Monday, 24 November 2008

A Question About the Life Review

Q) I’ve never had an NDE, but I’ve been fascinated with them for 20 years. Unfortunately the part about the life review scares the daylights out of me. I’ve always tried to be a good person, sometimes too hard, and I always suffer from too much guilt (working on that one!), so the idea of being presented with every negative thought or deed experienced throughout my life is paralysing. Some folks relating their NDEs say they learned to “never do anything hurtful”, but we are all still human and will never be perfect! Please tell me that this life review is nothing to be afraid of, and that I shouldn’t be afraid to make mistakes during my life. Because no matter how good I try to be, it’s obviously still going to happen and I’ll feel even worse about it if I know someone in the afterlife is “keeping tabs” and will make me relive all of my faults at the end of my life. Please, if you can, help me understand. If not, maybe you can direct me to someone who can answer my question. Thank you very much for your time.

A) I'm more than pleased to tell you that 'the life-review is nothing to be afraid of' ... and to address your questions herein!

First, the 'guilt' and fear all stem from a belief in a vindictive 'he-god' or 'man-god' that was created in the image and likeness of the human ego — true story! It also stems from the belief that we are 'separate' from Source and from one another, when nothing could be further from the truth! However, since such a 'he-god' doesn't really exist, you can relax in the knowing that you will be surrounded in unconditional love from the LightSource and, furthermore, love and accepted just the way you are! WE are the ones who judge ourselves and no one else. No one is 'keeping tabs' or looming over you with pending reproaches or punishments or the threat of some kind of 'exile' into a 'hell'. But let me also add that our frame of mind is very different in the Afterlife than it is on this plane in most cases; i.e., we are more detached and not centred in or identified with the ego. This allows us to see and experience things more objectively and not be so emotionally 'charged' as opposed to when we're caught up in the perspective of the ego-mind.

When NDErs, after experiencing a life-review, are compelled to 'never do anything hurtful', it is because one is made aware of how one has impacted others throughout one's sojourn on this plane and thus making a conscious decision to be more loving towards others (and towards one's self!) — also stemming from the realisation that we're all so interconnected and are One — so you can look at this as a means of 'self-correcting' and making adjustments to live a more harmonious life that's aligned with truth and love. It's not about, 'you blew it, so down you go'; oh, not in the least. It's really about providing an overview that is meant to be neutral at its core, and then we decide and make appropriate adjustments from there...

To err is human and there's nothing 'wrong' with having shortcomings and making mistakes. Indeed, there's never anything to feel 'guilty' or frightened about. The soul chooses in advance what type of life and persona it will take on and the challenges and experiences that take place ... and there is a reason for this. That's part of the sojourn of being on this plane and it's intended to be a learning experience and an opportunity for healing, growth and renewal. There's NO 'condemnation' here, because the notion of an angry, judgemental or vindictive he-god is nothing more than a horrible myth and has got nothing to do with reality! That myth has been imposed on society and perpetuated for time immemorial for the express purpose of keeping people locked in fear and being oblivious to their own divine — yes, DIVINE — heritage.

Alas, during my life-review, I was uncomfortable at times, but the love surrounding me 'softened' the discomfort and it was very clear to me that we judge ourselves, period. But we're so hard on ourselves with our own judgements, who needs an angry he-god!? Again, I was in a more detached frame of mind during the life-review and not centred in the ego; thus there was no sense of guilt or fear. It is nearly impossible to describe our state of being/thinking from the vantage point of the Other Side or Afterlife, because it is very different from the perspective of how we think and identify ourselves on the physical plane.

Interestingly, it has also been pointed out that the 'life-review' mostly occurs with NDErs from western societies, but not so much with other cultures such as eastern and indigenous cultures. This leads me to believe that since the religious mindset of western cultures is so centred in the fear-based Judaeo-Christian belief system where one is constantly hounded with the 'fear of god' and the 'judgement' scene at the 'pearly gates', which is packed with such outrageous misinformation and myths ... that people expect to have a 'life-review' since that's all a part of the western mindset as regards the pending scenario at death. Am I making any sense here? Yet, this is not the case with other cultures.

We are gathering a lot more NDE accounts from other regions of the world currently, which is a very positive and important step, because one will see how vastly different they are from western cultures. What we experience during a near-death episode is so strongly influenced by our current belief systems and mindset (!), so this is something to be aware of, by all means.

The bottom line behind all this work with regards to the NDE, death, dying, the Afterlife and the immortality of the soul, is to help dissolve the fear — that is so charged with regards to this topic — which must be replaced with truth and love. These two things are what will liberate us from the stranglehold of fear — that is the opposite of love and, consequently, is a lie — and thus granting us peace of mind.

Another thing I found out years and years ago is that: if it isn't coming from love, it isn't real. If anyone tries to 'scare' you into doing or believing something, that's not of truth and should be disregarded at all costs. Truth isn't about fear; it's about love. And you are loved ... no matter what! :)

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