Wednesday, 20 June 2007

David Icke on Toward The Light

On Sunday, 20 May 2007, I had the special honour of interviewing David Icke on my weekly radio show, Toward The Light on To say that the show was profoundly uplifting and enlightening would be an understatement. Our sharing together moved me to the deepest stratum of my being … and I could also feel the love and gratitude coming from all round the globe.

When I booked David on my show, Donald Newsom (president and owner of BBS Radio) rang me and said, “Do you realise that you’ve just performed a miracle—getting David Icke on your show? How did you do this?” I merely said, “It’s the Love.” And I also believe that it was the right time. David had been turning down all interviews, because he’d been working on another book—which was recently completed. But there must have been something significant about the fact that I wanted to focus specifically on his most recent book, Infinite Love is the Only Truth ~ Everything Else is Illusion coupled with the fact that I’m an experiencer. To my awareness, there had not been an interview or a talk given that was centred wholly on what is written in this deeply thought-provoking book.

Furthermore, as a multiple NDEr, I can honestly say that I’ve experienced, first hand, so much of what David discusses in this book. I’ve also done extensive research and have found that the book resonates with what I’ve both learned and experienced. I had such an overwhelming feeling that this topic needed to be acknowledged and discussed now … and I’ve got to say that it was so easy to receive a resounding ‘yes’ from David to do the show, because the message mattered; the time mattered; and the time was now. People were ready!

We already know so much about the ‘dark’ truths behind how this plane operates and the sinister forces behind it … but … there’s some tremendously good news as well—such that is certain to liberate and free us from the shackles that have currently got us locked in a world and life of fear. I felt that it was very important to focus on this ‘good news’ and that’s what the show was about.

I also saw this as a perfect opportunity for us to validate each other—where the experiencer validates the researcher’s findings and the researcher puts these experiences so clearly into a language that the masses can understand and integrate into their own lives.

But I need to be fair, here. David—although not being a near-death experiencer (NDEr)—is one who’s had multiple spiritually transformative experiences (STEs). When I asked him at the beginning of the programme what led him to the writing of Infinite Love…, he said, “How many hours have we got?” Indeed, in the early 90s, he went through a profound experience that ‘blew the top off of his head’ (to use his own words) and propelled him onto a path that he’s not been able to veer off of—one that has led him to shining a light in the darkest of places and revealing truths that most would never have the courage to consider or acknowledge, let alone speak it aloud!

David made a few statements in his recent newsletter that were also brought up during the show that are very worth noting. He states, “We all have layers of dense energy around us that are generated by what we inherit through the DNA 'hard drive' and what we accumulate through our own experience. These energies, the 'eggshell' as I call them, are expressions of fear in all its forms and rigid thought patterns that hold us in servitude to a tragically limited sense of reality. The DNA, indeed the whole cellular structure, is like a giant crystal receiver/transmitter and what it is tuned to becomes the 'world' that we think we live in.

“What we call 'the world' or the 'vastness' of space or the universe is really only a tiny range of frequencies within infinite possibility.”

The word, ‘infinite possibility’ has become a steady mantra whirling round my head since the show. During my NDEs, I could actually see and experience the truth of infinite possibility! When we realise that we are divine and one with All that IS, this is actually an easy concept to grasp. The challenge is to break free of the limited fear-based vantage point of the ego mind and move into the soul mind—that part of us that is always in communion with Source—that experiences the deep knowing that we are always connected to and co-create with Source.

Now, we’re all being flung into major changes in our lives—changes that are forcing us to wake up and evolve into our authentic selves. Everything that we’ve known or identified with is being shaken down, purged and altered—remoulding us into our true and divine expression, which is comprised of infinite possibility.

Are you experiencing this ‘cosmic tsunami’? I certainly am! And I’m hearing from people all over the world who are going through this. David is also in the midst of this change as he wrote, “I can feel the shift getting stronger and more tangible by the day. I am increasingly in this world, but not of it in terms of my point of observation. It is like looking through a window into this reality rather than being 'inside' it. It is very strange, but not at all alarming. It is very comforting, in fact, to know that what we think is 'everything' and 'important' is just an illusory nonsense generated to confuse us and hold us in servitude.”

This is exactly what I experienced during my NDEs and similar spiritually transformative experiences … and … much the same is occurring for me now as well. What David notes above is so similar to what I’ve written in my NDE account thus: “I was now being told that I was going to have to return to the alien (physical) world I’d left behind—that I was needed there for something very special and significant. I needed to go back to share what had just happened to me … and to let others know that life is, indeed, eternal and that death is an illusion. …I was also told, however, that the world I was returning to was an illusion and that I wasn’t to identify with it or be involved—to be in it but not of it—and that I was only passing through...”

When we rise into our true and authentic selves, it is easy to flow into the ‘observer’ mode and no longer be caught up in the ‘drama’ or ‘identity’ of the physical plane. We become the actor and the audience simultaneously and, furthermore, come to understand our role as co-director with Source!

We are one with Source, and death is an illusion. Knowing this, we can rewrite this script for the play we call ‘life’. Then, we can create something far more expansive and profound—a beautiful masterpiece that is centred in love and embodies the truth of our self as being infinite possibility.

David has written a wonderful NDE article entitled Fearing for a Lifetime … What Doesn’t Exist, which can be found on my website at Thank you, David, for these simple, yet powerful words … and for your example.

Note: By going to this page, you can read more about the show, see feedback and listen to the archived show for free. Enjoy! :)


md said...


good luck with your blog Juliet.I am sure David found you to be the delightful person that you really are.

best wishes
lots of love

steve said...

This man knows his stuff. I ask anyone to look at his work and listen to what he says.

Also ask anyone to listen to Juliet. She knows what she is talking about