Monday, 18 June 2007

Channelling Through Art

On Sunday, 17 June, I had the honour of interviewing a dear friend on Toward The Light, Mary Angelico, who is one of the most inspired artists I've known. She was talking about the fact that she used her intuition and responded to the voices of spiritual beings to guide her in the creation of her paintings. She even listened to these messages in regards to her schooling in fine art — allowing them to guide and teach her in her respective mediums, rather than strictly resorting to some institution for training — even though she did receive 'formal' education as well.

As a result of this, she's taken to using her art to channel the love and messages from people on the Other Side ... as well as painting 'soul portraits' of those who are still living on this plane — capturing their essence and substance — not merely creating a beautiful and lifelike portrait of their physical expression.

Recently, when Mary's sister was visiting her at her home in Portland, Oregon, her sister had a dream about their late father. This, in turn, led to both sisters receiving messages from him. Mary was led to write a song for her mum — bearing messages from her father. She also wrote a poem and did a painting of her father — all of which were given to her mum. As her mum read and responded to the messages coming from her husband, she told Mary that the content of the messages was something that Mary could not have known about, but which was totally accurate!

The painting of Mary's father was alive ... and no matter
which one of the women were looking at the painting, or from what angle, each one swore that 'he's looking straight at me!' He was, indeed, watching over all three of them — hence, the title of the painting: Watching Over You.

You can see samples of Mary's work by clicking on the links above. Enjoy!

Speaking from experience and observation, I know that those on the Other Side and in various dimensions
generate powerful messages and changes — especially through the mediums of art, music and writing. They can work right through an artist's brush, a musician's and writer's fingers ... and a masterpiece is born. Being an artist, musician and writer, myself, I can attest to these things.

No matter which art form you use; no matter how simple or lofty the piece may be, it's still very profound and meaningful — something that can bridge the gap between the dimensions and even between one another — linking us all together and allowing sacred messages to come through and uplift and empower all of us.


Rainydae said...

Very inspiring. I enjoyed reading this... especially the line which says "no matter which art form you use; no matter how simple or lofty the piece may be...." because my poetry seem very simple, almost childish to me. I'm glad to know it is meaningful none-the-less.

RainyDae in Arizona

Toward The Light said...

You're a splendid writer, Rainy Dae! Don't ever underestimate your wonderful talents! You never know what soul will be deeply touched by what you've written. You certainly impacted me with what you've written ... and I have learned so much about the 'Old West' from you.

Yes, everyone, RD is a wonderful Old West historian and if you'd like to learn more about her and the Old West, click here! She's such a gem! :)