Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Matthew Delooze on Toward The Light

On 26 August, I had the honour of interviewing Matthew Delooze on Toward The Light. This is the third time I've had him on my show, because what he's been through and what he's had to share will keep you on the edge of your seat! Matthew is an abductee from Lancashire (as I am) who was originally abducted at the age of six whilst he was playing in a field near his home in Burnley. A bird caught his attention and he kept gazing up at it and suddenly, he was transported up into a circular ship where he was met by a most lovely lady — a very benevolent being who told him that he'd agreed, before incarnating, to help save the world. He protested, stating, "I'm only six years old!" And she said, "You will be wiser when you're older." She warned him that he'd experience multiple encounters that would not be pleasant, but that he was protected and would get through all this and be all right ... and that they were happening for a very important reason.

Thus, Matthew's first unpleasant experience involved two reptilian entities coming into his bedroom and carrying him away into another ship and this occurred on an average of once a week for a duration of four to five years! Consequently, he wrote a book detailing these accounts entitled, You Will Be Wiser When You're Older, but that was only after he had the strongest urge to 'come out' and share all of this in the year 1999. He had kept it all hidden and even experienced his own bout of amnesia about his childhood abductions until an incident at work suddenly brought everything back to him and catapulted him onto the path that he is now on — travelling, researching, writing and sharing the truths of what he's discovered as a result.

Independently of such noted researchers as David Icke and Stewart Swerdlow, etc., Matthew has had his own direct experiences with the interdimentional alien beings that are reptilian and who reside in the lower fourth dimension. Commonly known as the Serpent Cult, these beings — through inter-breeding — have created a bloodline of beings that are part human and part reptilian. These constitute the elite ruling families (including the royal family the Windsors) who, in conjunction with the reptilians on the lower fourth dimension, control and rule this planet and have done so for thousands of years.

Matthew has uncovered the myriad of ways these alien beings control us and our world — how they manipulate us, feed off of us and usurp our energy and power — thus keeping us locked in servitude and being virtual slaves. He states, "They harness our spiritual power and somehow feed off of it and use it against us. They do this by creating our physical reality through collective mind control. To control our reality, they need to control our thoughts. If they control our thoughts, then they also control our actions. This is true, they not only control your physical life here on this planet you call planet Earth, they also control your thoughts, therefore your soul when you leave the physical body."

In May of 2005, Matthew journeyed to Egypt to research ancient symbolism and the meanings behind them ... but it doesn't end there. He's uncovered serpent cult symbolism everywhere under our noses — such that the majority of people are totally unaware! When I read his blog about monuments that were erected in my birthplace, Blackpool, I was gob-smacked to see what was there. (Someday, I'll share some strange experiences I went through as a child there.) You see snakes everywhere — from monuments to the foot path along the promenade! You will find the results of what he found in Egypt and more in his compelling book, The Stars Are Falling.

Since his trip to Egypt, Matthew's journeyed and found symbolism throughout the UK and elsewhere. The symbolism he uncovers is staggering! It's amazing what a sharp eye he's got! Everywhere you turn, you will see serpent and sun symbolism and Matthew does an exquisite job at unveiling and detailing all of this in the aforementioned book.

In his most recent book, Is It Me For A Moment?, he reveals the myriad of ways the serpent cult has manipulated, controlled and enslaved us for thousands of years. He covers such things as the history of religion and how it is all related to sun worship, and this includes the celebration of Christmas, New Years and Easter — just to name a few. He also addresses the way the serpent cult uses festivals and concerts to steal our collective emotional and spiritual energy that they feed off of ... plus the placement of serpent cult symbolism in strategic locations throughout the world that also harnesses our energy. The stage at Glastonbury, for example, is in the shape of a pyramid, Ferris wheels are in the shape of the sun with a pyramid base. And you'll find obelisks and domes (very powerful symbolism) everywhere — not to mention serpent, all-seeing eye, Masonic and other symbols. All of these are used to control and manipulate energy. Yet people are walking round in a state of total oblivion!

But it is individuals like Matthew Delooze who's helping to wake up the masses -- those who've been 'sleep walking' virtually all of their lives. As he so blatantly states throughout his books, "Wake up!"

I've also got to acknowledge his research centred on the entertainment industry — especially the music business and the festivals that draw the masses out to offer up their spiritual energy — but films are also a huge part of mind control. Then there's television, advertising, (with all the subliminals), packaging ... you name it! It is everywhere and it is relentless!

Traversing this path has been very difficult for Matthew and it's been very painful for him. He's suffered greatly as a result of all that he's endured, but it's definitely not been in vain. I, for one, so deeply respect my neighbour from Burnley. In our culture, we may be referred to as merely 'working class' or 'commoners', but nothing could be further from the truth. Matthew is a special and loving soul who, indeed, has come to help save this planet and dispel the darkness once and for all. It takes all types and not just the high profile and well-spoken individuals who've helped shed light on this history behind our planet and what's going on here. Our worth is not determined by what county we're from or how big our bank account is; that's all centred in the lies imposed by the serpent cult that have got nothing to do with truth or who we really are in the first place.

Souls like Matthew are helping to break the spell of the serpent cult once and for all ... and I am only all too grateful to Matthew for the splendid work he's done. I love the lad! He's got great humour, fortitude, and determination to bring the light and truth to humanity and help liberate us from the stranglehold of these sinister entities that, thank goodness, are, indeed, losing ground.

I will add that, this year, I've seen a lot of people coming forth and engaging in dialogue about all this ... and I find it such a relief to be able to openly discuss things with many individuals now — more and more so all the time — and that is a good sign that people are, indeed, waking up!

Matthew's a wonderful 'alarm clock'. Thank you for the wake-up call, Mate! You've done a tremendous job at unveiling the truth and helping to break the hypnotic spell of the serpent cult once and for all.


matthew delooze said...

Hello Juliet,

thank you very much for your comments and your efforts in writing them.

i am very flattered that you see something in the stuff that i wrote, not only that i admire your courage to actually spread the messages that you do.

you are one in a million!

Toward The Light said...

Well, I wouldn't have written it unless I truly believed it! That, you can be sure of!

BIG hug,

JN :)