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PMH Atwater on Toward The Light

On 9 September, I had the honour of interviewing PMH Atwater on Toward The Light. PMH is no stranger to TTL as she was my special guest when TTL d├ębuted on 6 March 2006 and she's been on my show at least a half-dozen times. The shows are always so lively and chock full of fascinating information — no two shows being alike. We've talked about near-death states (of course), her extensive research in the realm of NDEs, her work and research centred on children — the 'new' children, as she calls them, as well as child NDErs — great changes that are taking place on our planet and within all of us, future events in our world, and, most recently, talking about her Runes of the Goddess — something for which she possessed an instant 'knowing' from the first time she saw them.

When I met PMH a number of years ago, we hit it off immediately. There was a recognition with each other, and a deep knowing, and I fully believe that we've known each other before — in another life, in another dimension, or whatever — and we knew that we each had a special calling (as is often the case with one who's had an NDE). We were immediately at ease with each other and I felt a profound sense of trust straight away with her. In fact, we acknowledged each other as 'soul sisters'.

There is something very sisterly about us too — one from America and one from the UK — our both being easily in awe at the littlest things, and having playful spirits that have us ever so animated and with a ready laugh. We've both even got white shoulder-length hair (although my hair is actually growing down my back now, which it hadn't done since the early 70s when I was ill with cancer!), and we've got the most curious and inquisitive minds. Despite our ages, we don't appear to be slowing down much! We continue to plough forward with our endeavours to study, research, learn, write and share with others what we've learned. It's as if we're still in university — always thirsting for knowledge and having the will to pass it on to others in the hopes that they'll also be empowered and uplifted.

As a fellow NDEr, and one who's written a dozen books and lectured all over the world, PMH has been a tremendous role model for me as well. I had not fully 'come out' yet when I met PMH, so I wasn't actively circulating and broadcasting the fact that I'm an NDEr — let alone being all over the media with it. Yet, it was she who 'gave me permission', as it were, to have the courage to finally come out and proclaim that I'm not only an NDEr, but have got a wealth of information to share.

I remember hearing PMH speak in NYC a number of years ago at a special congress for the IIPC (International Institute of Projectiology and Conscientiology), which is centred on the study of OBEs/astral projection and consciousness. In fact, what was so interesting about this is that, the moment my daughter and I walked into the lobby of the Academy of Medicine in Manhattan, PMH emerged from the auditorium simultaneously and she'd had a feeling that we were approaching. She grabbed my hand and led us into the auditorium to the front row shortly before she was to give her speech. We gave her good moral support and I knew that she was comforted by our presence there and our knowing. :)

She shared very powerful information about her own NDEs and how they've impacted her as well as talking about her NDE research that she was catapulted into the year following her three NDEs in 1977. She shared deeply personal and emotional material that caused her to be chocked up and in tears at one point ... and, believe me, I certainly know and understand this. Going through an NDE and thinking or talking about it and its impact will definitely bring one to tears. Indeed, how would it not do?— given that these events profoundly change our lives forever! Yet, she was criticised for her tears during her speech by the IIPC! To me, her tears were the most moving part of her talk, as they helped us to feel the deep authenticity of her experiences and what she's gleaned as a result. I defy anyone to criticise her (or anybody) for being so real, as her talk was profoundly rich in content and full of meaning — so compassionately and beautifully delivered!

She was so warm in her presentation ... and I hung on every word, I was so fascinated and enthralled by what she was sharing. The lady's loaded with information — her being a walking encyclopaedia at the very least! Yet there was never any haughtiness or pretentiousness at all. Alas, I was taking all this in. I was only just starting to give talks on this topic myself — having never been a public speaker in my life — and I was terrified at the very thought of speaking in public. I could sing my heart out on stage since I was a wee child, but speak? Oh, no, never! But now I was learning from a pro ... and if a pro could cry, well so could I, because, indeed, I did cry during my very first speech and others even sense! That's how much this topic will really stir those of us who've been through an NDE or related experience. I'm full of tears right now — just thinking about this!

We're not supposed to be dry academics, here. The NDE affects people in such deep and profound ways that I honestly cannot imagine someone who's an NDEr being a deadpan whilst speaking about his or her NDE or related experience. This is an emotionally charged subject and the tears are a precious gift in my view ... and I was already learning from PMH that what comes naturally is what wins in this work. It's not like other talks and presentations and it's not supposed to be. It's supposed to be spontaneously given and spoken from the heart — period!

For some reason — and I'm not entirely sure why — PMH seemed to see a lot of potential in me, because she was encouraging me on this path from the get-go. She encouraged me to write, to have the courage to ask for what I want, to share my experiences with others in the form of talks, meetings, etc. In fact, I started holding NDE discussion/support group meetings in Nashville where I lived at the time — of all places! Not only that, but I was asked to be interviewed on radio in Nashville and later ended up on television! Blimey, I wanted to faint whilst in front of that camera! But the fact that all this evolved and was given life in ... Nashville is so auspicious in and of itself! Who would have thought that the 'buckle of the bible belt' would have catapulted me into my 'coming out' with being an NDEr and ending up all over the media in Music City? And I must add, too, that I was treated with the greatest respect in all of my media experiences there — even if some of the material wasn't complete or totally accurate.

I had even left Nashville, then ended up returning there to live again. It was PMH who told me that I was sent back there for the purpose of doing this work centred in NDEs. And now I've been doing my own radio show for one and a half years! Wow! Yet I've got to thank PMH for her tremendous love, encouragement and support for my being where I am now. With her tremendous example, she helped me to have the nerve and conviction to follow through with serving the world with this special work. She's given me much praise as well and that means a lot — again, because I regard her as very professional and one who absolutely knows what she's doing. She's an amazingly prolific writer and speaker — one who's not afraid to playfully, yet seriously spew out all kinds of loaded information that will keep you pondering things for hours, even days, thereafter.

I have noticed that NDErs seem to be blessed with a greater courage than what would be considered normal. There's something about the experience that demands that we be totally and completely real and authentic ... and just 'saying it like it is' with no holding back.

It's so interesting to realise, in retrospect, that I used to be so very timid and shy. I never would have done this stuff in a million years! Be on television? You've got to be kidding, of course! Mind you, I wasn't on some big-time TV programme or anything like that; I was just on the news twice, but that's still huge when you think about it. I always sang on stage (as I stated above) with not a thought or care in the world, but to get up and speak ... or host a radio show ... live ... in public was simply unheard of and never even a consideration!

In fact, I was sitting in my office one day and wondering what the heck I was doing in Nashville. The following morning, I got a call from Channel 4 News wanting me to be on a special news broadcast on Life After Death, but it got postponed on account of some election, so I forgot about it. Then, another day, I asked the same question and blimey if I didn't get a second call from Channel 4 News! I stopped asking that question! I was on the news in November 2005 with two other NDErs.

Then in January, I was asked to be interviewed on a radio programme hosted by Claude V. Swanson, Ph.D — a physicist who authored the book, Synchronized Universe. After the show was over, the owner of the radio network was so impressed with my topic and delivery, he asked me to host my own radio show! I was gob-smacked. Me?! But, alas, a number of people had been trying to encourage me to do my own radio show for ages, so this should not have been a surprise to me. Thus I accepted the offer and had to go to work making arrangements for booking guests and getting into the busy mode of producing a radio show.

When thinking of whom my first guest should be, it only made sense to have the one person who's been such a tremendous source of support and encouragement — not to mention, an incredible role-model to me: PMH Atwater. I contacted her and she was all too delighted to be my first guest. I knew too, that, the fact that she'd been on countless radio shows, she'd give me honest feedback about my work as a host.

When that fateful day arrived, Monday, 6 March 2006, I admit that I was nervous as could be. I took my 'Rescue Remedy' and did some deep breathing and waited for the moment that I'd be on the air live — doing my own radio show — and welcoming someone who's got a special place in my heart. Alas, my voice 'squeaked' a little as I was introducing PMH, because I was beset with emotion — not unlike when we've given talks about our NDEs and feeling such deep emotion. Yet, it was like sitting over tea with a friend and nattering away about something very meaningful that we both understood so well ... and something that's very close to our hearts.

Being the perfectionist that I am, I tend to tear myself to shreds and have always been so critical of myself. Yet this is what PMH had to say about this first show: "I must say you were most professional. You did a better job than most radio talk show hosts I have been interviewed by, and you have a good voice... I feel very good about the show. I hope you do, too. Big hugs to you, oh, great one!" Wow! I couldn't believe my eyes when I read this; I was moved to tears — not to mention how deeply grateful I was ... and still am. I've got to say that, with over 26 years of research on NDEs, writing books and articles and speaking on radio, television and literally all over the map, this lady would know a good host, I've no doubt.

I honestly don't think that I'd ever have had my 'coming out' and getting into this work if it weren't for the constant encouragement — even insistence — from PMH. It's taken everything I have to muster the nerve to do this work and to be circulating in the media the way I am now ... but the calling is larger than the fear — much larger — and Scotty won't beam me up until I've successfully completed this sacred work that I was called back to do.

Thank you, PMH, for being such a special friend and soul sister and for all your love, encouragement, support and wisdom. And happy birthday to you on 19.9! The world is a much better and more enlightened place because of your being here and blessing us all with your beautiful light!

Photo: NDErs, PMH Atwater & Peter Tufts (standing) & Rev. Juliet Nightingale (sitting) at the 2004 IANDS Conference in Chicago.

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Nancy Clark said...

One word describes your comments Juliet, phenomenal! You have written so beautifully, so informative and from the heart. You have a wonderful gift that you express through the written word and through the spoken word via your radio show. I honor that gift. I am glad you commented upon PMH tearing up when she spoke about her NDE. I too, always tear up whenever I talk about my experience and I don't apologize for it either. I've given so many talks and I will NEVER get used to describing the ineffable unconditional love I felt during my own experience. To recall it is to go back to that sacred time, and re-experience that glorious memory. I cannot stop the tears! The human being cannot contain the sheer magnitude of that unconditional love which is not human love. The only way the body can release that energy is to release it through tears. To witness those tears is to
acknowledge that something very, very powerful affected those of us who were touched by the Light. We should never be afraid or embarrassed to show our true nature.