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Gale Albury on Toward The Light

On 12 August, I had the honour of interviewing Gale Albury on Toward The Light. Gale is an NDEr and one who's had strong connections with the spirit and angelic realms ever since being very small.

Some of the first experiences she recalls, for example, are having a gruesome dream about being on an upside down cross in a cave. Then she has another dream that takes place in a cave where she's with a little boy who's very ill and she wants to help him. A figure came into the cave whom she perceived as 'Jesus'. A dark figure also appeared who was demonic, but 'Jesus' encouraged Gale not to be afraid and they both proceed to take care of the child. Gale was a little child in these dreams as well.

She also kept having experiences of a beautiful red-haired young woman appearing at different times. One such incident occurs when, as a wee tot, she was trying to get out of her crib and the lady kept saying, "No, no, no, you can't do that. Call your mum!"

She saw this angel for three years and thought that everyone saw her. When she realised that no one else could see this lovely young lady, it became clear that this entity was an angel — whom she later perceived as a feminine version of the archangel Gabriel. She never talked about it to her mum, however.

Another incident occurred when, one evening the angel appeared when Gale was home alone without realising that her mum had gone out. She became horribly frightened, but then saw the appearance of a male angel with reddish-brown hair and looking in four directions simultaneously. At that very moment, her mum was returning home and drove into the driveway and all was well at last.

Gale had an NDE at age four when she had surgery for tonsil removal. She rose above her body and then into the clouds where she encountered two angels. She then saw a beautiful green pasture with a village to one side that resembled an English village. She wanted to go in to the village, but the angels stopped her and told her that she had to return.

Gale was an only child with a divorced mother and she had to 'raise herself' in a big way and she spent a lot of time alone, walking through the woods with her dog and talking to God. She assumed that everyone did this ... then discovered that she was different from the 'norm'. She felt that her solitude enabled her to freely listen to and commune with God and the angels who were speaking to her. She played with elves and fairies and other nature spirits — all of which was very natural and real for her.

I found myself nodding and smiling as I listened to her describing all this, because it was like listening to my own childhood story — my living in solitude, being very ill (in my case) most of the time and also constantly in heavy communion with God, angels, nature spirits and others in the spirit world — some who were very loving and positive and some who were dark and mean-spirited.

Another good example of why people need to listen to the voice within is when Gale was in her early 20s, she lived in Georgia and was preparing to head to the petrol station and the store — the petrol station being up and hill and the store being down. However a voice told her not to go — for which she argued and reasoned that it was just a small little errand. So she went ahead and drove out anyway. She want up the road for the petrol and as she started heading back down the hill, her brakes gave out. She finally realised that she was going down the road full speed ahead without brakes ... but divine intervention guided her and saved her from harm. This is a good lesson to never ignore our intuition or divine guidance!

When the above-mentioned red-haired angel later appeared as a man with reddish-brown hair, Gale was in her 20s. When she moved up to Maine from Georgia, she started to have these experiences on a regular basis. She claims that God stated that she'd be doing work with Gabriel. She questioned this and felt awkward with the notion of being in contact with an actual 'archangel', but then finally gave in to the calling. She had powerful STEs (spiritually transformative experiences) that left her feeling blissful and at peace ... so she knew that she was being propelled in the right direction.

Gale started channelling this angel and working on her book as a young adult. Meanwhile, one of her twin daughters was having a serious surgical procedure done on her back. She was worried about her daughter, then she saw an orderly suddenly appear in the hospital corridor and recognised him as Gabriel, but no one else saw him. When she said, "Look! There he is!", he disappeared.

Later, whilst in bed at night, Gale saw a glowing blue cart wheel with twelve spokes and her husband saw the blue light, but no specific image. Gale then saw golden glowing lines that transform into the face of the angel. She was face to face with this angel and perceived it as Gabriel.

Gale points out that we're taught that if we believe in these things, that we're considered as 'crazy' ... so people close down and refuse to allow themselves to experience anything that seems 'intangible'. It is a shame, because what we perceive as 'real' on the physical plane is actually just a hologram and that life exists on many, many dimensions and different frequencies simultaneously — most of which is invisible to the human eye.

Further, she discusses the messages from her book, Messages from the Archangel Gabriel. There are two ways to respond to things: to respond out of love or to react out of fear. We need to monitor our actions. Are we acting out of love or out of fear? Whatever the response, this is going to have either a positive or negative impact.

The true teacher or 'guru' for each human being is your heart ... your inner being ... your higher self. People keep looking outwards for the truth, but the truth exists within the heart centre — the higher self that's always in touch with divine Source. We need to go into our inward journey to listen to our higher selves. We need to eliminate the fear that keeps us from listening to our higher selves and trusting in the messages ... and we must have courage in doing so — not being concerned with what others may think or say.

We discussed the 'Fool' in the Tarot — who's willing to let go and take chances — knowing full well that everything is in divine order. Unlike the Fool, people become frightened and upset when they can't manipulate things, and their free will is taken away — which is all about losing control. People don't want to believe in ETs, for example, because of the fact that it implies losing or not being in control. There's something more powerful than we are ... and the human ego cannot handle this. We're afraid of different cultures, people and anything that potentially translates to our not being in control. Yet the truth is that we're not in control ever and we've got to trust and be 'in the flow' — knowing that there's still a larger protective force that is guiding and helping us along the way.

There is God; there is creator; there is creation, Gale points out. That is our connection to GodSource. It takes both negative and positive polarities to create matter. She learns from the angel that 'good' and 'bad' are all human thoughts, but nothing is really good or bad; it's just a polarity and different energies. These opposing forces actually balance each other and create matter. If we didn't have fear, we couldn't understand love; if we didn't have darkness, we couldn't understand light.

We talk about what works vs. what doesn't work. We can only know love and light by first understanding and experiencing their opposites. That's the reason why we experience life on the physical plane.

We discuss the different extraterrestrial entities — some of which are parasitic (reptilians) and how they control the world governments, religion, money and banking, the military, etc.

Anything that comes from fear does NOT come from divine consciousness, but from the reptilians, etc. Religion teaches fear, so it's important to realise the source of religion. (See the 'Zeitgeist Movie'). If anyone, thought or thing induces fear, it is not coming from truth and is to be avoided altogether!

Now we're talking about the reptilians and how they use fear to keep people 'in line' and the fact that they've got a hive consciousness and use fear on themselves and the human species to keep them under control. That's why religion is such an important tool for them, as it's the number one producer of fear! Think about it. It is a known fact that the reptilians actually feast on our fear (!) and how important it is to keep our energy frequencies in love, as that will dispel the dark forces altogether. We need to stop feeding these malevolent entities and allowing them to keep us hypnotised and locked in fear and servitude as slaves.

Gale shares a beautiful biblical quote: "Greater is that being that is within you than that which is within the world" — referring to our divine essence (within) ... and that, again, it is essential that we turn within for divine guidance. Whether being aware of it or not, we are always in communion with Source and it is important to honour this fact. We can never truly be separate from Source or from one another...

Some people believe that it is blasphemous to believe that we are divine. The fact is that it is blasphemous to not believe it! By denying our own divine heritage, we're denying the LightSource itself and the creative force that put us here in the first place.

Gale states that it's very important to believe in your higher self — to reach out your hand and ask for help from the divine and to believe. You align yourself with that higher self and then listen to it and act on it. If you're getting chills of joy, you know that you're responding to high consciousness and to love.

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