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Cyndi Smith on Toward The Light

On 19 August, I had the honour of interviewing Cyndi Smith on Toward The Light. Cyndi was one of those special 'California Girls', as she was very pretty and lovely on the outside as well as the inside. She admittedly had the vanity to go with it and lived a rather 'shallow' life — to use her words — until the age of 18 when everything changed for her. At that time she was involved in a serious car accident; breaking her neck in three places, her lower back in two, her pelvis and femur. She was told the dreaded words that she may 'never walk again', but she was determined to disprove that prognosis from the get-go.

However, whilst she was initially in hospital, she had no idea of the severity of her condition or even what had happened to her; she recalled no details of her accident at all. It was the first time she actually started 'waking up' and realising the extent of her injuries. During the first fortnight in hospital, everything seemed so surreal and it wasn't until a friend visited her and gasped, and then started crying ... that she realised how damaged and broken her body was. She was in traction and in a striker frame.

Finally, a friend visiting her in hospital, informed her that her friend, Linda, had been killed in the accident. Just prior to the accident, Cyndi and Linda had swapped places in the vehicle, which caused Cyndi to feel pangs of guilt for Linda's death, but it was obviously Linda's time to go... The sacred contract that Linda's soul had for being on this plane was only meant to be brief this time. We discussed the importance of not feeling guilty for the death of a friend or loved one and to realise that it was simply meant to be.

Then I suddenly could feel the happy presence of Linda's spirit and I mentioned it to Cyndi on the show. I also started describing Linda — with her long flowing dark hair — holding her hands on Cyndi's shoulders and guiding her and also seeing Linda being very grateful to Cyndi. She indicated that a psychic in London also told her the same thing — as did other psychics she had spoken with. This has provided a great sense of relief and joy for Cyndi.

Realising the reality of her friend's being killed ... and her own state, Cyndi said, "God, I need you now!" and she suddenly felt some hands underneath her that started lifting her up. In the depths of her solar plexus, she felt a warm light growing and it kept expanding until it penetrated her entire being. She suddenly felt all light, love, peace and perfection. She saw spirit beings surrounding her. Four, in particular, were very connected to her. She suddenly had all of this knowledge — a deep knowing — and everything being so beautiful, peaceful and loving. She was in a true state of bliss and experienced, first hand, the unconditional love ... that can never truly be described. One must experience it directly to have any semblance of understanding as to what it really is.

Next, she saw a huge light being that she perceived as 'Jesus' and there was a powerful telepathic dialogue between them. She asked "What am I to make of this?" — referring to her injury — and he said "Whatever you want to make of it." Then the dialogue continued when he further asked:

"What do you want?"

"To walk without a cane"

"So be it" he responded.

Cyndi had no religious influences as she was growing up. Consequently, having an NDE at a rather early age in life, coupled with the lack of religious influences, meant that her NDE was basically void of religious content; although she did default to interpreting the being of light as 'Jesus', since, after all, there are still strong Christian archetypes in western society that can and do influence one's interpretation and perception of one's experiences, etc.

Cyndi did have a very loving, healthy and supportive family life with her parents and brother. Thus, she was able to talk about her NDE to her mum and dad, but spoke to very few others about it — for fear of being thought of as 'crazy'. An experience in the light, as a result of an NDE, was her saving grace and literally changed her entire view on life.

She also acknowledged her life as being very fated and this incident led to a powerful opening up of a profound new chapter in her life.

She learned from her NDE that God is within ALL of us. When asking what's the best thing to do, she feels that it's important to go within — whether through prayer, meditation, etc. — and commune with Source. She also learned that she had to love herself first and that it was not contingent on someone else's love or appreciation of her, but, rather, finding the God within and generating a true and deep sense of self love. This is very important for everyone to understand and realise.

Cyndi is the proud mother of twin sons — ironically who were born on the same day as her accident, 2 July! One of her sons, Garrett, is also an NDEr — having witnessed a medical procedure whilst floating above his body at age three. Somehow, Cyndi mentioned the procedure to Garrett and he said, "Is that when they stuck the needle in my back?" Surprised, because Cyndi hadn't said a work about this, she asked, "Did you feel it, Honey?" "No, I saw it!", he said, then he described this in detail to his mum and she encouraged him on.

Another interesting development was that she encountered people who kept telling her that she could be healed if she wanted to — which she knew was true — but it's her calling to actually be disabled of body and do this special work to educate people and set a good example. She found out that she's got a special mission to help others. Her being disabled was the gift that enabled her to know herself, love herself and serve others in a very significant way.

This moved her to want to develop a television programme that would educate people about what it means to be disabled. Her idea is to help people learn about specific disabilities, how people work with their and adapt with their disabilities and finding special places for them to travel that provide proper accessibility in different parts of the world — not to mention the realisation of a dream! This can also serve to help remove the stigma associated with people with disabilities. Thus she created a 23-minute-long pilot for a TV show entitled, Freedom to Travel Show. What an exciting and wonderful idea this is ... and Cyndi's got the warm and outgoing personality to carry this off. Each episode will cost roughly $30-60K to produce and she is looking for sponsors to help make this wonderful dream a reality. And she also wants to find disabled people to feature on the show.

Being disabled myself, I could really empathise with everything Cyndi was saying during the show. I've been legally blind my entire life ... but I also experienced paralysis for 1.5 years — also from a spinal injury as a result of a serious fall — being totally bedridden and unable to walk. At one point I even forgot what it felt like to walk and that was quite scary; so I walk with gratitude with every step I take now, you can be sure!

Cyndi is such a warm and bubbly spirit. You can't help but feel such joy and inspiration in her presence or after hearing her speak. She is teaching us that we needn't be thwarted by our disabilities and, also, that disabled people are just as intelligent, creative, full of vision, wisdom, curiosity, and love as anyone else. We're not 'weird' or 'freaks'; our bodies simply function differently, that's all ... and it causes us to greatly appreciate things on a deep level — not being so inclined to take things for granted.

Having these discussions with Cyndi — both on the air and during telephone conversations — has left me deeply inspired ... and I've offered to avail myself to help her with her projects, because it is an endeavour whose time has come. It's time to remove the stigma associated with both NDEs and disabilities. Having an NDE and/or being disabled are gifts that can truly enrich our lives and cause us to grow closer to our divine essence and not be so caught up in the things of the world — dealing with compounding distractions that tend to pull us away from our true and authentic selves as divine expressions of the LightSource.

Anyone who is interested in participating in this magnificent project — whether as a sponsor and/or a subject for the TV show, please contact Cyndi or Toward The Light.

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