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Nanci L. Danison on Toward The Light

On 23 September, I had the honour of interviewing Nanci L. Danison on Toward The Light. Nancy is an NDEr and the author of Backwards: Returning to Our Source for Answers. Don't let the word, 'backwards' throw you, as there's such a bright and logical reason for the use of this word. Nanci states in her Introduction: "To my surprise, many of the societal and religious beliefs I held before this experience, turned out to be the exact opposite of the truths I gleaned from the Source. They are backwards. Moreover, our journey through life from this point on will be metaphorically backwards—back to the Source that created us, back to the fully awakened state of awareness we left when we decided to temporarily enter into human life. For these reasons, I begin this account with the words, 'we have it backwards'."

This is right in line with the slogan of our organisation, Toward The Light, for example, that is followed by '...leading back to the Source'! It implies that we go 'back' Home—back to a place that's familiar and real, back to our authentic selves and back to the Light. Nanci—just as I mention in my NDE account—states that every living thing returns to Source no matter what, and without exception. We're talking about everyone—all living things!

As I was reading these pages, I found it so refreshing that Nanci's beyond-death experience was not coloured by societal, cultural or religious influences and that is was, in fact, very similar to my own transcendent NDE in the mid 1970s. As I read details of what she gleaned through her experience, it was so parallel to what I experienced, I realised that I didn't need to write a book, as it's already been written! However, I do plan to write a child's book on this magical topic—complete with my own illustrations.

Nanci does a splendid job at describing Source (or what I'll often also refer to as LightSource) and the misconceptions brought about by the 'genderfying' of it by erroneous human thinking. She states, "We have created a concept of God that mirrors the human species in many ways. Whereas the Bible talks about God making man in his own image, humans have similarly 'made' a concept of God in human image." This is exactly what I've been stating all along—both in my talks and writings! The notion of a vindictive 'he-god' that condemns its own creation stems from such erroneous thinking! Nanci also states, "Source is universal by nature. ...I came to understand that Source is not a discrete, separate-from-us God-person as religions characterise 'him'. Human religion has this concept totally backwards. I received 'knowing' that God is actually more of an enormous entity than a singular, individual, discrete person. Source is more akin to what we'd call an intelligent, self-aware, emotional energy source, or an alive energy source. God is not a person in the way that humans think of themselves as individuals persons. ...God/Source is simultaneously both a single, unified field of energy, and a collective being composed of all of creation, including us."

Years ago I read a novel entitled, Radio Free Albemuth by Philip K. Dick. Therein he described a composite entity, VALIS (vast active living intelligence systems), that's not unlike our experience and description of Source. It is, indeed, unconditionally loving intelligence that is profoundly creative and curious! And that's why we, as the individual 'Sourcebeams' —as Nanci terms it—were created: to allow Source to experience individual expressions of Itself, and to create, experiment and experience through these expressions. Even as the sunbeams are individual rays of the sunlight, they are still completely and always connected to the sun and never 'severed' or apart from it. So too, the 'Sourcebeams' can never be separated or apart from Source!

This is excellent! And I was jumping up and down in my seat—like an excited child—as I was reading these words. We're off to the right start, I kept thinking, and more and more people need to see and hear these loving words of wisdom in order to help one overcome one's fear of death and of the Source Itself!

Nanci goes on to describe how the Source never judges or condemns its own creation; only the human ego does! But, alas, I won't keep quoting from the book and spoiling it for you. Instead, I want to highly encourage that you purchase this fine book as it's released on 1st October 2007! It is a fascinating and comforting read all the way through and something that is so relevant in every way.

Speaking with Nanci on the show was delightful. She described her NDE, in 1994, and the fact that the wisdom and knowing she gleaned from her experience actually was more completely 'downloaded' at a later date in 2001. She described herself as being pulled down, then out of the centre of her body with a 'whoosh' during a medical procedure. At first, after she left her body, she felt like she entered into a dark void—a blackness all round her. She then saw a pinpoint of light and realised that she was to enter into it. As she had the thought, she suddenly found herself in the light and enveloped in the all-encompassing unconditional love that left her with a complete feeling of peace with no fear whatsoever.

She described the transition to the Other Side as being very orderly. She felt no emotional connection to her physical body when she looked upon it from the vantage point of her NDE where she was very detached. She did miss the sensation of touch, however ... or feeling her skin ... or eating chocolate. We got a good laugh out of this! Yet I stated that I, on the other hand, had no experience of the physical, nor did I miss it or long for it. In fact, I was totally oblivious ... so everyone's NDE is unique unto one's self.

Nanci was given the information—by the 'Council', as they are called—that her physical body could go on without her, if she chose not to return to physical life, and she explained that the human animal is a separate entity from the soul self. (Refer to her book.) She mentioned being with the 'Council'—evolved souls who told her that she could either stay or return to her body, but that her body would still be animated! She did indicate that there are some human beings who exist without souls in tact—something worth looking in to and researching, for sure. When encountering certain individuals, it may leave one to wonder...

Nanci then described her special gift as having wonderful memory. She also indicated that she chose to come back, because she wanted to tell people about the wonderful truths she gleaned from her NDE. The more she thought about her NDE, the more memory would come back to her.

She was also stating that the reason so many NDErs are coming back to share their stories now is because we're entering into a new epoch. We're coming towards the end of the second epoch and entering into the third. People are going to be given the option to leave or stay on this plane and that we're needed for helping to raise everyone's awareness and to overcome fear.

She started writing the book in 1995—one year after her NDE—and got fully in to the writing of it in 2001 as the memory of the details of her experience fully came to her. She had 700 pages written when she was finished with her book and the chapters came independently of one another—seemingly unrelated—and she feels that this came from her higher self, her soul. We are all beings of light, she explains, and a part of that being manifests as a soul that conjoins a human body. Our self is always in the light—even though part of it exists in conjunction with a physical body that appears to be separate.

Understanding Source was the most dramatic, humbling and wonderful part of Nanci's NDE. To say the very least, this was a deeply touching show.

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shawnreeder said...

What a great story. I loved reading it. Nanci is very dear to me and it is great to know people are being inspired by her story and revelations. Her description of Source beams in relation to sun beams is brilliant. Thanks for sharing.