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A Question Concerning Peggy Kane's Claims on NDEs...

Q) What do you think about Peggy Kane's claims of NDEs, of heaven and the light being a trick or deception by the Reptilians? This makes me very concerned for my safety and others that will pass over to the Other Side sometime in the future...

Also, is it true that we are infinite consciousness as David Icke puts it and the philosophy of Advaita Vedanta?

A) I appreciate your good and intelligent questions and am very pleased to answer them.

I do believe that Peggy Kane is well-meaning; however, I strongly beg to differ with regards to some of her conclusions and claims about a number of things. As I shared with my friend, David Icke, I think she is too focused on and centred in the negative and dark entities—giving them way too much power and credit—and I also feel that she is somewhat misguided.

Alas, when David Icke was most recently on my radio show in March 2008, we did discuss the nature of consciousness and where one goes and what one experiences during a near-death episode. As I stated to PK, not all NDEs are created equal; i.e., what one experiences and where one goes is very much influenced by ones state of mind and coloured by ones belief system. If one believes in 'Jesus', then one is likely to interpret the Light as being 'Jesus', etc. If one is in a horrific state of fear, one is likely to experience a hellish NDE, but this is not always the case. Howard Storm—having been an atheist—did experience a tremendously hellish NDE initially. Then, in desperation, he called out to 'Jesus' and beheld a light in the distance moving closer and closer—his ultimately being lifted out of the hellish underworld that he was in where demons were biting and tearing at his 'flesh'. Because he'd been trained in the Christian belief system, he automatically reverted to believing in the Christian god in a desperate plea to save him from the demons. Sometimes the opposite happens when one is in a state of fear, however ... and it is contingent on what one believes in and also what one needs to learn/experience during a near-death state.

Furthermore, there are multiple dimensions and sections within each dimension ... so there are many places one can 'go' during an NDE (or even an OBE without being on the verge of death) and when one ultimately transitions, thus my conclusion that not all NDEs are created equal.

What Howard Storm experienced, for example, is typical of the type of NDE that Peggy Kane addresses. This has been discussed on my show with a variety of guests as well. Again, some NDErs will experience a 'physical' and 'humanoid' type of body and the sensations that go along with the physical plane and, yes, there can, indeed, be pain or pleasurable sensations. Some people have talked about eating on the Other Side (!), but this sort of thing was never my experience during any of my NDEs. I believe that these more 'worldly' NDEs are typical of young souls who are not spiritually evolved or mature.

If you read the NDE account that's on my website, Nightingale's NDE, I do make mention of a scene that one might interpret as a ‘hell’ or ‘purgatory’ where faceless, grey coloured entities moved about aimlessly and moaned, etc. ...', but I was never there; it was strictly a point of observation and being assured that these suffering beings would ultimately return to the Light—no exceptions!

I will say that the dark ones do tend to have a 'monopoly' on some of the lower astral planes—such as the lower fourth dimension ... so a number of NDErs can and do get caught within the web or matrix that is controlled by the reptilians, etc. When people are coming from a place of ignorance and are unaware, these individuals are more prone to being misled and deceived and caught in the trap of the matrix. However, to make claims that ALL NDErs and people who transition to the Other Side get caught in this web is daft at best! It's simply NOT so! Many NDErs do, indeed, experience the true essence of the Light and unconditional love. I do not believe that the dark ones can mimic or replicate the truth essence of this love; they don't even know what love is! They are flat thinkers and totally centred in fear. But they are most clever when it comes to deception, granted.

PK also has made claims that Source cannot penetrate this web/matrix ... but, as I stated to DI, since when is Source less powerful than the dark ones?! Indeed, I do not resonate with PK's claims about NDEs, psychics, mediums, the Afterlife, etc. I'm a psychic medium and I do not believe that I'm being deceived and manipulated by the 'reps'. Some are, I'm sure, but not everyone. It really comes down to how aware, evolved and centred in love a given individual is. That, right there, is going to influence where one goes, what one experiences and the messages or lessons gleaned from such experiences.

I believe that it is healthy to ask questions, by all means, but not to make blanket or blatent statements or conclusions based on a few negative experiences. Also, because of the powerful messages of truth and love—not to mention the awakening that's taking place and our becoming more and more aware of our own divine heritage—there are the 'naysayers' and those who are committed to attacking the truth in order to keep us dumbed down and locked in ignorance. We're at a very critical place in our evolution right now and it's paramount that we do not succumb to fear! Fear is always going to drive us to information that is incomplete and unclear at best. We must be careful of this! Only through Love can we gain clarity and truth, period!

I've also written a bit about 'hell' and I do regard that as a very temporary state and one that is experienced via the lower dimensions where the dark ones reside and do their dirty work. Still, they cannot ever have a permanent hold on anyone. What will readily release one from the 'clutches of hell' is when one raises ones frequency into the higher vibration of love ... and this is brought about by one becoming more aware and centred in truth and love. In this state, NO dark entity can influence or enslave you ... ever!

I absolutely do resonate with DI's claims that we are infinite consciousness, (see his articles on my site under 'Near-Death Studies'), by all means! That is our true state and the other muck is just for the sake of learning. As has been so rightly pointed out: in order to know what is real and true, we must first experience its opposite; thus, that is what we're experiencing on this plane in the form of ignorance, greed and fear. However, once the collective masses have risen to a state of love, this plane will truly become the 'heaven on earth' that many strive for. It is a possibility and it is within our reach!

Everything is energy; everything consists of frequencies ... so when one is vibrating at a higher frequency, one is beyond the ability for the dark ones to impose their stranglehold and control via fear. And there's the key right there. If one is caught up in the lower frequency of fear, one is very susceptible to being trapped and experiencing 'hell'. Therefore, when one is struggling, it's important to focus on raising ones frequency back into its natural state of love. 'Be in the love! Be in the love!' is my motto when I'm struggling with the fear. Sadly, it's all too common for the ego-mind to be caught in fear, so it's a piece of work to rise above that state and move into the love.

Also, in my NDE account, I clearly state that fear is an acquired state—not a natural one. Every time I've been on the Other Side from a near-death episode, or even from another spiritually transformative experience (STE), I had no sense of fear whatsoever—none! I was in a total state of peace and knowing and bliss in the truest sense of the word ... and that can only come from Love. Again, given our divine heritage, this is truly our natural state: love.

Indeed, God (Source) does not 'punish' anyone. It's the ego that judges and punishes. How daft! But when all is said and done, we come to realise that divine Love is the only reality and the Light will prevail, no matter what.

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Janice Ervin said...

Hi! I very much resonate with the majority of response written, but had some thoughts to share, if you please:o)

First, where it is written that while in this physical plane, we are ‘to be in it but not of it’…only passing through. (?) (Please let me know if you disagree - I appreciate opportunities for learning.) I believe I understand what you are referring to, but those words can be misleading(?) They speak of detachment, which IS necessary, but almost from a point of separation. My respectful guess is that you were referring to maintaining an ability to release attachment to experience or physicality, and if so, I fully concur. However, by way of an embellished explanation, my belief is that we are of physical senses while here, and as such should honor the miracle of this body as great and beautiful. So is every natural facet of this plane…every plant, blade of grass, flower, animal, insect, molecule etc. ‘As above, so below.’ As above, force; as below, form.

Our ethereal body holds the ability to experience sentience. Our physical form is of comparative ability. Our eyes can appreciate beauty, should we choose to see. Our ears; sound…our taste buds; flavor etc. Our skin knows the breath of warmth, the kiss of a breeze, and the shiver of touch. It is my belief that we are provided the gift while in form, to fully dive in and immerse ourselves in ‘form’ experiences. Listen to the rain. Enjoy the hawk that soars. Touch the fur of a kitten, and feel sand move underfoot. Embrace and have a heightened awareness of scent, sound, sensation, taste, sight, and emotion. BE in the moment, whatever it may bring, whether happy or sad, lock it into memory, celebrate it, then much like the Tibetan monks, know to let go, to experience that which comes next.

Where it is mentioned that while discarnate, there are those who experience the sensations of their physicality, such as eating etc. The experience of eating or drinking etc., is a more physical plane body activity. I see this as their essence still having more physical plane attachment – not fully ready to separate from an enjoyment of this plane. I’ve heard of some who have even have experienced ‘furniture’ etc as discarnate. We always have free will. So, I see this as their free will choice, until they are ready to evolve through it, as with every other growth. In such evolution, is a learning for detachment and honoring an experience for it’s space, then letting go…it’s a learning in continuous evolving forward movement, and away from stagnation.

I am of a scientific bend, and have a healthy respect for the continuity of the Universal Laws. Such law operates across the board. Thus far, at least for me, these have been able to be applied ‘across the board’ of my understandings :o) With regard to places, that are of discordant energy: I believe the continuity of the Law of Attraction is as endless in it’s movement as any other law – and those that think of, or open an awareness for less than heightened energy, are those who draw that same energy into their field.

This would explain the draw of a less enlightened entity to a less enlightened energy field, such as a ‘hell’. Since there is continuity in a ‘law’, it would stand to reason that this would mean that others of the same ilk are the ones at this plane. Hence a karmic learning has the opportunity to take place, enabling these souls to move beyond, but only through an understanding birthed unfortunately, in pain. Suddenly one who doesn’t value love is faced with many others who also don’t value love. They receive as little good as they give – and find that to be less than enjoyable. Such would encourage their desire for change.

See, here on a physical plane, we are all on a lateral field, only differentiated by our spiritual awareness. We use the same gas stations, grocery store, work in the same buildings, drive on the same roads, etc. So the possibility of riding in an elevator with less enlightened spirits is at a greater random rate. Plus the ability of a less enlightened spirit to inflict pain and not receive the same in kind, is at an enhanced rate of percentage here.

Regarding the concept of earth having the ability to become ‘heaven on earth’, this is just my thought process, but it seems that this place of illusion and manifestation can evolve into a beautiful plane, much like what we envision heaven to be, however it is designed to be a plane of advanced physical density features for that physical learning, therefore, it will always have that lateral distinction of being different from the less dense planes of the discarnate’s. Consider this. We are eternal. Therefore, our ability to learn and grow the beauty, understanding and power of love is likewise eternal. So, compared to what we can become, and share as part of the all, will always be an enhanced state in comparison to what we currently are, or what currently ‘is’ here in this dense plane. To say otherwise is to place limitations on possibilities.

Love is key. It is the superior connective force from which all flows, and some separates. There are several descriptives for ego. The ego referred to in this previous blog response is a separating, self involved competitive force of energy.
However, as with all opposites, there exists an enlightened egoic force which plays a connective role. This ego is an appreciation and realization for the beautiful spark of spirit that we each are. It’s a love and appreciation for self without a belief in being separate. It lacks that fear mentioned, which holds it back from being all that it can, and it understands that every bit of motivation it receives, is a love which comes from beyond it – through it - just as a seed is motivated by the creative force of love to follow the blueprint and manifest into that beautiful flower. This ego stands shining and tall, and reaches out to join hands, hearts and souls with others to create a greater circuitry for love, to power and illuminate outward.

All just my wee thoughts:o) Looking forward to hearing from others.