Thursday, 6 September 2007

Vicki Sigris on Toward The Light

On 2 September, I had the honour of interviewing Vicki Sigrist 'Two Feathers' on Toward The Light. What struck me straight away about Vicki is the fact that she's a lifelong visionary — one who's had visions and prophetic dreams since childhood that also included her being able to see and communicate with the angelic realm. It was like listening to my own life story in some ways as I heard her speak to me, both on the telephone and during the show.

Sadly, however, as happens with a lot of aware children, her father discouraged her — apparently to the point where she, herself, came to regard all psychics as 'suspect' and even fearing incurring harm from them! But let's back up a little. Although Vicki still continued to have dreams and visions, she did not speak about them and went about her life trying to be obedient to the formula imposed by society — that is, until she had an NDE in her early 30s as a result of stroke that changed her life forever.

Her NDE not only validated her experiences as a visionary, it heightened her gift as a visionary and even imbued her with the power to heal others. Or perhaps it offered her the ability to tap into something that was already well in tact. Not long after her NDE, she was called to travel to places such as Hawai'i (on the island of Kaua'i, where I used to live), China and Tibet, Peru and sacred Hope/Navaho sites where she was recognised by other wise women and healers for her unique abilities. She was granted audience with a powerful medicine woman in Hawaii that one would normally have had to wait a long time for and she was taken right in straight away!

Thus, Vicki finally fully embraced her gifts as a visionary and healer and started 'Two Feathers Healing' and developed the 'Seven Steps to Transformational Healing' — the details of which she shared during the show.

After all of her travelling to the aforementioned sacred places, Vicki was given a gift certificate to see a gifted and respected psychic, which she decided to take advantage of. Strangely, she kept entertaining the notion that the psychic would harm her and poison her water! Once she entered the psychic's office, the psychic, straightaway, told her that she'd not offer her any water! The psychic proved to be very accurate and loving and she really did affirm Vicki's own gifts and what she was to do with them on her life's journey. This brought a great smile to my face — to say the least!

Since I am a professional psychic myself, I was very disturbed as to where Vicki got this odd notion that psychics were dangerous and would inflict harm on their clients! I mentioned the fact that Vicki, herself, is a visionary and that being psychic simply means to be acutely aware and being able to see things more clearly than one who's so deeply involved in or in the middle of something. It is often easier to gain clarity from outside sources that offer an objective insight where our own inner vision may be lacking. When posing this questions to Vicki on where her phobia came from, she merely indicated that it was as a result of her father's discouraging her from her own visions and dreams as a child ... but no further details were provided. Did her father teach her that psychics were somehow 'evil' or 'harmful'? That remains to be seen...

This one topic did concern me — as it's been brought up before, numerous times, and there have been lots of issues concerning psychics — but especially with regards to religion. Perhaps using a simple metaphor to describe exactly what a psychic is and does will help shed light on something that should be so simple and basic ... and remove the horrible negativity and barbaric thought processes coming from the dark ages.

I am legally blind — as some people are already aware — and I oft times need to ask someone to help me 'see' something. If I'm standing at a street corner, I can't read the street sign across the road, so I must ask someone to read it for me and tell me what it says. That's simple enough, aye? Furthermore, when a person is looking at a radar screen s/he is able to get an overview of a large region and the activity therein — thus providing guidance for vessels or aircraft for proper navigation that will enable them to avoid disaster. This is really no different than what a psychic does: simply offering an overview and insight that will help someone navigate better in one's journey in life. I've also used the analogy of a 'cosmic weather report' as, when we know what the 'weather' conditions are going to be, we can be better prepared for whatever endeavour we must venture into. A psychic can 'read the street sign', provide overviews and probable conditions to be aware of ... so that we can make more informed and intelligent decisions in our lives. That's it!

It is very natural and normal to be multi-sensory and there is, indeed, nothing wrong with using these faculties that are an innate part of our being. As children, most of us still recall past life experiences, we can see and experience other dimensions (before we're brainwashed out of it) and share communion with inter-dimensional beings (invisible friends), have prophetic dreams and so forth. Why don't people realise that these sacred tools are a part of our divine heritage and it gives us great power in our lives — such that can often save our lives when we pay attention to and honour the insights — however they may come to us?

It is, indeed, a malevolent force that's demonised heightened states of awareness (clairvoyance, telepathy, prophetic dreams/visions, premonitions, etc.) for the sole purpose of keeping the human race dumbed down and locked in ignorance in order to be disempowered and thinking we're 'helpless' unless we reach outside of ourselves. This is a huge mistake and that's why I get agitated when anyone baulks at psychics or anything that defies the limitations of the physical plane. We must break this spell of ignorance so that human beings can claim back their divine heritage as powerful and magnificent beings!

Hence, I'm seeing a pattern, here, where a lot of individuals who are very aware, but who close off their awareness, undergo a life-changing event such as a near-death experience to put them back on track! They serve as a great wake-up call to not only embrace our true awareness, but also to remember Who we are as divine beings!

I'm no exception to this ... as I was also questioning my sanity in some ways — which can happen repeatedly when you seem to always be going 'against the tide' and people are constantly making negative debunking remarks. Like Vicki, I'd been a lifelong visionary and mystic and one who's had countless mystical experiences that defy the confines of the physical plane or the five-sense interpretation of 'reality'. Therefore, I had to undergo a huge NDE in the mid 70s that set me straight and validated my deep knowing and experiences throughout my life. I had had other NDEs, but it's amazing how quickly one can be thrown back into the fear and 'thinking small' when there's such a barrage of negative input being flung at you from all angles!

Oh, and if that's not enough, I waited 25 years before even 'coming out' with the fact that I'm an NDEr! That's how intimidating such widespread disregard for anything beyond the five-sensory realm can be. Well, just like the gay population have had their 'coming out' and 'pride', we NDErs are likewise having our 'coming out' and 'pride' ... and there's no turning back now — not after being on radio, television, in various publications all over the world and so on — not to mention having my own radio show centred on NDEs!

Thus, Vicki having her NDE brought her back to herSelf and her precious gifts where she's now helping so many people. She's so gentle, loving, approachable and easy to converse with. There's nothing 'woo-woo' about her or her work. She's very straightforward and nurturing, very intelligent and creative and her seven steps to transformational healing make a lot of sense. She's a very practical woman who's a mother and wife with a happy family life. She's someone you immediately feel very comfortable with and at ease.

I am so pleased to add another individual to my roster of friends and fellow practitioners and, yes, a fellow NDEr.

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