Friday, 21 March 2008

The Next President

Ah, yes, it's that time again in America, isn't it?—where they prepare to put a new president into the White House. Since I don't watch television, nor do I read mainstream newspapers, I don't follow this stuff. It's just as well, because I know that it's all a load of malarkey anyway. I'll get the information I need via my own intuition and other reliable sources, thank you just the same.

Alas, even though I'm going to share my own predictions about who will be the next president—despite the fact that I'm not American and can't 'vote' in this country—much of it is based on sheer common sense and is quite a 'no-brainer' when you think about it. I was accurate the last time as well—even though I was totally ignorant of the campaign details.

OK, are you ready? Let's face it: America has always been a 'boys club' of the John Wayne variety—as has been so rightly pointed out—and they've only had men in their Oval Office. First, when seeing two of the presidential candidates pictured in the DI newsletter, I noticed something straight away: Mr. Obama and Ms. Clinton are both 'minorities'—he being black and she being female. Now that's 'hip', isn't it? America is finally catching on and moving out of the dark ages and progressing into having someone other than a white male in the White House. (Ahh, I get it! White men match White House—same colours, you see? Gotta keep it ‘pure’, you know! Well now, that makes perfect sense, doesn't it?) The fact that having ‘minority’ candidates, in itself, should be enough to pull at the heartstrings of the American masses—letting them know, by all means, that America is a really progressive and forward-thinking country that 'cares' about its citizens. Ah, how touching is that, aye?

America's finally going to catch up with Britain. After all, we had a female prime minister, Margaret Thatcher, and … well … the Queen is a female too, for that matter. A-hem! They're neither one the friendliest women you'd ever want to meet, but that's beside the point. It's a nice façade, just the same—having women in seeming positions of power.

Now America is finally jumping on the bandwagon to move out of the dust and rough and tumble Wild West mentality and honour minorities by bringing them into positions of power. God forbid they should risk ever being sued for NOT hiring a minority—even in their highest office! See where this is headed?

Even though Obama is black, he's still a male ... so, nope, that won't work either. They've got to put a FEMALE in the White House! They've got to be totally hip ... and cool ... and liberated ... and, besides, women are more caring and nurturing, (e.g., the Queen and Margaret Thatcher … oh, and let us not forget the Queen Mother!), so putting HRC in the White House will be the perfect ticket! To be even more progressive, Hillary is a lesbian (don't let her 'marriage' to Billy-boy fool you), so she's a double minority! That's absolutely perfect, because you can be sure that she'll stand for all those ‘worthy’ causes that everyone's been hankering about.

Since the masses are so disillusioned at this point, America's got to convince them that they 'care' and this will be a sure-fire way to 'bring them back to the fold' and make them believe in America again. But, let's be fair. After all, they did have a retarded man in the White House, did they not? So they also honour and employ people with disabilities! Oh, how noble, indeed!

Furthermore, we've got to remind the world that America stands for the 'Family' and keeping the family well in tact. After all, there have been too many broken families and we can't have that, oh no! Thus, as you can see, they've had Father and Son in the White House, so now it's only fair to have Husband and Wife in there as well (oh, isn't that sweet)—just like the Royals! This will set a perfect example of just how important the family unit really is. You better believe it will!

Lastly, we cannot forget the power of women's intuition. Yes, that's extremely important, because, with HRC in the White House, she'll be able to use her innate intuition and detect if another 'terrorist attack' is in the works. With her nurturing and intuitive foresight, she can quickly act on it and notify NORAD, the CIA, FBI, and so on, well in advance, so as to protect everyone from any attacks and stop them before they occur and save America! Ahh, but of course!

So you see, America is not such a bad place after all. It's just a young juvenile country that's finally maturing and becoming more refined. They're really coming round and they're going to make it quite clear just how much they support minorities, the disabled and the family!

This is what they want you to believe, all right, and it's very clear that they'll use these tactics to justify putting a female into office (and she’s the right colour, so there’ll be no colour clashes in the White House). After all, 2008 is the ‘year of change to the female energy’ and, as my friend, JP, has so rightly pointed out: “The term 'president' also means 'Osiris'—literally 'Osiris' on Earth. In these times it's important for the leader to be female…” Hence, is it not obvious what’s going on here? But not to worry, HRC's right in league with Maggie and Liz and you'll probably find these ladies sitting together at tea—plotting their next Bridge game.


Anonymous said...

That is great insight and intuition . I especially enjoyed the thre dollar bill. Great Blog!Peace and love!

marmitelover said...

Well that prediction turned out wrong didn't it?
I hoped Hillary would make it.

Toward The Light said...

It's a hard call, really. Things are never what they seem. The [s]elections are still being played out... Personally, I'm bracing myself.