Friday, 10 August 2007

Peggy Kane on Toward The Light

On 29 July and 5 August, I had the honour of interviewing Peggy Kane on Toward The Light. To say that these interviews were most informative and fascinating would be an understatement. It was both thought-provoking and enlightening and oh, so in earnest!

Peggy Kane and her work were brought to my attention as a result of an urgent eMail that was forwarded to me several weeks back when there was a serious concern expressed regarding the pending event, Fire The Grid. (See my blog on 'Fire The Grid' FMI.) The eMail contained information disclosed by Peggy Kane as a result of her work with something called 'electronic voice phenomena' (EVP) and 'reverse speaking' (RS) where a recorded statement is played backwards and a startling 'inner message of truth' is heard.

EVP occurs where a voice from the Other Side is captured on a recording—usually via a digital recorder—where one is able to hear clear statements being made.

I was very much aware of EVP and have experienced it directly myself; however, I had admittedly never heard of the RS. Peggy became aware of 'reverse speech' through David Oates (a pioneer of RS) and then proceeded to research it in depth for herself—using her own equipment and software to listen to reverse speaking. (Apparently, David Oates uses 'reverse speech' as a trademark, so Peggy uses the term 'reverse speaking'.)

Oates views 'reverse speaking' as coming from the unconscious; whereas 'forward' is the conscious mind speaking. Peggy, on the other hand, regards RS as tapping into the universal mind (or higher consciousness) and that it is a 'truth serum' that exposes lies or disinformation being told in forward speech.

On the show I asked her how she knows that RS reveals truth and that one 'cannot lie' in RS ... and she acknowledged the consistencies in all of the reversals she heard. This fact alone has held great weight in bringing her to this conclusion. She's listened to literally thousands of reversals over a period of five years and has come up with some pretty amazing data as a result.

Her understanding of this mainly occurred when Peggy was listening to politicians in reverse. Now that, in itself, had to be most interesting and revealing. Perhaps this one thing alone has given her the conviction that RS reveals truth—even unbeknownst to the one 'speaking through the side off his mouth'!

She also had experiences with EVPs being reversed and finding that entities who had been speaking to her were lying to and deceiving her—causing her to believe one thing ... when the opposite was true. Sadly, many of the messages she was receiving were misleading and untrue.

Peggy's work with RS also opened up another whole 'tin of worms'—the fact that this planet is manipulated and controlled by a reptilian race that resides on the lower fourth dimension. This isn't new. Having my own personal experience with these malevolent entities—not to mention the fact that I've done extensive research myself and have spoken with and had guests on my show such as David Icke, Matthew Delooze, Stewart Swerdlow, etc. who are very much regarded as 'experts' in this field—I knew for certain that this was no 'off-the-wall sci-fi' theory. As the saying goes, truth is stranger than fiction and, indeed, this is so.

Once again, taking EVP recordings that Peggy had done, (that of entities from the Other Side), and then reversing them, she found the presence of the reptilians whilst she was listening to these EVP recordings! Again, she concludes something as a result of personal experience. She describes hearing the reversals in real time. This was something she was not prepared for—especially when she wanted so much to believe in the 'love' and 'positive messages' coming from the Other Side. They were merely manipulations and tricks being played on a naive and well-meaning soul.

Peggy states: "If you are listening to EVP without reversing, the chances of being lied to and/or conned is almost 100%. If you are listening to reverse speaking without understanding the nature of life on the other side, the chances of being misled are also very great. The two go hand in hand.

If you think that reverse speaking is coming from the subconscious mind, I will challenge that assumption. It is my contention that it is coming from a part of the mind that is far beyond anything we can imagine." Well, in light of the fact that we use only 10% of our brain, it makes you stop and ponder the remaining 90%, doesn't it? Also, think about the 95% of so-called 'junk DNA' and what all this adds up to—literally!

She also made some claims that were most unsettling; e.g. that what mediums (like myself) experience or receive from the Other Side are likely deceptive messages coming from the reptilians posing as a loved one, friend, angel or spirit guide, etc. She'd also claimed that what NDErs experience is confined to still being caught or trapped within the 'net' (or what is also referred to as the 'matrix grid' that is controlled by the reptilian race) ... so I posed these questions to her on the show, because I was clearly disturbed by these claims. Mind you, I wasn't out to 'counter' her in any way. Quite the contrary, as I perceived a loving and earnest person in Peggy and I was striving to learn and understand more about this information she was sharing and to maintain an open mind. Although she has found, what she stated to be the case, from her own research and experiences, she would not make this as a blanket statement, because she honestly didn't know. It would appear that she does regard perhaps most of the messages coming from the Other Side as suspect...

I would share titbits of my NDEs with Peggy, for example, and ask for her input ... and she would regard them with respect and a genuine interest and openness. We'd continue comparing notes and striving for the right understanding and conclusion about all this—something so deep and complex where the answers don't come easy.

Our dialogue was very heartfelt and in earnest—both of us clearly wanting to know the truth—come what may. It flowed so easily and I felt very comfortable with Peggy. It was apparent that I was speaking with a kindred spirit and, with every little bit of information that was shared, I somehow felt a great sense of relief. I was comforted in knowing that our goals are the same: to find the truth and to return to Love—to the One.

Thus the first show was centred on the background of EVP/RS and Peggy's work in it and in the second interview we discussed The Secret. I was struck when I saw 'The Secret' as a topic on Peggy's blog, as she'd done reversals on the audio recording—not only of different people speaking, but of the music used as well. Straight away, I had to read this and listen, as I've had issues with this new gimmick ever since I saw the original film at a Noetic Sciences meeting a few years ago. It just didn't ring true to me, somehow, nor did I feel love coming from most of the speakers. It was too flashy and dramatic and too ... Hollywood.

It seems that the 'law of attraction' has become the latest new-age fad, the big 'buzz word' ... and people are parroting phrases from The Secret everywhere you turn. A negative by-product of this is that I've seen people passing judgements on others for 'not applying the LOA in their lives and that's why they're so miserable...' kind of projection that's very mean-spirited, unkind, and simply inaccurate—not to mention, very damaging. It's no different than the attitude or behaviour of fundamentalist religionists, but with a different bent or jargon, that's all. It's a new 'club' that has emerged that is casting a hypnotic spell over the masses and actually hurting many people.

So Peggy and I talked about these things, as well as the fact that the Secret is loaded with disinformation. She did reversals—not only on statements being made by the speakers in the film—but also of the opening music that was chock-full of subliminals! In our observation, the whole notion of the LOA cannot really work in our current world—not as long as it's controlled by a dark and sinister group that have got us locked in lives of servitude—literally as slaves! And the sad thing is, most of us aren't even aware of it! Thank goodness, that is starting to change now ... as more and more people are waking up, by and by.

The Secret is also too simplistic and its main emphasis seems to be on the acquisition of material goods and power, and the quest for more... "You can have and be anything you want to!"—is the anthem of The Secret, but it's just not that simple. Perhaps, once the dark ones have been driven out ... and the serpent spell finally broken once and for all ... and love has replaced fear ... then we can, indeed, have and be anything we want. But meantime, the real Secret is going to remain just that: a secret.


matthew delooze said...

hello juliet,

I can't pretend to know anything about this reverse speach stuff so i won't comment on that but i do empathise with the comments on 'the secret'. A good friend of mine sent me a copy of the secret about a year or so ago. I watched it 'half stunned'.

I thought the basic message of law of attraction is fine. I have said for years that the masses get just what they think they get.(I mean it collectively though)

i too found it holly-woody 'woody' being a perfect word. I really don't mean to be critical but those people were 100% phoney in my opinion. I felt like they were selling something that even they didn't believe. It was like some door to door brainwashing vacumn salespersons doing a demo video.

I wondered if the people telling the tale would have told the same tale for nothing.

They were scripted in my opinion.
The law of attraction only applies if all minds are free. You can't 'attract' the biggest house or the biggest bank account without being dishonest or heartless

Also The banned in australia 'scam' is only to sell more copies in my opinion.

Also IMO if the collective consciousnees is taught to focus on the material shite that the secret asks us to focus on for ourselves then it will only make us focus on those that create the said material shite.

I feel a strong presence in some people who are genuinely trying to awaken others but sadly the spiritual and conspiracy scene is, in some area's, awash with money makers who seem intent on selling any old shit using the same old sales techniques.

Imo we don't want or need the same old tricks played on us, its a time for truth, a time for unveiling the con men and a time to lose our fears and speak out.

anyway i rant enough ... i'll take my soap box away lol..

Toward The Light said...

Oh, Matt!

You made the very statement that I wanted to also: "The law of attraction only applies if all minds are free. You can't 'attract' the biggest house or the biggest bank account without being dishonest or heartless." How spot on you are, my friend! And it's so true -- sad to say -- and will remain thus until we are free!

Thank you so much for sharing you comment herein! It will be wonderful having you back on my radio show on 26.8!

Tim said...

This post was very interesting. As an NDLE experiencer myself, I can say without doubt only good has come from my experience and continues to this day. As many experiencers can relate, an entirely new universe of interests develops as a result of the experience. This causes us to travel down many paths for more Truth or at least a deeper level of it. Perhaps some NDE and NDLE experiences are outside the 'web' or 'matrix'?

I find reverse speech and EVP intriguing but not necessarily subjects I would focus my energy on. It reminds me somewhat of the distractions we sometimes find ourselves caught in, much like the main character in The Mothman Prophecies.

I thoroughly enjoyed the post however and enjoy the emails, etc..

Thank you!
Tim Hill

Toward The Light said...


I can't tell you how much I appreciate your message here. In fact, I'm going to share what I said to 'Ickey' in an eMail ... and he totally agreed with me. I love PK, but I just can't agree with her about NDEs, mediums and the like. Here's what I wrote:

'I will state that I don't agree with Peggy Kane on a number of issues ... and I do feel that she's too focused on (even obsessed with?) the dark ones and giving them way too much attention and power—even to the point of claiming that the One (Source, All That Is) cannot penetrate the matrix grid that surrounds this planet and reach us! Since when does the Source have less power than the dark ones??? She also claims that all NDEs and messages from mediums, psychics and channellers are a trick of the 'reps'. I find this most damaging and she's, furthermore, reinstating the fear of death by making such claims! This has got me deeply concerned—even grief-stricken. Yet I still get a sense that she's well-meaning over all—if not greatly misguided. I hope I'm not being naive here...'

That's why I always make the statement that 'it is only with the heart that one can see rightly...' because, it is divine love that grants us the gift of discernment and I choose to keep my mind centred in that love, not fear!

Thank you all for this tremendous dialogue. You're wonderful! :)

Tim said...

Yes I couldn't agree with you more. The NDLE sent my life on a faster than the speed of light journey (exaggerating) but during the process of a thirst for knowledge, utimately a thirst for greater/deeper truth I have traveled down many, many paths. The list of topics grow longer by the minute. There were even times as I was absorbing the Truth, that I prayed to the One, that I would be protected and that with each thing I read or studied that my level of discernment would grow as needed. Sometimes the Truth is very difficult to handle. There are so many things that can distract us, to keep us from that deeper revelation or Truth. I think RS and EVP are likely two. While they warrant their own study, for a time, they in and of themselves I think can only lead us to the next thing and the next. But if we stop and settle and not rely on our own abilities to in fact "discern" then I think we miss the boat in a sense.

I couldn't have said it better myself.. 'it is divine love that grants us the gift of discernment'...

Thank you!

Toward The Light said...

DI and I will be talking about these very things when he next comes on my show on 2 March and the show will be two-hours!

The main focus of the discussion will be consciousness and that will include the various types of near-death states that people experience and how ones state of mind affects what one experiences during an NDE and also 'where' one goes—since there are a myriad of dimensions one can travel to.

It's interesting to note that some people experience a hellish state—which would appear to be the lower astral realm where the 'reps' (demons, etc.) indeed do reside and the fact that the NDEr still experiences a human-like 'body' ... whilst others go deep into other realms where there is pure light and being enveloped in unconditional love and not having a 'body' per se, but, rather, being in the form of a luminous 'bubble', as I was during my NDEs, or sometimes just manifesting as pure thought!

These experiences are so diverse and unique ... that it would only make sense that there would be multiple dimensions and planes of existence that a soul can experience. Those who dwell in the negative will likely get caught in the lower astral realms and are certain to have these hellish experiences with sinister entities ... but that's only one plane of existence and certainly not an example of 'all' NDEs—not by a long shot!

That's why it's so very important to watch our thinking, because, if we're in a state of fear (which is a very low vibrational frequency), then it is likely that we'll be drawn to these lower astral realms. However, if we're centred in love, where we go and what we experience will be far different! That's why all of this is so critical ... and that we must claim back our divine heritage and remember who we are as a part of the LightSource and ones who can never truly be seperate from the Light.

Mark your calendars for 2 March, because you can be sure that it will be a very powerful and thought-provoking show with DI! :)

Nindica Pinion said...

Find Peggy Kane and her latest articles and comments at
The EVP Reverse Speaking Forum here:

Working with other reversers , we have learned that the universal light is here and preparing to make itself know to us. Many reversers are hearing MAY. Log in to see what else we've learned through reverse speech. Thousands of audio clips to hear so you can decide for Your Self if there's anything to it!