Thursday, 23 August 2007

A Question About 'Hell'

I receive eMails from countless individuals who are earnestly seeking understanding and truth regarding NDEs, the Afterlife, 'Heaven', judgement, 'hell', suicide, God, religion and so on. These are so worth noting — especially in light of the fact that they're so universal in scope. Therefore, I've opted to share some of these questions along with my responses to them. Here's one of them:

Q: Hi, I've recently quit my religion and began a spiritual search, didn't mean to, it just happened one day. I'm 29, I have a question for you... I believe everything I've read about NDEs... It's like the questions in my life and the missing links are being presented to me, and I am ready for it. I am accepting these things as knowledge. It's like I've always known these things; they were just not brought to the surface until now, so last night I watched a Christian reverend's video about his 23 minutes of HELL, his trip with the 10 feet tall beasts ripping his flesh and it growing back again, the agonizing thirst, the screaming and moaning of the people he heard who he knew were NEVER going to get out of hell, the stone walls and he being trapped 4000 miles beneath the earth's crust.... This afternoon, I read your approach, that everyone will eventually make it to the LIGHT and become one with God (you know which passage I am referring to? I have been studying the website). Of course I want to believe what you are saying, but where then did this other man's real HELL experience come from? Please help me understand. I thought I was on the right path, then last night when I saw that video, I slept horribly, my fire alarm sounded at 4 in the morning and I was sure my house had some bad things dwelling here for the night.... Not feeling right, Sarah

A: Hello Sarah,

I certainly do understand your feeling confused and uncomfortable with the differing experiences from various NDErs. I will say that, according to my experiences, research and understanding, many people see/experience what they expect to see and experience and/or what is familiar to them; e.g. if one is expecting to see 'Jesus', then it's likely that one will do so during a near-death episode.

This is true especially with adult experiencers, because of their cultural and religious influences, biases, etc. Child experiencers, on the other hand, have not got this conditioning to affect their thinking during, or their interpretation of, their near-death episodes; they're much more 'organic' if you will. They're not so 'coloured' by culture, religion, society, family/teachers, etc., so I view a child's NDE as being more straightforward and authentic.

Furthermore, 'hell' is mainly just a state of mind as a result of compounded fear. However, there are some areas in the lower astral world that can definitely be 'hellish', but, again, this is a temporary state — one that is due to become 'obsolete' as soon as we all transcend the fear that currently keeps us captive in slavery and servitude. Malevolent entities (such as the reptilians, who do live on the lower fourth dimension of the astral world), can and do torment and harm people, and are the 'demons' that people sometimes see and experience. However, once the fear (that they thrive on) is dissolved once and for all, they will no longer have any power over us. There is no 'Satan' or 'he-devil' — only the above-mentioned collective negative entities that have been controlling this planet and reeking havoc for thousands of years. They are also the ones who developed religion!

Another NDEr (who's now deceased) viewed 'hell' as the fear of the unknown. Think about that for a moment and you can figure out that it's universally one of the most frightening states for the human ego to endure!

Now let's look at 'God' (LightSource, All that IS, GodSource, the One — whatever you choose to call it). If God is Love, then what God of Love would truly 'condemn' it's own creation? Think about this for a moment. We are each a part of Source — manifesting as individual rays of light and creative expressions of Source. Would God condemn itself? I hardly think so! Only the human ego judges and condemns (as was pointed out in the section of my NDE account where I address the life review), but Love never condemns. It only heals and perpetrates growth and renewal — never the opposite. Love is a creative force — not a destructive one!

Now, let's get back to the issues of religion. Religion is all about fear and total mind-control — a mind prison, to be sure. That's not about spirituality, however, or endeavouring to experience communion with Source and your divine self — to be aware and on a spiritual path. Mainly, what I want to say about this is that anything that would induce or encourage fear is a lie!!! If anyone or thing encourages fear, please dismiss it straight away! It's simply not real.

Here is a link to a two-hour-long video/film that will shed great light about the fear-based manipulations of religion and the shadow governments that perpetuate this mass fear at ZeitgeistMovie. Ideally, it will help bring you much peace of mind...

I sincerely hope that I've answered your questions in a way that will truly help you feel more peace of mind. Also, there are tons of resources available on ... so feel free to probe therein and you'll likely uncover some treasures that will help ease your mind.

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