Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Change & Transition

I'm sitting in my new abode here in Vermont and reading a book by Dr. Pam Kircher, Love is the Link, that's centred on her NDE as well as her practice as a hospice physician. She's made a number of references as to the importance of going into the silence and withdrawing from the distractions of the world and the daily routine and responsibilities we're burdened with. How interesting that I've been yanked from my normal working world as a result of this move and the fact, for example, that I've got no internet connection!

The majority of my work revolves around my being on line and in constant communication with others. Then there's the writing and website work I must do and keep up-to-date, since I do a weekly radio show and am constantly applying updates as things occur. Now, with the fact that I cannot be on line for a good while, the silence is quite striking. Everyone is going to have to wait to hear from me or for me to do my usual routine of the telecommuting. I'm 'out of commission' for now and it is a time to go within and listen to the message from the divine and allow myself to flow into this new chapter of my life.

Even the mobile reception is nearly nil so this, too, forces me into the silence. What's interesting is that I really love the silence ... but feel such a profound obligation to be 'at the ready' for all those who need me. Indeed, it never occurs to me to take a day off or to go on holiday; I only think about my work in being of service to others and always available to them!

Why is this? Is it because I make good $£ doing so? Heck, NO! I make hardly any $£ at all, because most of my work is strictly a labour of love and does not involve generating $£. I am very poor when it comes to $£, but that is no reflection of my true worth or value. But here I am—feeling such an urgent need to be at the beck and call of anyone who may need me ... that I don't think about taking time off for Juliet and to simply ... Be.

But now I am, as it's been imposed on me. Take a holiday, Juliet! It's time you did so! Everyone will simply have to wait. Besides, good things come to those who wait! It's true ... and with Mercury still in retrograde (Rx), it's a time to 'go back' and take inventory of our lives and the inner workings of our psyche and do much-needed evaluation and gain the clarity needed to start a new chapter on good footing.

I have always been a very reflective and introspective individual and not one to be in the middle of social settings—much preferring my own company and to be in nature. When I was contemplating my next move, I asked that if I cannot live on or by the ocean, then I want to be situated in the mountains and on a lake. Well, guess what! I'm now in a small town on the Canadian border that's surrounded by Lake Memphremagog and the beautiful green mountains that Vermont is noted for! I walk to the corner of my road and look down and there's the lake—a stunning lake, the majority of which is in Quebec. I walk along this beautiful body of water and never fail to be in utter awe—between taking the breathtaking view of the lake, the mountains that surround it, and the 'skyscape' above.

I've had enough of the big city. I've found that I've become less tolerant of cities in recent years and, in fact, have never been a fan of cities—other than to visit them. Sadly, American cities are notoriously so filthy and riddled with crime ... and talk about not having any opportunity to go into any silence! How can one do so when there's constant noise--sirens, car horns and 'drive-by-radios', yelling, traffic and so on?

So many thoughts and metaphors have gone through my head of late. I've been aware of the trauma of moving house—which is really no different than dying in so many ways. Think about it: when you're preparing to move house, haven't you gone through such uncertainty as a result of being suspended in the process of the move—no longer living at 'Point A' yet not living at 'Point B' either—that, for an instant, you may question if you might actually be preparing to cross over? That has certainly been the case with me—numerous times when moving house—and especially when things just don't seem to want to work out. I've found that a number of people go through this—at least more mature people that I've spoken with and with whom I've compared notes.

It is interesting to ponder my work that's centred on death, dying, NDEs and the Afterlife and the similarities it has to the process of moving house. There's always that profound feeling of uncertainty that comes with moving house and with transitioning to the Other Side. In reality, they are no different—other than that the physical body is discarded in death, not just unneeded possessions. However, and this is a very important point, every ending is followed by a new beginning! When we cross over, we do not become static, motionless, inanimate beings who are non-existent! It is always the cycle of life-death-life where death is just the ending of one chapter that is immediately followed by a new one! Nothing dies; it just changes form and frequency, that's all. Death is merely a passageway into a new realm. That's why a lot of us won't even use the word 'death', as we prefer to use the more accurate term, 'transition', because that's exactly what it is.

Another analogy that I've oft times used is that of the caterpillar that spends a portion of its life only knowing how to tread the ground, then it must spin a cocoon and withdraw into the deep dark silence ... until it one day emerges a glorious winged creature! It must pull away from all that it has known up until the point prior to spinning the cocoon; then it must enter it and go into the silence alone and in a state of total trust. But let's think about that for a moment. These simple seemingly 'lowly' creatures are so in harmony with their own natural rhythms and flow and what they must do as they unfold in their little lives ... that I'd venture to conclude that it never occurs to them to be worried or frightened; they instinctively know what to do and are absolutely fine with it! Granted, the caterpillar doesn't have a clue what 'butterfly' is, but there's something in its innate nature that allows it to flow into the process that will ultimately manifest as this magnificent winged creature. It doesn't fight and resist the 'death of caterpillar' so that it can be re-birthed as 'butterfly'. It just knows when the time has come for this transition and withdraws to spin the cocoon. And even being birthed as a butterfly is traumatic and fraught with great effort and pain. However, it's through this severe challenge that the wings are given the strength they need in order to fly. Everything in the evolutionary process has got its purpose and meaning.

Yet, as human beings, with the power to reason, we are plagued with fear and worry all the time—living in so little trust in the divine flow and feeling like we've constantly got to be in control. Yet we spin ourselves off into the wrong direction so much of the time, because we're such manipulators by nature and we often fail to see or perceive the bigger picture. We've got to make things happen rather than allowing things to unfold in their natural process. And this is what gets us into trouble...

During my transcendent NDE in the mid 70s, I experienced no fear or worry. I was so full of trust and being constantly enveloped in unconditional love, there was, indeed, no room for fear. I knew in no uncertain terms that everything was evolving exactly as it should and that everything would be just fine. Another thing I learned—which I've mentioned a number of times—is that fear is an acquired state, not a natural one. That is due, sadly, to the fact that the human species has been controlled and manipulated from cradle to grave for thousands of years ... and fear was introduced to us through such manipulation. If this planet were truly centred in love, there'd be no place for fear—none!

Let's face it: so many of the thoughts we have aren't even our own! They're manufactured and programmed into us by outside sources. Then we parrot what's been programmed into us without even realising it. We're taught that we're powerless, sinful, worthless, insignificant, helpless, uncomely, and so on. Just look at these words. Do you see one word that reflect love? I think not. They're all about fear and keeping us locked in fear. In such a mental state, of course we're not going to have an ounce of trust anywhere in our psyche, because we're too centred in fear and 'oh-my-god-what-am-I-going-to-do' syndrome. But it's not about 'doing'; it's about 'being' and 'flow' that can only be accomplished when we're centred in love.

Again, during my NDEs, I only knew love and honestly never had a care! The peace that I felt as a result cannot be compared to anything experienced on this plane—not even sitting by the lake and listening to the breeze blowing through the trees and the lapping water and the call of a distant bird with the sunbeams streaming through the clouds.

It is not our fault that we've been manipulated by a host of sinister agents who control this planet, but it is within our power to take responsibility as to how we choose to deal with this—to call their bluff and turn away from the lies that we've been forced-fed and to resolutely turn to love and having that rule our lives rather than fear being at the helm. We do not have to believe what we've been told; we do not have to believe in the lies and myths that are only there to mislead and confuse and disempower us in the first place.

It's very interesting to me that these sinister forces seem completely sold on keeping us from entering the cocoon and going through with the natural process of evolving into magnificent beings! We're so very close to entering that state, yet we stop short of it, because we're so afraid of change and the unknown. We hold back and opt not to take that quantum leap of faith and delve into uncharted or unknown territory. In our frail minds, we've got to hold fast to what is familiar and we refuse to change or grow!

I've got a friend who's so attached to everything past, he'll even hold on to things that are broken! He just can't let go, because he perceives himself as losing power or his sense of self if he does. Yet he's the loveliest person and a joy to know. He's lived in the same house for a quarter century and I, on the other hand, move every few months! At least, that's been the case for past few years. Alas, I just did move number twelve since 2003!

I'm not advocating moving house every few months ... but I've had to accept that there's a divine reason for all of this change and it's certainly had a way of keeping me in the present and ready for new endeavours and not being allowed to be 'stuck' or 'attached' in my life. People, places and things have always so easily been removed from me all my life—whether they were dear and meaningful to me or not. It didn't matter. I've always had to change and grow. I didn't come here to 'loiter'; I came here to get something done—something that's in service to others--so that is bound to carry me to unknown places and situations.

Now, I have been moved into somewhat of a cocoon ... and who knows how many layers there may be to it! Yet, one thing was made clear to me during my NDEs: the LightSource is the ultimate power who's always going to see me through—regardless of what may appear on the surface. If we experience set-backs and delays (which I certainly have been dealing with now), we've got to realise that there's a very good reason for it. There is a divine order at work here, but it's not going to function according to the agenda set by our own egos.

We are multi-dimensional beings who actually reside on different dimensions simultaneously and we need to be in sync with our soul and what it dictates. Our soul is aware of Source and the flow of the 'multiverses' that it resides in, so there's a lot more to take into account than just the physical persona residing on planet Earth. Haven't you had something inside nagging at you to wait a moment or go in a different direction than what you'd originally wanted to do—only to find out that the delay or change of direction saved your life? That was your soul speaking to you and offering you higher wisdom, because of its constant and aware link to Source! This is nothing to baulk at here.

That's another thing that the powers-that-be don't want us to know: that we're always connected to Source and have got the capacity to engage in dialogue with the Light and possess great awareness. Have you noticed how anything that hints at intuition or being 'psychic' is regarded as 'evil' or 'of the devil'? It's because this is yet another ploy to keep us dumbed down and locked in ignorance. If being aware were not demonised and we were encouraged to use our minds to their full potential—and not just 10% of it—we'd be enormously powerful beings with the capacity to break the spell of fear and servitude once and for all.

Fear is the by-product of a host of lies that have been shoved down our cosmic throats since time immemorial and it's now time to cough up that poison and claim back our divinity, which is our rightful heritage. We are divine in essence. We are 'Sourcebeams' that are always radiating from and connected not only to Source, but to one another and all life. This is another thing that is so apparent to many of us who experience near-death states. When we can detach from the ego-mind and the physical body—which isn't 'who' we are anyway—we see a much broader picture of what is real and we remember who we are and what we're made of. Oh, it's such a joy! Consequently, many of us come back to this plane indifferent towards materialism and, instead, opting to do work that's centred in service to others. We recognise the divine in all life and feel a gleaming responsibility to love and support all life, because it's part of us. We are all One.

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I believe this is the most profound statement I have ever read. Thank you so much for sharing your spiritual gift, insight!