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The Cosmic Website

I design, build and do a lot of work on websites—not only my own, but other people's sites as well. Since I've been a creative person all of my life—doing art, writing and music—I find it very natural and a joy to create websites and watch them unfold into something both beautiful and functional. Once the site is published and goes on line, one beholds a page with beautiful graphics, images, text and even audio for listening to music or radio broadcasts. There's magnificent colour and depth in the pages and it's quite stunning indeed.

But what is it that makes such beautiful and functional websites possible? You can't just pop an image, audio or text on there, because it won't show up or function at all. What one needs to do is apply HTML code (hyper text markup language). When I'm doing the work in the HTML editor, and in the 'preview' mode, I can see what the page will look like—very lovely indeed—but when I click on 'source' or 'HTML', what comes up is nothing but a bunch of gibberish—strictly text, numbers and symbols that make no sense at all (except to the browsers that decode the HTML that generates the website). There are no colours, images, sounds or anything else; it's merely a bunch of code, written in plain text on a white page. To look at the 'source' page (or code) is quite dizzying and these pages full of code can be very long and complex as well. Yet, without this 'gibberish' these beautiful pages, along with their functionality, could not be possible. I marvel at that every time I'm working on a site. It's interesting to think of what's behind the appearance of a web site and what makes it operate. The beautiful and functional site only works or has meaning for the visitor when the HTML is decoded in such a way that enables one to see the site and navigate through it.

What also repeatedly comes to mind, when I'm working on websites, is that what we perceive as our world is very much the same as a website and the same principles apply. We think we're seeing buildings, trees, oceans, other people, vehicles, clouds, stars, planets, and so on. However, if we were to look at the 'code' that makes up the world around us that we perceive as 'real', we'd see nothing but ... waves and particles that, when filtered and decoded, become the surroundings we see and experience as the physical plane. In fact, as difficult as it may be for one to believe or conceive, what we perceive as 'real' on this plane is actually nothing more than a hologram!

How do I know this? Well, first of all, I had a direct experience of this during my NDEs! In fact, during my transcendent NDE in the mid 1970s, after I was told that I had to return to this plane—which absolutely devastated me—I saw a glimpse of this plane as it was being shown to me from the Other Side. I was told that this plane is an illusion and that I wasn't to identify with it, but only to do the work I was being sent back to do and that I’d merely be passing through. What's interesting is that, as I focused on the physical plane, nothing looked solid at all! It was more like looking at vapour with lines, waves and particles going through it. It did have colour, but it was so drab compared to what I was seeing on the Other Side. Everything seemed somewhat transparent and illusory, indeed.

Once I did re-enter the physical plane, it still didn't appear solid to me and it took a good while for me to adjust and reintegrate back into this plane. It was so drab and dark and void of colour and life in the context of what I'd just experienced on the Other Side. It was so dense and dismal! It was only after I'd been 'back' on this plane for a while, did it start to appear 'solid' again. Still, I now knew, without a doubt, that this plane isn't really solid and that I was being 'tricked' into thinking or perceiving that it was solid or real.

When I was asked to give talks about my NDEs, in recent years, and what I'd gleaned as a result of these experiences, I'd always open the talks by declaring that this physical plane is nothing but a hologram—an illusion—and I'd endeavour to explain how this is so. It wasn't such an easy task—given that I'm not a physicist or scientist replete with technical jargon. How can we put something so ineffable into words in the first place? It's rather impossible, really, but I try to convey things in such a way that will make sense to people and lend credibility to my claims. After all, I was given an assignment from the Other Side that I now had to fulfil!

Then something wonderful happened. I read David Icke's book, Infinite Love is the Only Truth; Everything Else is Illusion. Bingo! Just the title alone said it all and that did it for me. I knew that we were on the same page ... and so I read the book from cover and cover and guess what? He gives full description of the very message I've been awkwardly trying to convey for years! It's spelled out right there on the pages—complete with photographs, illustrations and graphs. He also discusses this in his new book, The David Icke Guide to the Global Conspiracy and How to End it, in the first few chapters.

Everything that we 'see' and perceive as 'real' is nothing but code that has been triggered and activated for enabling us to experience this dimension—just like a website. Everything is energy (waves and particles) and the form that energy takes on is determined by its frequency. Everything vibrates at a different frequency, so when energy is arranged in a specific combination of frequencies, that's what generates the 'stuff' that we experience as 'real'. It's really that simple.

When David Icke first came on my radio show on 20 May 2007, we discussed his book, Infinite Love... and it was such a powerful and uplifting dialogue between us—not to mention the fact that we validated each other’s claims here—my backing up his statements with my experiences and his validating my experiences through his many years of intense and dedicated research. We discussed this further when he came back on my show on 21 October. Alas, he'll be back on Toward The Light on 2 March 2008 and we'll be talking about consciousness!

In fact, DI has written a lot about NDEs in his material in recent years—including an article entitled, 'Fearing for a lifetime ... Something that doesn't Exist' (which can be found on under 'Near-Death Studies'); and it must be comforting for him to have people like me come along and say, "Yes, you're right about this, because I've been there! I've experienced this first hand and know exactly what you're talking about."

I've always been aware of the fact that we're multidimensional beings and have thus lived accordingly—my toggling between this and other dimensions throughout my life, but especially as a child. It's always been that way and always so natural for me. I could remember how ‘nonsolid' this plane often appeared to me and how other planes appeared more real and vibrant to me. Yet I was horribly ridiculed and regarded as 'crazy' or 'out of touch with reality' or 'living in a fantasy or dream-world' and so on, because of this. Of course, these individuals who regarded this plane as all that is 'real' were the ones who truly lived in a dream-world, not me! They also think that what's written on an ID card and their body-suit constitutes 'who' they are! Nonsense! Nothing could be further from the truth. We are not our bodies. We are not our brains. We are not what's written on some ID card! Are you kidding? It is merely an assumed identity—a role that we're cast in to as an actor in a play—that we take on whilst we traverse this dimension and nothing more. It is NOT Who we are at all!

This brings me to another point—one that I've mentioned several times—and that's the fact that our consciousness does not originate in the brain. That's been proven time and time again with NDErs. How is it that we can see, hear and experience things when the physical body and brain are ‘dead’? Think about that. It's surely not the brain or physical eyes or ears that are seeing and hearing what's going on when they're completely incapacitated and out of commission. Where are the thoughts originating from and what is giving one the capacity to see and hear if the brain is flat-lined?

The fact is that the brain is not the source of our consciousness; it merely filters and decodes our consciousness in order to be accessed in the 3D world we experience at this time. Likewise, radio and TV signals cannot be accessed without the radio or television set (or receiver) to decode the signals and provide us with the sounds and images we hear and see. The broadcast is coming from elsewhere—not from within the radio or TV unit. Our brains function in the same way that a radio or television does, but the broadcast is coming from our infinite consciousness—consciousness that does not cease to be upon physical death.

Millions of NDEs have been documented at this point and there have obviously been countless accounts of people being conscious and experiencing sight and sound and even other sensory sensations whilst their physical bodies were clinically dead. Furthermore, a number of individuals have come forward, now, to prove the validity of consciousness beyond the confines of the physical brain—not the least of which have been the likes of Peter Fenwick, MD, Pim van Lommel, MD, Claude V. Swanson, Ph.D, David Icke, PMH Atwater, Ed.D, Ph.D (Hon) and others too numerous to mention here.

I've conversed with the above-mentioned individuals and what's so exciting about all this is that we've all ended up using the same analogies completely independent of one another; i.e. we didn't chat back and forth beforehand, and then adopt one another's phrases or analogies. It's as if we've all, indeed, simultaneously tapped into the universal consciousness and come up with the same exact illustrations for these conclusions. Furthermore, there is a lot of love and gratitude that's shared between all of us. It is so heart-warming to connect with these kindred spirits and share this special and uplifting truth with the world.

I also really appreciate what David Icke has done—likening our physical bodies to computers and the brain as the CPU (or central processing unit). But who operates these computers? Ahh, good question, aye? And that's the point: the computer may have a 'brain' and 'memory', etc., but it still requires someone to operate it and provide input. Bingo! It is our consciousness (or infinite awareness) that animates and operates the body computer, not the brain! Consciousness exists outside and independent of the brain, as illustrated earlier, and so it also stands to reason that, when the computer breaks down and no longer works, the operator still functions; i.e. when your body (or computer) dies, your selfhood and consciousness are still very much in tact. When you no longer need to traverse on this plane, you simply give up your 'computer' and move on, that's it! You still exist! Fancy that!

Thus, special souls, like the ones mentioned above, and NDErs like myself have joined hands and hearts to share this very basic truth with everyone that we are, indeed, immortal and live and have consciousness forever.

Websites are beautiful, elaborate and functional, but what you see and access is merely a bunch of code that provides the 'appearance' of images, sound, audio, text and colour that's functional and useful when we visit them. This plane is nothing but a cosmic website made up of code that is filtered and decoded to provide the appearance of a seemingly solid and physical world for our use and enjoyment.

Likewise, our bodies are like computers that enable us to access and store things as needed, to use different programs and applications and to perform certain tasks, etc., but these computers are not who we are; they're merely tools that enable us to function on this plane. It's really as simple as that.

Another interesting thing to note is that memory is not stored in the brain, because the brain is not equipped to store all that memory. So where is the memory stored? It's a magical little thing called DNA. The 95% (and some say 97%) of DNA that's considered so-called 'junk DNA' is what connects us with other dimensions and holds our memories in tact. I'm pleased to say that David Icke and Pim van Lommel have written about this in great detail and all of us have talked about this at length. However, since these lads are much more adept at explaining these details than I am, I will happily refer you to them. Please go to my website and read the material from Dr. Pim van Lommel, Dr. Peter Fenwick and David Icke (as well as the above-mentioned books) and you will be blown away at the profundity of how all this fits so neatly together.

To all of the individuals who've accused me—and others like me—of being 'crazy' or 'out of touch with reality', I sincerely thank you for pushing me to search, research and experience that which has proven you as very mistaken and I hope that you are inspired in knowing that my 'dream world' is real and that you can now break away from your rigid interpretation of 'reality' that is actually the real dream world!

I will close with a poem that I wrote many, many years ago in the 1960s:

Where am I
Sitting here
Looking at the sky?
Am I sitting in a dream
Looking at reality?
Or am I sitting in reality
Looking at a dream?
I can feel this meadow about me
But what is this that I see?
Could it be that a dream is reality
And reality a dream?

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Anonymous said...

I've never had an NDE and I can't get enough of reading about the experiences but I still seem to hit an invisible wall when it comes to love. I just can't seem to make sense of love. And to feel unconditional love for even a few seconds makes me question even more what this could possibly be about and why would any soul choose to return here. I'm just not getting some important pieces and I really want to. Love, Adrienne