst DIS-ease in all the world: FEAR! And, my dear, ALL religion is about fear and is implemented solely for the purpose of forcing us into servitude through fear. "If you don't do what I say, he/she/it/they will GET you!" That isn't truth ... and that isn't love. That is fear — the great LIAR — who is speaking.

But wait! Back up! That's not how LOVE, how Truth works!

For the numerous times I've been on the Other Side as a result of my near-death experiences, I never once beheld an angry 'he-god' that condemned me or anyone to some inferno in some underworld! I only experienced unconditional love and acceptance enveloping and surrounding me at all times! True story! You can read about my NDE here.

When I saw and experienced my life review, I was bathed in the warm light of infinite love ... and made to realise that we judge ourselves! The LightSource loves and accepts us completely and unconditionally — no matter what — because we are all a part of Source. We are all individual expressions of the One .. All that IS — never apart and never separate.

If you make a decision based on the need to meet someone's approval ... or else ... you're in a state of fear, not love. You're thinking 'what will happen IF...?' That's what is often referred to as the 'what if' syndrome. What if this ... or what if that ... What if if if if if!

Slow down... Come back to the present... You're not living or experiencing the power of Now. An NDEr once described 'hell' as the fear of the unknown. Sound familiar, aye? We all go through this — every one of us! It's part of the dilemma of the human condition ... so don't beat yourself up for it, but please do face it squarely. Once again, that secret word has revealed itself — the one that tends to be at the helm of our lives all too often: FEAR! And that is very dangerous! Fear is not qualified to be at the helm ... ever!

I'm going to be very honest with you here ... and, remember, I am a mum too! Your mum isn't being your friend or ally, nor is she acting out of love by behaving the way she is and saying the things she has said. Look at how you've suddenly become shut down as a result of the FEAR that your mum has instilled in you! Are you happy? Are you free? Are you clear-minded? Are you empowered? I think not. Instead, I'm seeing a precious child who's locked in fear and totally shut down, that's what.

My dear, LightSource, God, All that IS ... whatever you choose to call IT — is not the author of fear. And being that this is so, Infinite Love would never condemn you or object to your being in a loving relationship with another human being — period!

God does not punish; God does not condemn; God doesn't give a flip!

People think that hate is the opposite of love; it isn't. FEAR is the opposite of love and hatred is a by-product of fear. So is prejudice, intolerance, bigotry, greed ... you get my drift. A soul has no sex or colour, nor does it have a religion. Richard Salva, who was recently on my radio show shared this information:

"Yogananda taught that all souls are part of God. No fully enlightened spiritual soul of either gender is greater than any other. And he said that our souls have no gender, which is why we sometimes are born in female or male bodies, depending on the spiritual lessons we have to learn. He taught that anyone who bears prejudice against anyone for any reason would have to be reborn as what he despises, to learn that we are all the same inside."

This is what I experienced on the Other Side. I was not gender identified or ego-centred. All of that melted away. I was just my authentic self — a soul at one with Source — and enveloped in unconditional love at all times. Nothing can compare to such an experience ... such love. Is it any wonder, then, why so many of us — in fact, most of us who've been to the Other Side — don't want to come back to this plane? But we've been called to come back — to share the truth that life is eternal, that death is an illusion and that only Love is real...

When I have experienced states of fear on this plane — indeed sheer terror — I was reminded that: if it isn't coming from love, it isn't real. I'll repeat that. IF IT ISN'T COMING FROM LOVE, IT ISN'T REAL! And this is what has helped lift me out of the fear and return to Truth, to Love... There is no 'devil' and there is no 'hell'. The 'devil' is fear and 'hell' is a state of mind ... and that's all. So please be mindful of your thoughts!

Who is at the helm in your life now? Is it love or is it fear? Who are you going to allow to reign in your life?

Please remember to follow your heart — not the fear — because, it is only with the heart that one can see rightly. What is essential is invisible to the eye. Allow yourself to return to the joy and the love that you so richly deserve. And if anyone or thing instils fear in you, run the other way, because it is a lie. It isn't real.


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